Do Not Cross A Sixteen Year Old Girl. Oh And I Have Discovered Another Superstar!

When the Grammy winners are announced live on January 31, 2022, it’s not a question of if Olivia Rodrigo will win, but the question is how much will she win?! 

I could not be more proud of the young girl I discovered shortly after I saw her playing the piano live and singing on YouTube. I imagined that this could one day be my daughter and was awestruck at the talent and confidence shown by such a young lady. At just 17 years old I instantly declared she would be future superstar. This was not the first time I had made such a proclamation. In 2013 while working for a friend on the Taylor Swift Red Tour, I found myself driving a van carrying a young Ed Sheeran around. Ed was opening for Taylor on that tour and he was not a very well-known name. After watching him perform and chatting with him for a bit I made the proclamation: future superstar. We now have the benefit of hindsight to see that not only is Ed a superstar but he is an award-winning immense talent who is continuing to put out new and even divisive music!

When this video was released, Olivia Rodrigo was 17 years old though she was surely much younger when she started to take songwriting, singing & playing piano seriously.

Olivia is going to have a tough time following up her own debut album, Sour, in which she basically rips apart the young boy who cheated on her and broke her heart. I have heard many of rap battles throughout the years but I don’t even think that the goat, Eminem, would want to piss off a 16 year old girl like Olivia.

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