One Simple Piece Of Advice From One Of Today’s Wisest Humans

When a genius give you advice, you might want to take it in

Humbled By Benjamin Franklin In 2021

Part of living a simple, minimalistic, stoic life is making and keeping a routine. The vast majority of my days are the same. Not the content, so to speak, but rather the format. Wake, do things pretty much in a similar order than yesterday, sleep, repeat. This does not mean I have boring, monotonous days … Continue reading Humbled By Benjamin Franklin In 2021

The Backwards Way Society Handles Abortion

In #100years I wonder how society will look back at the humans of today and consider the laws on abortion. In all of our "wisdom" modern day society has somehow determined that the best way to handle unwanted/unexpected babies is to kill them. How in the world anyone with any common sense and decency can … Continue reading The Backwards Way Society Handles Abortion

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