Eminem feat. Elton John ‘Stan’

I fear an entire generation has never known this 2001 live performance of ‘Stan’ by Eminem with Elton John on the keys. And many of us who lived through it have forgotten about it since it came out ~18 years ago.

What a shame.

This performance is one of a kind, with nothing before or since coming close to transcending prejudices with such a BOOM moment. (If you have not already, turn your speakers up to 11 and enjoy!)

On stage for the world to see are two of the greatest artists to ever walk planet Earth getting together to perform a poetic masterpiece that many would call divisive. Yet instead of divide this epic performance brings people together, with Em delivering an inspiring pro mental health message in the one of a kind way that only he can do, while Elton adds the lyrics to the spooky chorus (thanks, Dido!) but his singing is overshadowed by how he just jams tf out in the background, making the keys sing like only Elton can do.

And then the hug heard ’round the world. If that does not move you, see your doctor immediately because you have no heart!


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Getting Back On Track

Something in your life is not right

Are you stuck in a rut, depressed, anxious or sad? Or maybe you are not feeling quite like yourself but cannot quite put your finger on the problem? Perhaps you know exactly what the problem is but lack the motivation to do anything about it. Or maybe you feel great most of the time but simply cannot get through the day without encountering a few demons.

Do not worry – you are no different than every other human being who has ever walked the face of the Earth. We all have demons. We all get into a rut.

However not everyone recognizes their rut and of those who do many do not take steps to claw their way out.

Still reading? GREAT! You are on the path back out of the rut and into normal, happy, stoic everyday life.

How to get back on track


Bookmark this page so you can enjoy the links below. Then start clicking and reading.

Here is a playlist. Put it on random and let it take you away. It’s eclectic and all over the place – that’s kind of the point – for the listener to find inspiration in the music at the most random of times!

Here is a poem. Read it slowly. Then read it again, stopping at the end of each stanza, reflecting on what you just read and how it applies to you.

Here are a few books to read (or listen to.) No excuses, you have the time. These are the words of men and women who have tried and failed and tried again – and they are passing along what they have learned directly to us. As Emerson says, every book is a quotation—of other books, of experience, of the humans and civilizations that came before it. How could you not expose yourself to this?

Here is an essay about addiction, depression and the trials of the everyday life of an entrepreneur, written by a normal person just like you and me. He is conquering his demons. We can conquer ours too.

Here are thoughts on the importance of mental health – something everyone needs to consider!

Here is a collection of essays to help you improve yourself. Here too is another collection.

Here is a quick and easy “cheat” to feel good in any situation!

When to get help

There is never a wrong time to decide to get help. It is never too late to learn. If you are struggling please ask someone for help. Take a look at people in your life and ask yourself who seems to be rocking life all day every day?! Then ask that person if you can pick their brain, perhaps over a cup of coffee (not alcohol!)

I will let you in on a little secret before you even meet: no one rocks life all day every day. We all struggle in some way, shape or form. The people who seem to have it all figured out simply start over each day and they find that it is their duty in life to stay focused on their mission of being the best person they can be each day.

It is not easy. Nothing worthwhile is.

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People Are Buying More Cannabis Than Wine And Chicken!

People are buying more cannabis than wine & chicken! Don’t just take my word for it! Take a listen to Jessica Billingsley, CEO of a company called Akerna.

Jessica estimates that Americans will spend ~$450MM on cannabis this July 4th versus just $371 million on chicken.

More importantly, the movement away from alcohol is in full swing, with Jessica also estimating that American cannabis purchasing will outgrow wine purchasing next year (2020!)

This is great news!

As we know, cannabis is a non toxic substance that cannot kill a human being. Alcohol, on the other hand, is very toxic and kills thousands of humans every day across the globe. Do the math. According to the CDC, “alcohol is estimated to be responsible for about 88,000 deaths per year – more than overdoses from all other drugs combined.”

Let that sink in.

“More than overdoses from all other drugs…combined!”

Yet anyone over the age of 21 can purchase and consume alcohol like its water. No big deal – here is a bottle of poison. But for cannabis, a non toxic plant, you have to jump through hoops to get a license to purchase and then wait on line in the sun, rain or snow just to purchase overpriced products created by the government’s intervention into nature.

Does this seem right?! #butfreedom! #100years

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Racism Is Bad But Nationalism Is Not?!

#ShowerThought: Racism is bad but Nationalism is not?!

We live in a world where virtually anyone with a brain agrees that racism (think, segregation, slaves) is 100% unacceptable based on the sound logic that all humans are equal in the eyes of “race” and none should be persecuted based on such insane divisiveness. (not to mention that race does not really exist)

Yet somehow many humans (nearly all Americans I observe) do not see the correlation between Nationalism and Racism – they all think there is nothing wrong with segregating any non-Americans from Americans. They do not agree that all humans are equal in the eyes of “nationality” and they do persecute based on their own divisiveness.

This. Is. Insane.

For a quick reminder, take our one question quiz, Are You A Nationalist? I bet you are not.

100 years from now the enlightened humans of 2119 will be looking back wondering how so many people could be so blind and ultimately, hateful?! After all, every single decision we have can be put into one of just two categories: is it all encompassing love or is it not? Nationalism, on any level, is certainly not all encompassing love.

#100years #butfreedom

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Questions From The Future #100years

100 years from now, men and women will look back at the humans who were alive in 2019 and just scratch their heads. #writethatdown

And so was born another fun hashtag, #100years.

“Did they really label people based on skin color?”

“Wait, they put people in steel cages for what?!”

“Hold on, people actually fought the idea of battery powered transportation?”

“What is gasoline?”

“People actually thought propping up certain groups would not hurt all other groups?!”

“No way the government was in charge of education!”

“Damn, this playlist holds up after 100 years! Crank it up!”

“Police were allowed to just shoot at people before being shot at?! Isn’t that murder or something?!”

“So the toxic substances that could kill them were prescribed, and cannabis, the non toxic plant that cannot harm a newborn baby, was demonized?!”

“What were opioids?!”

“Um, I can’t still commit a crime against myself, can I?!”


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Love Or Not Love

Not breaking new ground here, but after all, what is an original thought? Is there even such a thing?


Every single decision we as humans have, every single second of every single day, can be put into one of just two categories: is it all encompassing love or is it not?

If the decision or action divides or oppresses any free human being, in any way, shape or form, it is not all encompassing love. Even if the decision or action shows love to many humans but not all – all encompassing is 100% or bust. There is no place for divisiveness.

Someone has wronged you? Return hate with love. This can be one of the hardest things to do in life until you make it a part of your daily duty. Returning hate with love is not easy and you will work at it every day, but it will have a much more positive effect on you versus hateful, vindictive behaviour. That is why we call it all encompassing love – not just loving those who show you love in return – but loving all.



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Tesla Sales Are Not As Bad As They Look

Elon Musk & Tesla have been getting hammered in the media more than usual lately, mainly due to lower than expected domestic sales. What peaks my curiosity is why Elon never calls out the anti-free market laws that restrict how he can sell his vehicles to willing “free” human beings?!

There have always been Tesla haters, for whatever reason, despite the fact that no sane person in their right mind would be advocating for gasoline powered vehicles had electric vehicles been invented first.

That said, it’s no secret that State governments limit how Tesla can conduct business in their state. The State literally ties Teslas hands causing nothing but greater expense to the end user, all people everywhere.

Let me say that again: Lawmakers in each state take money from Auto Dealer Lobbyists, and in return make laws that restrict how auto manufacturers can sell in their state, to the detriment of Tesla, you and me.

Winners in this equation are a few small groups, namely the lobbyists, politicians and Auto Dealers.

Losers in this equation are all consumers everywhere.

Sounds like a fair trade? Hell no! (unless of course you are one of the small groups that benefits)

If you are like the 99.9999999% of humans that do not benefit from these insanely oppressive laws, you are paying more for any vehicle you buy or lease, Tesla or otherwise, as a result of these laws.

Hating on Tesla is not so fun when you break down the economics of these anti-free market laws is it?!

Check out the poll below. Choose wisely!

Understanding that the free market is the best allocation of resources and price determination? You have chosen, wisely!

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Pelotonia 2019: Back With Stefanie’s Team Of Hope!

After one year of riding for L Brands (and receiving their generous donation match!) I am back with Stefanie’s Team of Hope for the 2019 ride! Moving to the L Brands Peloton was a no-brainer because they matched every dollar I raised. I qualified to be part of their team because my wife worked for them. Her brand has since been sold and since she is no longer an employee of L Brands, I no longer qualify to ride with them.

No worries!

I am back with the biggest and best non-corporate peloton, Stefanie’s Team of Hope, and I am excited for this years ride!

Pelotonia sets a goal for us to raise $1,500 and I have extended that to $2,001. With support from selfless people like you we should easily crush this goal!

Your support will add to the $15k+ we have contributed to the $184,000,000 Pelotonia has raised to FIGHT CANCER! Please consider donating and asking a few friends to do the same!

Click here to donate to my ride! THANK YOU!

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Avengers: Endgame Will Put 5 MCU Films In Top 10 Ever

If these stats are correct, Avengers: Endgame will give the Marvel Cinematic Universe five of the top ten grossing films of all-time.

That. Is. Insane.

Thank you to Kevin Feige and the other hard-working mad geniuses at Marvel. Please do not stop making great films!


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Imagine If Electric Automobiles Were Invented First

TeslaCan you imagine if the electric automobile had been invented first? 

Suspend your disbelief for just a moment to put yourself into a time and space where the gasoline powered engine has not yet been invented and everything you would think of on the planet that typically runs on gasoline is instead powered by an electric motor.

There is virtually no noise with these motors.

There are no emissions and no carbon dioxide.

There is no smelly exhaust.

There is no smelly gasoline or need to visit a gas station.

There is no delay between pressing the accelerator and zooming away.

There is virtually no downside.

What a world it would be!

And then some mad “genius” comes along with an alternative: A way to power vehicles and machines using a combustion engine consisting of a steel tank full of highly flammable liquid that while attached to the moving vehicle, will be converted to gas and burned for energy.

These “improved” vehicles will be better than the electric ones in use…because…

They will be way louder!

They will emit poisonous gases!

They will smell awful and be impossible to stand behind while powered on!

They will need refueled at a cost of $20-$100+per week!

They will have a lag between hitting the accelerator and actually moving!

Clearly no rational person would argue that gas-powered vehicles are superior – yet plenty of people are still dwelling on, hell, they are hoping for, the failure of Tesla and other electric car makers. Perhaps this is a knee jerk reaction to some of the bone head things Elon Musk says or because Elon insists on sending people to their deaths in Outer Space, or perhaps it is just that haters are gonna hate

Amazingly, none of the haters seem to bring up or have a problem with auto dealers being regulated at the State level and lobbying to keep Tesla from selling their cars via dealerships – an insanely anti-capitalistic policy won by auto lobbyists themselves, that does nothing other than benefit one group (auto dealers) to the detriment of all other groups, none more than the consumer (you and me!) In other words, supporting this policy literally takes money out of your pocket.

Whatever the reason, the haters are loud and plenty, but they will ultimately eat their words. There is no version of society advancing past 2019 where electric motors (and whatever tech is to follow) do not surpass and eventually eliminate combustion engines within the next xxx number of years. It may not be this decade or even the next, but for those of you reading this in 2119, you know what I’m talking about!

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