Tribalism Defined

Tribalism, for lack of a better word, is bad.

Tribalism, for lack of a better word, is bad.

Are myself and those who think like me hypocrites for possibly being part of a tribe that believes a tribeless society is best? Maybe. But ask yourself, what is your tribe advocating for? I will save you the thinking. You are advocating to prop up whatever single group choose to identify with (or even worse, advocating for those who did not ask for your help.) Obviously this is biased and self serving but even worse, it is completely worthless considering how 99% of virtue signalers also believe humans are free to identify however they want at any given time. Meaning anyone can simply identify into whatever tribe happens to be receiving the most special treatment. Insane!

Our #tribeless clan advocates for peace, love and equality for all at all times. Everyone equally gets no special treatment. Businesses & free sovereign humans are free to live, work and do business as they please. Altruism & private charity handle edge cases. No one is forced to do anything for any particular person. What a simple, glorious outcome! #butfreedom #100years

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