Uber’s Travis Kalanick’s Wii Tennis Skills Get Him Added To ‘The People Fund’

New to Uber? Click here to join & we both get free rides!

New to Uber? Click here to join & we both get free rides!

Despite being a huge fan of Uber’s business model and product, until recently I knew nothing about their CEO, Travis Kalanick.

It took just one article about Travis’ skills in Wii tennis to convince me that he’s ideal material for The People Fund, alongside similar visionaries, Elon Musk, Richard Branson & Jeff Bezos.

Unfortunately, as of this writing in early 2015, Uber is not publicly traded and I have no way to acquire stock at this time. Not to fear, I look forward to keeping an eye on Travis and hopefully being able to get in on the Uber IPO.

New to Uber? Click here to sign up (for free!) In addition, for using my link we will both get free rides. Uber makes getting around as easy as can be. Cheers!

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Playing LAG To Quickly Build An Image & Then Putting It To Use

I am fortunate that a few close friends of mine also happen to be beasts on the poker table. Being able to discuss the game with players who are much better than me is a tremendous boost to my game and I am grateful for my situation.

In learning to play full ring no-limit and pot-limit (PLO) cash games, I began playing a conservative, tight aggressive (TAG) style. So long as I actually have a skill edge, playing TAG should be a profitable venture and thus far it has been.

Recently my poker savant friends have pointed out that I should consider opening up my game to play a looser style, specifically LAG (loose aggressive) as they unanimously agree it should be even more profitable. Not being one to shun advice from better players, I’ve made it a point to open up my game. I’m opening more pots with a wider range (usually in position), and focusing on range narrowing and hand reading my opponents in an effort to maximize value. The idea is to build a loose image in an effort to get paid off on my value hands.

Below is a fun example from one of my last sessions of 2014 where I quickly built up an aggressive image and didn’t hesitate to put it to use.

12/30/14 $1/2 NL $400 Effective Stacks.

I buy-in for the $400 max and immediately open the KClubTClub from UTG+1 at a seven handed table. Two players call, including the Villain in the SB who seemed to be paying close attention to the action. We all have $400 stacks.

Flop QSpadeTDiamond8Club [Pot $33 Stacks $390]

SB checks, I bet $15 and only the SB calls. In hindsight I want to bet more in spots like this.

Turn QSpadeTDiamond8Club5Club [Pot $63 Stacks $375]

SB check calls our $35 bet. Again, I should be betting heavier here.

River QSpadeTDiamond8Club5ClubTHeart [Pot $133 Stacks $340]

SB checks. I use one red and one black chip to bet $105. SB complains and folds but I take note that he’s annoyed and very aware of the action. This hand sets up the hand below which takes place just a few orbits later. I believe that by being just one level ahead of the SB I was able to get him to over play the hand below for stacks.

12/30/14 $1/2 NL $335 Effective Stacks.

One hand prior Villain (SB from hand above) had opened the SB to $11 after a few limpers and ends up showing down K5 suited. On the next hand from the button, Villain again opens to $11. I call from the SB with the AHeartJDiamond. BB also calls. The Villain is playing $335 and I cover. While some may like a raise with what figures to be the best hand here, punishing the Villain’s obvious wide range, I decided to call to avoid bloating the pot while out of position. Villain didn’t seem to be the type to fold and why would we want him to fold a second best hand anyway?!

Flop JSpade9Diamond5Diamond [Pot $33 Stacks $324]

Bingo. This is exactly the flop we can crush Villain on if he’s got any piece. In our short time playing against him, we’ve noted that he is observant and also wide. We can try to use our “aggressive” image to lure the Villain into making a big mistake. In other words, we are not slow playing top pair w top kicker. I check, BB checks, Villain bets $25. I check-raise to $105…the same exact bet size I made on the river in the hand above, again using one red and one black chip. The BB quickly folds and just as quickly, the Villain announces that he’s all-in.

Mentally, I’ve snap called his jam, (that’s why we check-raised!) but I ask the dealer for a count anyway. I already knew his stack size (Sidenote: we should have a rough estimate of all of the stacks at our table, always!) but I felt that asking for the count would not let the Villain or the rest of the table in on the fact that I had set up this exact result. After the dealer announced the total, I calmly slid out the chips and made the call.

Turn JSpade9Diamond5DiamondASpade [Pot $681 Stacks $0]

River JSpade9Diamond5DiamondASpade8Diamond [Pot $681 Stacks $0]

Villain turns over the QDiamondJClub and we win the $681 pot. As Villain complains, we offer a friendly “unlucky” as if to console villain for losing with top pair. (Sidenote: keep the game friendly! This player was happy to agree that he was “unlucky” that I also had top pair.)

While we were fortunate to get a great flop for Villain to go nuts, there’s no guarantee he would have been so eager to get his stack in with top pair, third kicker had we not made the same $105 bet a few orbits prior. Having a plan and executing the plan worked out in our favor. We quickly built an image with one player, found a spot to capitalize on that image, and then pulled the trigger. The poker gods took care of the rest.

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Optimal Life Theory

Poker Tools In Poker

As an avid amateur poker player, I nearly get the same enjoyment studying the game off the felt as I do playing the game. While being on the felt in the middle of the action can be exhilarating, and nothing beats the rush from going deep in a multi-table tournament, studying the game can produce nearly the same satisfaction.

The reason for this (besides me being an information junkie) is that it is hard to find the time to put in a lengthy cash session, and MTTs are even harder to work into my schedule. However I can use Two Plus TwoCardplayer, and Live at the Bike anytime from anywhere without committing to a lengthy session.

These resources and many others are crucial tools in the development of any poker player. While it’s probably not impossible to improve without outside help, it’s surely much, much harder to do so. In a game where we try to exploit our opponents and to maximize value, it seems foolish and counterproductive to not utilize the multitude of resources available to us.

Many of poker’s best players are masters of Game Theory, or strategic decision-making. A big part of what makes them the best of the best is that they are less exploitable than the rest of us (except Phil Ivey who seems to be completely unexploitable.)

Game Theory Optimal (GTO) looks for an unexploitable strategy. No matter what our opponent does, if we are using a GTO strategy, he can never beat us, he can only tie us at best. If he deviates from GTO, he’ll eventually lose. In poker we should always be looking for the optimal strategy, so when I’m on the felt I often find myself in my own head asking ‘what is the optimal play in this spot?’ I may not make the optimal play as I may realize after the fact that there were better options available, but that’s all part of the learning process. The key is that I’ve trained my mind to at least ask the question, not just in poker but in all aspects of life.

Poker Tools In Life

Thinking about the optimal way to approach things is a big part of the wisdom gained by studying poker’s best players that also translates into everyday life. For example, I often find myself asking ‘what is the optimal way’ with regard to a mundane life task, or a common life situation. Sure, I can make my bed, feed my dog, brew coffee and brush my teeth, but I can also ask myself ‘what is the optimal way to complete morning tasks?’ In doing so I have found that it’s much more efficient to brew the coffee first, then feed the dog since it’s next to the coffee, prior to making my bed. By the time the bed is made, the dog has a full belly and is ready to go out, which is easy since the door is next to the freshly brewed coffee. Then I wait to brush my teeth until after I finish my coffee, which provides better protection from coffee stains than had I brushed first thing (this may not work if there were other people around but for me it fits!)

While you likely don’t have the same work routine to replicate mine, you can replicate this way of thinking with regard to many of the situations you find yourself in on a day-to-day basis, such as optimal driving theory, or optimal elevator theory as described below.

Optimal Elevator Theory

Do you ever ride on an elevator? Optimal elevator theory would tell you to always wait to board the elevator, assuming a rider will be exiting when the doors open. As a the rider we can use optimal elevator theory to assume that when the doors open, no one will try to board as their optimal move is to wait. The result would be that collisions never happen while entering and exiting the elevator would take place as fast as possible since both the boarder and the rider are using optimal elevator theory when the doors open. However, if the boarder deviates from the optimal strategy and steps to board as soon as the doors open, a collision will occur with departing rider. Deviating from the optimal strategy caused a non-optimal result (collision).


You do not have to be a poker player to understand and utilize this way of thinking. Simply train yourself to rethink things while asking yourself about each part of the process. When focusing on being as economic & efficient as possible, you will amaze yourself at the time-saving efficiencies you’ll discover. Tweet some of them to me @donniccolo!

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Youth Clicks ‘Search’. Wisdom Clicks ‘Advanced Search’.

I once heard an analogy that compared a younger person’s train of thought to that of an older person. A half-drunk girl was rambling on and I’m not sure she even meant to make the point that she made, which I found fascinating in both its simplicity and how often many people overlook it in their lives.

She stated that when she was young, she was quite likely to make hasty decisions, often choosing the fastest or easiest path. However as she’s gotten older, she’s become pickier and pickier about her decisions. Her analogy, which I immediately loved and told her I was going to steal, was that “When you’re young, you click ‘search’. When you’re old, you click ‘advanced search’.”

Youth = search

Youth = search

Wisdom = advanced search

Wisdom = advanced search

I’ve found this to be true in my own life but only because I’ve made the conscious effort to challenge the given standards in society and to re-think what is acceptable and preferable for me.

Try this for yourself. Don’t just accept the first or easiest path you find. Think about life as one large ‘advanced search.’ What are the exact things that you want? Be specific, and be honest with yourself, and then go out and find them! With an ‘advanced search’ mentality (along with blocking any thoughts of the way it’s been) there is no reason you cannot control most aspects of your life that lead to happiness.

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New Year. New Goal. #Pelotonia2015 [2014 photos!]


As you may know, along with thousands of other riders, organizers, volunteers & sponsors, I enjoy participating in Pelotonia, Columbus’ grassroots bike tour with One Goal – End Cancer.

 2012 was my first ride and it was an overwhelming success. Not only was I inspired to ride again, but I couldn’t help to try to involve others as well. Being a part of a $16.8m fundraising campaign, where every dollar goes directly toward life-saving cancer research was a surreal experience. With your help we raised over $1,600 toward that sum and our eyes were opened to just how far $1,600 can go when thousands of people raise it at the same time!

Here is a link to my first post from 2012 and here’s what I had to say after the ride.

The 2013 ride was also a success, raising another $1,500 toward a whopping $19m total for the year.

In 2014, your support continued as we combined to contribute $1,300 of the $21m raised for the year!

In three years, with your generous support we have contributed nearly $4,500 of the $56m raised in that span. To me, that’s the most inspiring part – realizing that there are thousands of others out there just like you and I – all doing their part to contribute a “little” toward a “large” sum! Perhaps none of us could donate $4,500 at once, but together we were able to.

Others have taken the same path and along with them we have helped to raise nearly $82,000,000 since the start of the ride, with every single dollar being spent to END CANCER.

Registration for Pelotonia 2015 is just a few weeks away. Consider getting involved – donate, ride, volunteer, or just help spread the word. I’m convinced that cancer will be defeated in our lifetime. Don’t you want to be a part of that?!

#onegoal #STOH

#onegoal #STOH

I'm lucky to keep up w this one

I’m lucky to keep up w this one

Pelotonia 2014: Opening Ceremony

Pelotonia 2014: Opening Ceremony

Panorama of the opening ceremony, Pelotonia 2014

Panorama of the opening ceremony, Pelotonia 2014

Let's eat!

Let’s eat!

Water is important.

Water is important.

A special #Tesla for #Pelotonia. Two of my favorite things!

A special #Tesla for #Pelotonia. Two of my favorite things!

#Tesla #Pelotonia

#Tesla #Pelotonia

Post race meal. #sogood

Post ride meal. #sogood

Stefanie's Team of Hope, 2014

Stefanie’s Team of Hope, 2014

Pelotonia 14 Opening Ceremony

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There’s No Such Thing As A Small Lie

I love people watching. But then again, who doesn’t?!

I was recently enjoying a coffee at my downtown athletic club after a morning work out. I observed a few women and could not help but to overhear the following scene:

Incredibly naive woman: Do you have a few dollars? I need to pay for my parking.

Lying amoral woman: Don’t do that! Just say you ate here or took the class with me. That way the club will validate and you don’t have to pay. Don’t worry, they never check!

Incredibly naive woman: Wow, really?

Lying amoral woman:  Yes, and don’t worry, I won’t judge (wink wink).

At this point, I’m thinking to myself, “gee, you won’t judge the woman for telling the lie that was your idea? How selfless of you. BITCH.” But rather than say anything, I simply continued to observe.

(note from author: In hindsight, I wish I’d have simply called these women out on the spot. Some people have a talent for calling out strangers. I have yet to master this art. Please contact me with advice on how to do so!)

As fate would have it, the three of us were on the same elevator to the lobby. Walking out, I got to witness the Lying amoral woman strut up to the front desk and nonchalantly tell a lie about how she was in the class. She effectively compromised her entire reputation to avoid paying a few dollars for parking.

While some may consider this to be a small or harmless lie, please realize it is anything but. This is flat-out theft. It would be no different from the woman reaching over the counter and taking $3 out of a drawer, or putting a few packs of gum in her purse without paying for them. Stealing is stealing and to make it worse, this was pre-planned deception. There was intent and premeditation. This is unequivocal.

There are no small or harmless lies. Being untruthful always has a negative impact on your life, regardless if you are caught in your lie or not. Take these women, for example. While they likely won’t get caught in their scheme to avoid paying their fair share for parking, they are breeding a culture of deceit that can only infiltrate their entire lifestyle.

There’s no getting around it – if you are willing to purposely be untruthful, no matter how big or “small” the issue, you can not and should not be counted on or trusted at any future point. You are compromising your dignity & your reputation. Ask yourself: would you rather be friends with a person who has shown their willingness to lie or a person who has a reputation for honesty & integrity?

Accepting any lies in your life, allowing others to influence you to lie, or worse, encouraging others to lie, is amoral at best and sociopathic at worst. Are you a liar? Be better.

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Why You Should Consider Using A 24 Hour Clock

Unless you’re just learning to tell time, chances are you’ve mastered the 12 hour days. Terms like “a.m.” and “p.m.” are ingrained into your brain. You can recognize the difference between 5 a.m. & 5 p.m. quite naturally, without using any brain power. In other words, you do not have to think when you are telling time as this method is the way it’s been for your entire life.

That changes now.


Most non-Americans and many intelligent Americans already realize that the 24-hour clock (also known in the USA as ‘military time’) is the most commonly used time notation used across the globe today. Using 24 hours to tell time is the international standard for telling time as it presents a clear & unambiguous way to keep track of time.

By simply deciding to challenge yourself, you can make the change to a 24-hour clock & permanently improve your brain power. At first you may find yourself doing a lot of math but don’t worry! You won’t forget how to use the worn out 12-hour clock, you’ll simply add another weapon to your intellectual arsenal. You’ll quickly become used to the 24-hour method and my guess is that like me & billions of other people, you’ll eventually prefer it.

Change the settings on your phone & computer…RIGHT NOW. Why wait? Do it now and tomorrow it will be a little easier to tell time using 24 hours. The next day will be even easier & so on.

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Are You a Nationalist? [Quiz]

I’ve previously explained how nationalism is dumb. I came to this conclusion a few years back and I stand by it more than ever today. Since realizing that 99.9% of people aren’t smart enough to understand, I’ve resigned to observing this insane behavior and enjoying discussions on the subject with other intelligent humans.

I’ve also come up with what I believe to be the decisive “Are you a nationalist” quiz that consists of just one question. Please answer honestly.

Anyone who would choose the Americans is a sociopath and should be avoided at all costs. Everyone else is like me (and hopefully you!), realizing that all human life should be regarded as equally precious and proving that nationalism doesn’t actually exist.

Once you understand that nationalism is nothing more than an excuse to believe in divisive and ultimately condescending (or hate-filled) ideals, you can start to love & appreciate everyone on the planet as equals. This mentality, spread across the planet, would lead to worldwide peace, yet instead of striving toward peace many people strive to advance their nationalist agenda.

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Don’t Believe What You Read Just Because It’s Been Published: Reason #149, Paul Krugman

The Science of Economics

Economics is the study of the forces that govern the production, distribution & consumption of goods & services in a society.

In his brilliant work, Economics in One Lesson, Henry Hazlitt explains both basic & advanced economic principles in a way that anyone can understand. This book is a must-read for anyone who wants to develop an understanding of economics that will give them the knowledge to form an intelligent opinion on the subject.

One main theme of Hazlitt’s work is comparing a good economist with a bad economist. Both economists can make a case for a certain policy but the bad economist does not properly examine how that policy affects all groups over time. Rather, the bad economist (or the economist with an agenda) simply spouts “half-truths.”

For example the bad economist will tell you how a policy will positively affect one group, hence why this policy should be implemented. However the bad economist will leave out how the policy would also negatively affect other groups.

Bad economists also fail to properly look at time. The bad economist will advocate for a policy that helps one (or even all) groups in the short-term, without admitting how the same policy will have a negative impact in the long-term.

Understanding the most basic principle of economics is simple if we can understand the simple fact that all things must balance out. Something cannot be given to one group without being taken from another.

Economic Belief Systems

There are many modern schools of economic thought but two that stand out: Keynesian & Austrian.

The Keynesian’s are the bad economists. Keynesian’s advocate for inflation, spending & government or central bank interference. Their beliefs always harm at least one group while benefitting only a few select groups.

The Austrian’s are the good economists as they use logic & common sense to advocate for policies of savings, production & free markets. These beliefs benefit all groups, always.

Publishing Fiction & Labeling it Fact

Unfortunately, Keynesian’s and other bad economists are very good at muddying the waters & confusing the issues. So good, in fact, that they can be published by what used to be a top newspaper in the world, the New York Times. In this piece (of garbage), the New York Times publishes Paul Krugman, one of the leading BAD economists on the planet.

I know that Krugman is full of shit, and hopefully after reading my thoughts and gaining the faintest bit of economic knowledge you do too. Unfortunately, the NY Times and other outlets continue to spread Krugman’s nonsense to the uneducated and unsuspecting general public. This wouldn’t be quite a huge issue save for the fact that these people have a vote on matters that affect me, you and society.

While I don’t believe that unintelligent, uneducated, unqualified people should have any inherent “right” to vote on matters that affect others, there’s no getting around the fact that they can and do vote. This is what makes the Times & people like Krugman dangerous: they spout off half-truths to push their Keynesian agenda, inevitably harming multiple groups over time when the unsuspecting public drinks their kool-aid and votes Keynesian.

Drinking The Kool-Aid

Just because someone puts some words on paper and you find them published online, or in a newspaper or magazine, don’t assume these words to be truth. Think for yourself. The best way to gain knowledge on a subject is to study as much of that subject as you can including all sides and points of view.

Put another way, don’t just take my word that Paul Krugman & the NY Times are harmful, small-minded thinkers. Form that conclusion yourself by reading their beliefs and then reading as many others as you can, starting with Austrian thinkers like Peter Schiff & the aforementioned Henry Hazlitt.

Using Amazon Prime, I read Hazlitt’s ‘Economics in One Lesson’ on my Kindle App for iPhone, while listening to some of the book using Amazon’s Whisper Sync with Audible.com. Hazlitt’s teaching is clear, concise & easy to understand. Peter Schiff can be found online here. I greatly enjoy his podcast/radio show and recommend that you give it a listen as part of your research.


Educate yourself. Be better. Don’t fall in to the trap of thinking the Keynesian way is best because that’s the way it’s been. You should not be ok with having things taken from you against your will nor should you advocate for taking things from anyone else, yet this is what happens when you allow taxes, inflation & other Keynesian principles to rule.

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#DFS Is The Future Of Fantasy Sports. Daily Fantasy Sports Games Are Exploding!

Daily Fantasy Sports – What’s All The Fuss About?!

If you pay any attention to sports, TV, radio, the Internet, or any form of media, you’ve likely heard an ad or two for DraftKings or FanDuel or VICTIV or another company that provides daily fantasy sports games both for free and for real money. The reasoning is simple: DFS is exploding in popularity and the industry leaders are racing to capture market share (read: you!)



Daily Fantasy Sports, also known as DFS or #DFS, is the future of fantasy sports games. Combining the best aspects of sports betting & fantasy sports, daily fantasy sports games allow us to wager money and win money based on the performances of the players we pick. The contests may last for just one day’s games, or they may be spread across a few days. As soon as the last contest ends, the winner is declared and everyone finishing in the money (ITM) is awarded a cash prize which can be instantly transferred to your bank account!

This Can’t Possibly Be Legal, Can It?!

Upon introducing people to DFS, one of the most common questions asked is, ‘How is this legal?’

My answer is usually something along the lines of, ‘It’s legal because as a “free” human being aren’t you and I supposed to be able to do as we please with our money regardless of risk, skill, gamble or any other factor, so long as it doesn’t negatively affect another?’

Of course, the next question asked is often, ‘How is this legal and online poker is not?!’

To which I (semi-sarcastically) reply, ‘Because #DFS has better lobbyists’. (which shouldn’t matter but unfortunately does)

Breaking Your DFS Cherry

Once you get over the injustice that keeps online poker out of our reach but allows us to play daily fantasy sports, it’s time to give it a try! Getting your feet wet with daily fantasy sports is easy. Simply click the logos above (to make sure I get credit for referring you – throw me a bone!) and the sites will instruct you on signing up, depositing funds and getting started! By using the links found here, you’ll also get a deposit bonus!

You can fund your accounts with PayPal or by using any major Credit Card or Debit Card

You can fund your accounts with PayPal or by using any major Credit Card or Debit Card

Although you may feel overwhelmed at first, both sites are quite intuitive and you cannot really mess anything up, so simply click around to familiarize yourself with the layout of the site you just joined.  There are filters that allow you to choose which sport you are viewing, so if you’re only interested in golf, you don’t have to scroll through a zillion NFL contests. There are also filters to differentiate contests by start time, prize pool, size, type and more!

Types Of DFS Games

There are two main types of games on daily fantasy sports sites: cash games and GPPs. Cash games refer to games where you pick a team to play vs just one other player, or a small number of other players, in an effort to double your money (less any rake taken by the site.) 50/50s and Heads-Up are common contests of this type. The upside here isn’t huge, but in many cases your team doesn’t have to perform too well for you to cash, they just need to do better than the average team in the contest. Because DFS is quite a new industry, the average player is not very skilled, meaning cash games can be quite profitable in the long-term if you’re an above average sports bettor or fantasy sports player, or if you are particularly knowledgeable about a certain sport.

Guaranteed Prize Pool contests, commonly known as GPPs, are typically huge tournaments with a certain amount of prize money guaranteed by the host site. Unlike cash games, the upside in GPPs can be huge, as you can win hundreds, thousands, or even a million dollars in any given day! Also unlike cash games, in GPPs a mediocre score simply won’t cut it. While 15%-20% of the field typically makes the money in a GPP, the vast majority of the prize pool is in the top 1% of the payouts. To be profitable in the long-term playing GPPs you need to build a team needs to hit on nearly every position, which is very hard to do, but doable nonetheless!

Bankroll Management

Only you know how much money you can afford to risk playing daily fantasy sports so be smart and plan ahead! If you have a $1,000 per year budget, don’t blow it all in week 1 of the NFL season by putting $800 into play! Like poker and golf, DFS involves a lot of variance, so even skilled winning players will experience downswings. In addition, finding the right balance of cash games vs GPPs is crucial as your ROI will be different in each.  I recommend starting slowly by entering a few low dollar contests or freerolls to get acclimated to each site. Most importantly be sure to remember to HAVE FUN and never wager money that you cannot afford to lose!


I’ve teamed up with two of my best friends & fantasy sports legends @PhoneSurgeons & @JockpostDT to build a daily fantasy sports brand, DFSDOSE. Together, we advocate for daily fantasy sports and we enjoy introducing new players to the world of DFS. We also chat & tweet about DFS regularly so give us a follow or tweet us your questions & comments!

Home of JockpostDT, PhoneSurgeons, donniccolo & more!

Daily fantasy sports is the future of internet based fantasy gaming and it’s here to stay! I hope to see you in a cash game or GPP soon. Hopefully right below me on the final scoreboard!

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