Tesla Sales Are Not As Bad As They Look

Elon Musk & Tesla have been getting hammered in the media more than usual lately, mainly due to lower than expected domestic sales. What peaks my curiosity is why Elon never calls out the anti-free market laws that restrict how he can sell his vehicles to willing “free” human beings?!

There have always been Tesla haters, for whatever reason, despite the fact that no sane person in their right mind would be advocating for gasoline powered vehicles had electric vehicles been invented first.

That said, it’s no secret that State governments limit how Tesla can conduct business in their state. The State literally ties Teslas hands causing nothing but greater expense to the end user, all people everywhere.

Let me say that again: Lawmakers in each state take money from Auto Dealer Lobbyists, and in return make laws that restrict how auto manufacturers can sell in their state, to the detriment of Tesla, you and me.

Winners in this equation are a few small groups, namely the lobbyists, politicians and Auto Dealers.

Losers in this equation are all consumers everywhere.

Sounds like a fair trade? Hell no! (unless of course you are one of the small groups that benefits)

If you are like the 99.9999999% of humans that do not benefit from these insanely oppressive laws, you are paying more for any vehicle you buy or lease, Tesla or otherwise, as a result of these laws.

Hating on Tesla is not so fun when you break down the economics of these anti-free market laws is it?!

Check out the poll below. Choose wisely!

Understanding that the free market is the best allocation of resources and price determination? You have chosen, wisely!

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Pelotonia 2019: Back With Stefanie’s Team Of Hope!

After one year of riding for L Brands (and receiving their generous donation match!) I am back with Stefanie’s Team of Hope for the 2019 ride! Moving to the L Brands Peloton was a no-brainer because they matched every dollar I raised. I qualified to be part of their team because my wife worked for them. Her brand has since been sold and since she is no longer an employee of L Brands, I no longer qualify to ride with them.

No worries!

I am back with the biggest and best non-corporate peloton, Stefanie’s Team of Hope, and I am excited for this years ride!

Pelotonia sets a goal for us to raise $1,500 and I have extended that to $2,001. With support from selfless people like you we should easily crush this goal!

Your support will add to the $15k+ we have contributed to the $184,000,000 Pelotonia has raised to FIGHT CANCER! Please consider donating and asking a few friends to do the same!

Click here to donate to my ride! THANK YOU!

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Avengers: Endgame Will Put 5 MCU Films In Top 10 Ever

If these stats are correct, Avengers: Endgame will give the Marvel Cinematic Universe five of the top ten grossing films of all-time.

That. Is. Insane.

Thank you to Kevin Feige and the other hard-working mad geniuses at Marvel. Please do not stop making great films!


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Imagine If Electric Automobiles Were Invented First

TeslaCan you imagine if the electric automobile had been invented first? 

Suspend your disbelief for just a moment to put yourself into a time and space where the gasoline powered engine has not yet been invented and everything you would think of on the planet that typically runs on gasoline is instead powered by an electric motor.

There is virtually no noise with these motors.

There are no emissions and no carbon dioxide.

There is no smelly exhaust.

There is no smelly gasoline or need to visit a gas station.

There is no delay between pressing the accelerator and zooming away.

There is virtually no downside.

What a world it would be!

And then some mad “genius” comes along with an alternative: A way to power vehicles and machines using a combustion engine consisting of a steel tank full of highly flammable liquid that while attached to the moving vehicle, will be converted to gas and burned for energy.

These “improved” vehicles will be better than the electric ones in use…because…

They will be way louder!

They will emit poisonous gases!

They will smell awful and be impossible to stand behind while powered on!

They will need refueled at a cost of $20-$100+per week!

They will have a lag between hitting the accelerator and actually moving!

Clearly no rational person would argue that gas-powered vehicles are superior – yet plenty of people are still dwelling on, hell, they are hoping for, the failure of Tesla and other electric car makers. Perhaps this is a knee jerk reaction to some of the bone head things Elon Musk says or because Elon insists on sending people to their deaths in Outer Space, or perhaps it is just that haters are gonna hate

Amazingly, none of the haters seem to bring up or have a problem with auto dealers being regulated at the State level and lobbying to keep Tesla from selling their cars via dealerships – an insanely anti-capitalistic policy won by auto lobbyists themselves, that does nothing other than benefit one group (auto dealers) to the detriment of all other groups, none more than the consumer (you and me!) In other words, supporting this policy literally takes money out of your pocket.

Whatever the reason, the haters are loud and plenty, but they will ultimately eat their words. There is no version of society advancing past 2019 where electric motors (and whatever tech is to follow) do not surpass and eventually eliminate combustion engines within the next xxx number of years. It may not be this decade or even the next, but for those of you reading this in 2119, you know what I’m talking about!

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Why Are My Socialist & Keynesian Ideas Being Dismissed?

Thoughts on Socialism & Keynesian economics

Once you understand why you dismiss others making rules for your household you may understand why people who understand basic human freedom dismiss you.


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See You Next Time!

When I am in the checkout line paying the cashier, or paying a bill in a restaurant, or finalizing any other countless interactions that could occur at any time in life, I like to say “See you next time!” instead of pretty much anything else. It is simple but forward thinking and positive.

In my opinion, “See you next time!” creates the thought of a positive future. We know that looking forward to things can be beneficial and healthy when used in the proper context. “See you next time!” is no different.

Whether I am in at a small super awesome café on the beach in San Francisco or an airport bar in Tokyo or where I may never return and the likelihood of seeing that person again is virtually zero… I still like to say “See you next time!”

After all you never know when your path will with anyone else. All we know is the universe is unfolding as it should.

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Legalizing Opioids Will Save Lives

The solution to the opioid crisis? Check out the talk below between Joe Rogan & Johann Hari. Seems so simple, yet the United States is so far away. #butfreedom

More of my thoughts on opioids here and here. And be sure to read ‘Dreamland‘ by Sam Quinones.

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Pro-Women? No.

Being ‘For’ One Group Means You Are ‘Against’ All Others

I do not believe in any “women’s” movement that places the needs of women above all others. Before you lose your Dale and lash out misogynistic (and hypocritical) insults, keep reading. I am not anti-women. I also do not believe in any “men’s movement”. I am not anti-men. I am simply for all humans.

In other words, I do not have an arbitrary affinity to those who were born with the same sex parts as me. Why should I? Instead, I choose to believe in and love all humans equally….regardless of gender! How can anyone make a case for anything than loving all humans equally?

Thor loves women

Being pro-women is synonymous with being anti-men. When we advocate special treatment of one group, by definition, we are then putting all other groups down. In other words, if you are ‘for’ women you are saying you are ‘against’ men. It simply cannot be any other way.

That’s insane!

You are literally putting ~50% of the world’s population down, despite not knowing them intimately, for no reason other than how they were born!

That illogical line of thinking is the definition of bias, prejudice and SEXISM!!

I am not talking about #MeToo or similar women’s movements. Sexual misconductby both men and women – is unacceptable in all cases. I do not condone any type of sexual assault (or any negative treatment of anyone) by men or women at any time for any reason.

In addition, there are men out there advocating for special treatment for men – this is also wrong! All men and women should be equal – no more – no less!

We already know that only true zealots are actually Nationalists and we can say the same about anyone who would vote for the women in the poll below.

Those who talk equality, we are on same page! Equal means everyone equally gets no special treatment! 🙂 Who should get special treatment then? Those who need it...not an entire gender! Altruism can go a long way as we know there is no better feeling than helping others. Meanwhile 99.999999% of us can and should make it on our own.

All human beings are different in an immeasurable amount of ways. No two humans are alike and no two humans should be forced upon each other or anyone else simply because of their sex parts. Some humans will earn more money than others. Some humans will enjoy more leisure time than others. Some humans will suffer more than others. Some humans will thrive more than others. All humans have different skills and therefore all humans will acquire different “returns” for using their skills.

Many of the women’s movements tend to advocate for forced equality in the marketplace. This cannot ever exist in a free market! Free markets are always the best way to allocate resources and they always reward the most deserving human. What could be better than rewarding the human that is most deserving of the reward?!

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Free Will Or Free Market?

Free will is the same as free market. You cannot be for one and against the other.

Anyone who enjoys having the freedom to live their life exactly as they choose (save negatively affecting another) is also a proponent of having a free market. They may not understand why, but they do not have to. Their actions speak and anyone who acts to preserve their own free will by definition also acts to preserve the integrity of free markets.

Since any sane, level-headed human should be able to agree that human free will is a good thing and oppression is a bad thing, we  should also be able to come to the conclusion that free markets are the best for all humans always.

Regulated markets may provide benefits to one group, or even many groups, in the short-term (or even in perpetuity), however economics teaches us that in the long-term unfree markets will always harm the masses. It is impossible to benefit select groups without doing so at the direct expense of all other groups.

If you would not want someone to take away your free will, do not take it away from them by voting and advocating for regulated markets!

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There’s No Line At The Restroom: A Paul McCartney Story From The Archives

Have you ever found yourself reviewing archives on your computer, miscellaneous threads on Reddit or random YouTube videos for hours at a time?

Yeah, me neither.

That said, I recently found myself exploring a long forgotten archive of files that led me to this essay, penned by yours truly on the 16th of May, 2002.

From what I can gather by viewing the document this essay was written as part of an assignment for my Art Education 160 class at The Ohio State University.

While I cannot say that I vividly remember the assignment (or even the concert in the essay) I do recall the class being one of my favorite college classes of all time. We studied art and music history of the 20th century. Thanks to this assignment, I’ll always have this memory of enjoying my first Paul McCartney concert with my parents and sister.

Nicholas Nicastro

Art Education 160

May 16, 2002

Critical Essay One

There’s No Line at the Restroom

On April 29, 2002, I had the honor of spending an evening with Paul McCartney at the Gund Arena.  The Gund Arena is located in the heart of Cleveland, OH, about two hours away from Columbus, and usually plays home to the Cleveland Cavaliers basketball team.  However, on this night, the arena was completely transformed into a huge Rock & Roll stage and only a hint of a basketball court could be seen. 

From the moment I sat in my seat, I knew that this was going to be an unforgettable night.  The stage was the first thing that I noticed, and it was beautiful.  There were about 20 enormous flat screens above the stage, covering every inch of space.  There was also a huge shroud type piece of cloth hanging from the rafters, which would soon be used in the opening act’s performance.  The opening act was a speechless type of dancing and motioning that blended culture from all over the world.  Men and women alike were painted and dressed up in a way that I had never seen before.  After they finished their act, we all sat anxiously awaiting one of the greatest figures in Rock history.  Around 8:30, it began.  The drums could be heard but still no one was on stage.  Then, behind the hanging shroud, a shadow of a man appeared with one hand above his head holding a bass guitar.  The arena went nuts.  Slowly, the shroud was rolled up into the rafters, unveiling McCartney standing in a great position, ready to rock.  With the crowd still going crazy, he begins to play, and the emotions and excitement in the arena are thick enough to cut with a knife.  Paul ended up jamming for over two and a half hours that night, and through every song, I could barely stay in my seat.  The one thing that I noticed almost immediately was that there was something about this show that was different from any other show I’d ever seen…everyone around me was sitting on the edge their chair, just like me.  No one was getting up to get food, and no one was going to the bathroom.  I couldn’t believe it.  Throughout the entire show, I can honestly say that I didn’t see one single person get up and leave their seat for any reason.  No, the people there that night didn’t have super-human bladders, and no, I don’t think anyone peed in their pants; I just believe that Paul McCartney is that special.  For anyone lucky enough to see him in person, it would be unthinkable to waste time just to go to the bathroom. 

Throughout the night, McCartney played a huge variety of songs, including early Beatles works, late Beatles works, songs by Wings, and of course, songs from his solo career.  Although each song was special and I could probably write a page about each one, there were a few that were particularly special to me that night, and I believe these songs stole the show.  Live and Let Die besides being a personal favorite of mine was a show stopper.  Before even seeing this song performed live, I was always a fan of it and I always believed that no one, including Guns N Roses, could do it better.  The live performance this night proved me right, and then some.  The songs started out with the spotlight on Paul while he was playing the piano.  About 30 seconds into it, as the song starts to get faster, a loud BOOM could be heard, along with fireworks and a light show.  As one could imagine, the Arena went nuts and for a moment, I thought that the venue wouldn’t be able to handle the crowd this pumped up!  Each time the song slowed down, it was quickly brought back up with another BOOM and more fireworks and lights.  Interpreting this song seems easy, but there are definitely many ways the words can be interpreted.  To me, it seems as if McCartney is talking about youth and how they view things.  He’s saying that instead of thinking “live and let live,” that it’s ok to think “live and let die.”  He’s saying that the world is a crazy place and is not always predictable, and for that reason, you have to just accept things how they are and go on with life.  Maybe he’s even talking about his own life experiences considering all that he’s been through.  In particular, the line, “what does it matter to ya, when you got a job to do you got to do it well, you’ve got to give me all I’ve ever had” speaks volumes about his intentions for this song.

Another showstopper was a song that involved only McCartney standing on the front of a stage with a dim spotlight shining on him while he told a story.  As he began to speak, a stagehand brought him out a strange instrument: a ukulele.  The story goes, as told by Paul, that over 30 years ago, George Harrison gave that instrument to Paul as a gift.  As Paul told the story, he began to strum on the ukulele very lightly, and then said that he’d like to play a song in memory of George and as a tribute to him.  The arena was busting with excitement, and as we all began to get quiet so that we could hear what he was going to play.  Something in the way she moves were the words out of Paul’s mouth, and before he even finished the first line, the arena erupted in applause as everyone began to realize that Paul was playing Something, a Beatles song written by George Harrison and a song considered by many to be one of the greatest songs of all time.  As Paul played and we sang along, the giant television screens behind Paul on stage began showing pictures of Paul and George, and for many of us, that was all we needed to begin to tear.  As a final tribute to his passed friend, Paul pointed up with ukulele in hand and motioned to the sky, to his friend.  Something is a beautiful song.  Written for Patti Boyd by George Harrison, Something is the ultimate love song.  Harrison was writing about how words don’t necessarily need to be spoken to convey feelings, that there was just something about his lover that let him know she loved him.  This song very well could have been the best of the night

The last showstopper I’ll mention, although there were more, was during the encore.  After playing for over 2 hours, Paul briefly waved goodbye and headed off stage.  As we sat eagerly awaiting more, the arena began to get anxious and loud.  People were yelling for more, some people were dancing; others were still on the edge of their seat, almost mesmerized from what they’d just seen.  Still though, no one was leaving.  Then, after just a few minutes, McCartney reappeared and slowly made his way to the front of the stage.  Given the level of excitement in the arena, almost everyone had to be assuming that Paul would play a loud, fast, rock song.  However, we’d all forgotten about one classic that he didn’t play during his first set, and as the crowd came to a hush and Paul grasped onto his acoustic guitar, the song began.  Yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away.  Those 8 words were enough to take the emotion that was in the arena during the break and triple it.  As the excitement came to a peak, it seemed as if Paul was playing and singing and the rest of us in the crowd were his backup vocals.  I’d never in my entire life seen so many people sing along with a song.  Yesterday, besides being a Beatles classic and the most covered song of all time, is a sad love song.  Paul is singing an ode to the past, to a time where he didn’t have the troubles that he has now.  He is singing about losing someone he loved, and how he now longs to be back in a time that she was there.

Judging these three works almost seems unfair – unfair to Paul McCartney, not to me.  Unfair to him that someone like myself, could possible critique some of the greatest music ever played.  Paul McCartney has forgotten more about music that I’ll even know, so it’s almost funny that I’d attempt to judge him.  But, on the flip side, my judgements are all good.  In fact, they are great.  Live and Let Die was spectacular.  Besides the awesome rock music that didn’t miss a note, the sound and lighting show was fantastic.  Something was the “tear-jerker” of the show and although Paul sang it wonderfully, the pictures of George Harrison really stole the performance.  Finally, Yesterday was not only played to perfection, but it was probably the only song in the history of music that Paul could’ve played at that point of the show that would hold all of the emotion the crowd was carrying.  And he did it brilliantly. 

Looking back at the show, I can’t help but think of how unbelievable it was to be in the same room as one of the greatest musicians of all time.  Throughout the night, I kept thinking to myself how lucky I was to be in his presence.  No one single person has ever made me feel so small and insignificant.  The show itself was a complete success, and I didn’t hear one negative thing about it as I was leaving.  I feel that seeing this show has given me something to hold onto since I wasn’t born when the Beatles were around.  Although I could have never seen the Beatles, I still was able to see one of them, and that’s good enough for me.

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