Tesla Sentry Mode & Blatant Government Corruption (Sandy Munro Video Rant!)

Tesla’s sentry mode has likely ended vehicle break-ins and vandalism as we know it. If we simply extrapolate into the future we can see that other automakers are following Tesla‘s example with expanded electric vehicle offerings. It stands to reason that these manufacturers will likely include their own version of sentry mode that is as good if not better than Tesla’s.

As more and more criminals get caught word will spread amongst the criminal community and people will start to learn not to mess with certain cars because those cars have such great security. As more vehicles with this technology hit the road this word will begin to spread exponentially faster until crimes against vehicles are virtually gone.

Of course, these would be criminals may choose to commit other crimes, leading to an increase in those kinds of crimes but inevitably some would be criminals will choose not to commit any crime, leading to a total overall decrease in crime. Less crime is never a bad thing!

Automotive engineer Sandy Munro calling out blatant corruption by the Biden Administration. He’s not wrong.

What is a bad thing, however, is blatant, overt, unabashed corruption like the type of corruption President Joe Biden and his administration showed by holding an Electric Vehicle Event at the White House and failing to invite, or even mention Tesla! Think about that: these disgusting politicians are so far removed from you and I they do not even blink when throwing it in our faces by ignoring the world leader (which, despite my disdain for nationalism & xenophobia, is an American company), in electric vehicle manufacturing, battery technology, self driving technology, microchip technology, etc. etc. etc.

What. A. Joke.

Thanks, President Biden. By bending to the will of the United Auto Workers, you are propping up that one group at the expense of all other groups. And the irony that you invited Ford, who’s electric Mach-E is literally made in Mexico. Jesus Effing Christ! How do you and your donors Auto CEOs sleep at night under such a heavy blanket of hypocrisy? Does it ever get uncomfortable?!

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