Pro-Women? No.

Being ‘For’ One Group Means You Are ‘Against’ All Others

I do not believe in any “women’s” movement that places the needs of women above all others. Before you lose your Dale and lash out misogynistic (and hypocritical) insults, keep reading. I am not anti-women. I also do not believe in any “men’s movement”. I am not anti-men. I am simply for all humans.

In other words, I do not have an arbitrary affinity to those who were born with the same sex parts as me. Why should I? Instead, I choose to believe in and love all humans equally….regardless of gender! How can anyone make a case for anything than loving all humans equally?

Thor loves women

Being pro-women is synonymous with being anti-men. When we advocate special treatment of one group, by definition, we are then putting all other groups down. In other words, if you are ‘for’ women you are saying you are ‘against’ men. It simply cannot be any other way.

That’s insane!

You are literally putting ~50% of the world’s population down, despite not knowing them intimately, for no reason other than how they were born!

That illogical line of thinking is the definition of bias, prejudice and SEXISM!!

I am not talking about #MeToo or similar women’s movements. Sexual misconductby both men and women – is unacceptable in all cases. I do not condone any type of sexual assault (or any negative treatment of anyone) by men or women at any time for any reason.

In addition, there are men out there advocating for special treatment for men – this is also wrong! All men and women should be equal – no more – no less!

We already know that only true zealots are actually NationalistsΒ and we can say the same about anyone who would vote for the women in the poll below.

Those who talk equality, we are on same page! Equal means everyone equally gets no special treatment! πŸ™‚ Who should get special treatment then? Those who need it...not an entire gender! Altruism can go a long way as we know there is no better feeling than helping others. Meanwhile 99.999999% of us can and should make it on our own.

All human beings are different in an immeasurable amount of ways. No two humans are alike and no two humans should be forced upon each other or anyone else simply because of their sex parts. Some humans will earn more money than others. Some humans will enjoy more leisure time than others. Some humans will suffer more than others. Some humans will thrive more than others. All humans have different skills and therefore all humans will acquire different “returns” for using their skills.

Many of the women’s movements tend to advocate for forced equality in the marketplace. This cannot ever exist in a free market! Free markets are always the best way to allocate resources and they always reward the most deserving human. What could be better than rewarding the human that is most deserving of the reward?!

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