Society Hates Guns But Loves Nerf?!

In a time where mass shootings are the norm in one country I find it strange, ironic, disappointing and confusing that so many people are seemingly OK with toy guns.

Think about it: Guns. As toys.

“Hey everyone, let’s have some good old-fashioned fun and play with guns!”

“Let’s shoot each other with fast-moving projectiles that we can pretend are real life deadly bullets!”

Sounds a little crazy, doesn’t it?

Yet that’s the world we live in. Check the NERF aisle of your local Target or Wal-Mart. Check out the number of toy gun and toy ammunition options. There are even accessories like extra magazines, belts, vests, masks, goggles and more. Lots more. $400,000,000 more. I wonder how much of that $400m those smiley children got paid to pose for the picture on the box the gun comes in. “Look at me, I’m having fun playing with guns!”

I’m not sure guns as toys is a good idea. Heck, I’m not even sure that police need real guns (they go without in many places on Earth) and I’m very sure police should never shoot first.

Yet when the next mass shooting occurs (or at least the next to get news coverage) I wonder how many people will lament it just before playing Nerf War in their home?!

Full disclosure: I play Nerf War with my nephews. It’s a ton of fun, and I obviously dominate. I understand that magically eliminating guns will not solve the true problems that plague society. That is also why I educate my nephews while we play, hoping that they will not turn into the bad people who are at the root of society’s problems, guns or no guns.

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#RequiredReading: Own The Day

Few books have had as much of a positive impact on my life as Aubrey Marcus’ “Own the Day.” Buy it right now.


Stop reading this post and click this link and buy the book in your preferred format (I prefer Kindle + Audible).


Ok, you’re back and you’ve purchased the book. Congratulations!

I cannot recommend this book highly enough. Like all books on my #RequiredReading list this book has helped to guide and educate me in ways that are hard to put into words…except for the authors of those books! Do not take my word for it. READ THE BOOK!

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#RequiredReading: You Are The Placebo

There are a few (crucial must-read life-changing) books that I listen to or read over and over and over.

You Are The Placebo: Making Your Mind Matter by Dr. Joe Dispenza is now on that list. Dr. Joe has many books worth reading and I am looking forward to them all!


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WAKE UP! The Playlist To Get You Moving!

Just about a year ago I debuted the WAKE UP! playlist on YouTube & Spotify. Be sure to click ‘subscribe’ so you can also enjoy these rockin’ vibes!

Since the original version of this playlist debuted I have continued to add songs and tinker with the order. Today we rock 35 songs and continue to look for music that fits with the flow of this list.

The original list was meant for early morning to “get out of bed and start feeling GREAT!” I have since realized that I enjoy listening to the list on shuffle any time of day! The random factor is a muse…I might just be sitting at my desk and a song will come on that will get me out of my chair, free dancing like a maniac, feeling amazing! The energy that music can give off is spectacular if you let yourself absorb it and feel it. That inspiration cannot come if the room is silent!


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There Are No Annoying People

There is no such thing as an annoying person.

There is only your decision to be annoyed.

(not my original thought, though it is one I try to live by!)

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Pelotonia 2018: Riding For L Brands!

Pelotonia 2018 will mark my 7th consecutive ride for #onegoal: end cancer! I am proud to continue to support this grass-roots movement that began in Columbus and has since raised over $150m for the cause!

Since my first ride in 2012 I have proudly ridden for Stefanie’s Team of Hope, the single highest fundraising non-corporate peloton involved! If you are considering riding, this is the peloton for you!

Starting in 2018, I am proud to announce I will be riding for L Brands International / LaSenza! (click here to donate to my ride) At a fortuitous 2013 fundraising event for Pelotonia 2013 I somehow convinced a pretty young blonde woman to give me her phone number. We got married in June 2017 and as a result I am eligible to ride for her L Brands peloton.

Why is this significant?!

L Brands MATCHES the fundraising efforts of it’s riders! I am now able to do 2x the damage as all of the funds I raise will be doubled by L Brands!

Now more than ever you should think about contributing & forwarding to your friends. With YOUR help, we can defeat cancer! #dontalmostgive

Our 2018 goal = $3,001. Click here to donate to my ride!! Thank you for your consideration!


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A Solution To Police Shootings: Change The Rules Of Engagement

Should police be granted exclusive right to the use of force? Should police be provided solely by government? These are questions for another time.

The sad truth is that we live in a world where the police are agents of the government. The government provides them an outdated code in which they believe they are allowed to use lethal force if they fear for their safety whether that fear is justified or not

I do not disagree that if any public police or private human is in imminent danger they should be able to protect themselves against that danger, even if it means using lethal force against the threat.

However, I do disagree that a simple perception of danger is not a high enough standard. Thinking that someone has a gun is not enough to justify shooting first! 

The police should be held to a code where they cannot shoot first.

The rules of engagement must provide that police cannot fire until fired upon.

Following this code would ensure that no one is shot for holding a cell phone or a toy gun (toy guns = future essay, don’t get me started!)

If you choose to be a police officer you must accept that you may find your self in dangerous situations that do not allow you to use lethal force until lethal force has been directed at you. If you find this unacceptable you do not have to choose a career in law enforcement!

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Forget The Official World Golf Rankings. Tiger Woods Is The #1 Golfer On Earth Right Now.

Tiger Woods has done more for the world of golf since 1997 than basically all other golfers combined.  Fans like myself have missed him, dreaming of the day he returns and is competitive with today’s younger stars.

It looks like (knock on wood) our wish has come true! After a hiatus that basically began in 2009 and culminated in retirement chatter in late 2017, Tiger Woods is back! For real this time. After a T-2 at the 2018 Valspar Championship in March 2018 expectations are through the roof. And for good reason!

Tiger hit the ball so well at the Valspar and got very few breaks. At least a half-dozen chips nearly went in. Double that number of putts burned the edge. Numerous Par 5s were not dominated as they likely will be next time. Had Tiger gotten a break or two he could have won the Valspar by 3 or 4 shots, or more!

Tiger Woods at the 2018 Valspar Championship Image = Getty Images

The Official World Golf Rankings list Tiger as #149 in the world after his T-2 at Valspar Championship, a number that both fans and critics of the god superstar are clinging to. I for one think it’s impressive considering he was as low as 1,199 not too long ago.

But I must point out that these rankings are incredibly flawed! Tiger Woods is not the #149 golfer in the world. Tiger Woods is the #1 golfer in the world!

I don’t care what some point system tells me. I care what my eyes and brain tell me. And after watching every shot of every round Tiger has played this year my eyes and my brain tell me that there’s no one on Earth I’d rather have golfing in my corner.


Let’s have a one on one contest where we each pick a present day golfer to play a round for us to the death! Give me the first pick and here’s how it’s going to go:

Nick, instantly: “Tiger Woods”.

Your move.

Who are you going to pick?! Sure there is plenty of talent out there. Not just talent, either. Insanely good talent! But behind all of that talent is a human being. And that human being is not Tiger Woods. That human being does not have 79 wins or 14 majors. That human being has not routinely competed under the highest of pressure.

Plainly said, that human being in a one on one match with today’s Tiger Woods, would be an underdog.

Now, let’s say you have the first pick, but you got to read this essay before picking.

Who do you pick?!?!

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Letting Down Dale #DaleFail

Hey boys!

Dale. DaleDale. Dale.

If you live a #DaleApproved life you will be at peace and likely have many true friends.

If you do things that Dale would not approve of, well life may not be as fun and easy for you.  You might not know you’re letting Dale down. You might not even realize how much better your life can be.

You are committing a #DaleFail, perhaps many, and you might not even know it.


Some would say that pointing out a #DaleFail is a #DaleFail itself. I am up in the air on it but I see the point. Personally, if I am committing a #DaleFail I hope someone brings it up to me! I also hope I react properly, count to ten if needed, think about what they are saying and process the information without bias. I’d rather know I’m #DaleFailing so I can stop versus continuing to #DaleFail!


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Why Is There No Shortage Of Unnatural Death?

It’s 2018 but sadly no one bats an eye at the idea of unnatural death.

Stop and ask yourself: why do people die outside of natural causes? Does it not seem a bit odd that despite the combined technological achievements of all mankind, society still seems to accept unnatural deaths as a normal way of life?!

This is insane!

Drug overdoses, gun related deaths, car crashes…these are all completely avoidable!

In my idea of a progressed society an unnatural death would be so rare if one happened it would be announced with a canon and broadcast worldwide, in the sky, for all to see. 


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