Tiger Woods Will Survive For His Children

Tiger Woods was involved in a near fatal car crash on Tuesday February 23, 2021. The entire sports world collectively held its breath as he endured a 7+ hour long surgery.

Thankfully, it appears that the worst is over and that Tiger is going to survive. While there are still many hurdles to jump (namely, infections) there is a very good chance that he ultimately survives the crash.

I have written about Tiger many many times and there is not much more any of us can say about what he has done for the game of golf.

However as a human being who, like Tiger, has had many ups and downs, I want to send this positivity out into the Universe in the hopes that it helps Tiger to keep things in perspective – the only thing that matters is that he is alive to be a father to his children.

I have been a father for just over 16 months and in that time something amazing has happened. I no longer fear death. I had been going down that path since the existential crisis that followed surviving a house fire, but after the birth of my daughter my life seemed complete. While I do not wish to die, I know that someday I must, I know that I do not control how the Universe unfolds and I am ok with that. However I am not ok with not being there for my daughter. That is the only thought that makes me sad – to think about her growing up without me. As a result surviving to be her father is typically in the front of my mind. I hope Tiger can get to a place where the same is said for him and his children.

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Do Not Hit Children. Or Anyone.

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Photo by Norbert Hentges on Unsplash

As we have seen with football, physical strikes to the head or body are never a net positive.

Understanding that, we should understand that it is never OK to strike another person.

If the undying love for your child is not enough perhaps think of the things above the next time you got to spank, or even worse smack your child.

Sure, parents used to spank/hit their kids “back in my day.” Blah blah blah. In someone’s day “they” also burned people alive and smoked while pregnant.

In TODAY’s world we know better. And today we KNOW that physical blows are a net negative. Do not hit your children. Or animals.

How one could ever spank / smack a child or animal in today’s world (2021) is beyond me. You are not your parents. Smarten up. Be better.

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Protected Classes vs. Ambiguous Identification

Either everyone can identify however they want at any time, or there are protected classes. Those two things are mutually exclusive. There cannot be both.

Personally, I could not care less how another person chooses to identify. If you wish to be a white man, black woman, both, neither or a gender neutral trans gay Flying Spaghetti Monster, be my guest. I simply must note that if one is free to identify however they please, they can simply choose to identify as whatever “protected” group receives the most benefit in that exact situation.

Seems kind of silly, no?! A much better idea would be for all groups to be treated equally always. No need to prop up any one group at the expense of all others.

Just as silly as protecting groups that anyone can join at any time is the idea of modern day art somehow erasing or “culturally appropriating” the past. For example, the hysterically funny hit show “Big Mouth” recently recast a voice actor due to the fact that she was “white” and the voice she was doing was of a “mixed” girl. Let us set aside the fact that race is completely made up, especially for a fictional cartoon character and think about how hypocritical this illogical belief is when trying to reconcile it with say, Lin Manuel Miranda‘s musical masterpiece, Hamilton. In Hamilton, actors play historical (real!) people despite looking nothing like the actual human being who lived and died, and Miranda has won countless praise for his show.

So which is it? Are there protected groups or can anyone join any group at any time? Can “black” actors play “white” politicians or must a “mixed” cartoon be voiced by a “mixed” human? In #100years people will look back at this nonsense and shake their heads!

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Biden Inauguration Day Reminder: All Presidents Sanction Killing Of Innocent Humans

On this historic day when President Joe Biden is inaugurated into office (next to his wife, “Doctor” Jill Biden LOLOLOLOL) try to remember this one simple fact: All American Presidents have sanctioned the murder of innocent humans around the globe.

There is no getting around how profound that statement is so I will say it again: All American Presidents have sanctioned the murder of innocent humans around the globe.

So if you are a “Trump guy” or a “Biden Harris fan” please remember, your guy is as sociopathically evil as a human being can be – no matter how many good intentions they may have. Soon, President Joe Biden will also have blood on his hands, the same as President Trump, President Obama, President Bush, et al. (edit: MORE BLOOD on his hands…he was certainly not innocent of the murders President Obama sanctioned!)

The question is, when will people WAKE UP and realize that the oppressive system of big governmental control is really where they should be directing their frustration and complaints?! It is not the candidate from the left or the candidate from the right – rather the entire system is a corrupt joke where a very small set of “elite” individuals exert their control over the rest of us with the threat of force/imprisonment if we do not comply.

But, freedom?!

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The Backwards Way Society Handles Abortion

In #100years I wonder how society will look back at the humans of today and consider the laws on abortion. In all of our “wisdom” modern day society has somehow determined that the best way to handle unwanted/unexpected babies is to kill them. How in the world anyone with any common sense and decency can think that killing unwanted/unexpected babies the best way to deal with unwanted/unexpected babies is mind bending.

^^^ Innocent baby. And a beautiful little girl.

Is abortion one way to deal with unwanted/unexpected babies? Yes.

Is abortion the only way to deal with unwanted/unexpected babies? No.

Is abortion then best way to deal with unwanted/unexpected babies? No.

Can humans still have control of their bodies while avoiding killing unwanted/unexpected babies? Yes.

How so? Simple: control your body by refraining from intercourse. Unwanted/unexpected babies cannot be created by someone choosing to control their body by choosing not to have intercourse. Anyone willingly choosing to have sex is also well aware of how babies are created and should not be given a free pass to make and kill babies at will. There are plenty of ways to enjoy intimacy with ones partner that do not involve vaginal intercourse. To act otherwise is to be willfully ignorant.

As for the mindless killing of unborn babies I ask the following: Would society allow a person to choose to kill a baby that is one minute out of the womb? Of course not. What about a baby that is just one minute from being delivered? Nope. Now just work backwards from there to see why murder is not the best way to handle unwanted/unexpected babies. You will find that an arbitrary point in time must be chosen to determine “life” and the best point is the point where free humans chose to have vaginal intercourse.

A gigantic part of the problem is the US Government controlled educational system which indoctrinates the youth to believe that an unwanted/unexpected baby will “ruin their life.” Ha! Think about that! “Ruin your life” is such a broad statement that cannot possibly be quantified yet it is spouted off by the pro-choice crowd as if some sort of gospel. Will an unwanted/unexpected pregnancy ruin a 15 year old girl’s life? No. It will certainly make her sophomore year a little different than she may have envisioned, but to think it will “ruin” the next ~60 years of her existence is preposterous! What may “ruin” her life is the rushed, forced, coerced murder she commits at age 15 by those who would have her kill her baby without a second thought and those who do not have to live with that choice. Instead, consider she could have simply been taught about intercourse abstinence. And now, she can simply give up her baby for adoption. There are tens of thousands of families looking to adopt babies. Why is killing these babies even on the table?!

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Let Others Go Ahead Of You

When somebody is in front of you, let them go first! This is so simple and synonymous with many other things such as “treat others how you want to be treated” yet not many people seem to adhere to it.

We all know when someone reaches the door before us. Or a narrow road for a merge on the highway or an intersection or drive-through. Yet sometimes we just have the urge to be first and get by them. Why?!

I am working on training myself to admit if it is clear the other person got there first to let them go. And even if it is a close call who arrived first I am defaulting toward giving the other party the go ahead by politely moving myself and letting them pass by.

To me this willingness to move aside is a sign of an alpha, the ability to let go of my own ego and simply do what is right. It is within my power to allow you to pass, I allow it.

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Columbus Attempting To Further Control Private Citizens

The Columbus City Council is entertaining the idea of further oppressing “sovereign” citizens by restricting landlords (aka women & men who take risks to provide shelter to others) even more than they are already restricted. If this dangerous legislation passes, surely the market will react and certainly in a way that HURTS renters, which is quite ironic considering the Columbus City Council naively believes this legislation will help renters.

This is frustrating but not shocking. Every government attempt to control prices and restrict actions between two “free” parties results in the opposite of what government intended. Minimum wage is the simplest example of this. Thinking that the government, or anything outside of free human choice, can set market prices more efficiently than freedom is as incorrect as it gets.

In this case if Columbus City Council’s legislation is passed, being a landlord becomes much more difficult and less people will want to take the risk to provide housing. With less landlords in the market current landlords will have the ability to raise rents as a result of falling supply. Renters are worse off with both less housing options and higher prices for the options they do have. This is just one example of how the proposed legislation will have detrimental effects to those it is supposed to help.

Landlords are not looking for reasons to kick people out. Landlords are not looking for reasons not to rent to people. Nearly all landlords are just like nearly all renters: good people who are trying to do the right thing. The government does not need to get involved in this transaction between what are supposed to be two “free” adults. The best thing Columbus City Council could do is scrap this proposed legislation and look for existing legislation that similarly hurts where it is supposed to help, then scrap that too. The result will be a better situation for renters and landlords alike, encouraging development and driving down prices!

I respectfully implore that Councilmember Shayla Favor and their associates reconsider this proposal. I would be happy to help educate and further explain why this proposal will certainly end up making things worse for renters and landlords alike. Contact me any time.

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Playlist Of Positivity & Inspiration Hits 200 Songs!

WAKE UP! It is time you subscribe to this playlist of positivity and inspiration on Spotify or YouTube. Music is very important, now more than ever, and this eclectic playlist is sure to have you bobbing along or outright dancing where you stand! Enjoy!

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If We Could Act Based On How We Vote

Americans are presently stuck in this crazy system where basically 51% of people exercise their will over 49% of people. No matter who one citizen voted for, they must obey the laws, rules and regulations set forth by the winning candidate. In #100years humans will look back in awe at how stupid those people were who thought 51 vs 49 to be a good system.

But what if choosing one person to rule over all was not the point of voting? What if voting simply set one’s preference for the laws, rules and regulations they must follow for themselves? For example, if the Democrat candidate advocates for 50% taxes and the Republican candidate advocates for 25% taxes and the Libertarian candidate advocates for 5% taxes, we pay the % corresponding to how we voted.

Do you think anyone would vote for the candidates pushing for higher taxation?! Me either. Instead of choosing an Overlord to rule over us all, why not consider a system where we vote with our wallets instead of pushing forward an agenda that oppresses millions?!

In 2020 people are quite polarized with Donald Trump & Joe Biden but all of those passionate souls are failing to ask the right questions about the system in general. People get so caught up in proving that “their way” is best they fail to think critically about why they are even arguing in the first place. As a result of each side digging in to prove their point society ends up perpetually plagued by the same cycles of ignorance where one of two political parties exerts their will over the unhappy masses.

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Aged Like Milk? Election 2020 Prediction

Call me crazy (they did in 2016) but I predict that President Donald Trump will win a second term in the 2020 election. I believe that Trump will defeat Joe Biden, fairly soundly, and that a concession / definitive results will come much sooner than the media is predicting.

For the record, the consensus is that Joe Biden is the heavy favorite, just days before the election. However I am using my eyes and common sense and my intuition tells me that the consensus is dead wrong.

Will this post age like milk? We shall see!

Of course, I am not a fan of Trump – or Biden, however they are part of the same sick joke that is “democracy” in the United States and unfortunately one of them will be making the rules for the next 4 years.

What a shame that the Libertarian Party, the group of people most interested in removing oppression, reducing taxes and eliminating government waste, is so bad at gaining traction and creating a following online. If only the LP had a charming, outgoing, energetic pair they could present now to gain traction for 2024… #butfreedom.

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