Get The Government Out Of Schools!

There is some really good material at the end of this Peter Schiff podcast focusing on getting the government out of the educational system! Skip to the :48 minute mark to listen for yourself! (Be better, keep an open mind!)

Peter does a great job pointing out that virtually every single government led program is inefficient, wasteful and sub parwhy do we think that education is any different?! Think about it: you want the government in charge of educating your kids? The same government that closes down & runs trillion-dollar deficits? WHY?! Would you hire a bankrupt financial advisor to teach you about finance?!

Immediately skeptics want to (incorrectly) point out that the poorest among us would be excluded from a free market “pay only” educational system.

There are at least two huge problems with this illogical thinking!

First, it’s not fair to assume that education would cost anything if left to the free market. For example, how much do you pay Google to use their email servers and search engine? Probably the same amount I’m paying WordPress to host my essays: $0. In the year 1995 when AOL cost $50/mo for 2 hours of super slow internet browsing had someone told you it would all be unlimited super fast and super affordable in the near future you likely would have been skeptical. And, with the benefit of hindsight, you would have been wrong. Free market is not synonymous with expensive or exclusive!

Second, the poorest among us already pay for education. We all do – through property taxes. Anyone of us that owns a piece of real estate pays taxes on that real estate and most of those taxes are used to fund public schools.  For those of us who rent, we indirectly foot the bill by paying higher rents than we would if our landlord’s taxes were lower. If our landlord could pay less in taxes, she could offer our rental at a lower rate, and we could use that savings to pay for education (if needed) and more! If our landlord chooses to pocket the savings and keep our rent high, we can vote with our wallet and rent from her competitor. Free market competition is the only thing that will keep costs as low as possible for us!

A world without a government led educational system is possible. If we truly believe that government led programs are the best for us all, would we not be relying on the government to feed and cloth us as well? To provide us all high paying jobs with great benefits? NO! The government is not here to provide for us! Government is meant to protect individual liberties!

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The Best Way To Win An Argument

What is the best way to win an argument? Easy…avoid arguments in the first place!

As Dale has taught us, there is no good that can come from arguing our point of view. Instead of listening to us, our “opponents” will usually dig-in to their side and begin looking for ways to shoot down our points. More on Dale here & here.

As for argument winning, The Daily Stoic agrees! Below is a copy of their passage from todays email. I highly recommend signing up for their short daily emails for more helpful reminders about how to view the world around us.

One suspects Marcus Aurelius was referring to a particularly frustrating person, some opponent who just would not, or could not, get the message, when he wrote:

“You can hold your breath until you’re blue in the face and they’ll just go on doing it.”

There’s an American expression along those same lines: “Never wrestle with a pig. You just get dirty and the pig enjoys it.”

Both these pieces of advice are worth remembering for the inevitable moments that we find ourselves in conflict or at cross purposes with one of those nutty, obnoxious, stubborn jerks that make up a certain percentage of the population. Although it’s tempting to fight and argue with them, it rarely ends well, because you can’t beat someone with nothing to lose, and it’s impossible to reason someone out of a position they didn’t reason themselves into in the first place.

It takes great skill to identify irrationality and emotional reactions in other people. It takes a lot of confidence to avoid battling with someone acting out of ego. It requires patience to endure their onslaughts and put up with them in your midst

But if you can, you’ll preserve your happiness and live a much less stressful life. It’s not your job to change other people—and even it were, crazy doesn’t want to be changed. Learn how to walk away. Learn how to de-escalate. Learn how to let other people be themselves and you just do you. It’s a much easier life, you can count on that.

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New Year, New You?

Here are some links for you to make 2019 your best year yet!

Music to inspire you any time of day!

Look forward!

Thoughts to help you through the daily struggles of life!


Do not let Dale down!

Be better than your previous self!

Don’t worry, be happy!

Live a meaningful life!

Clear your cache and reset your mental health!

Further reading: essays on improving our lives!






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The Lifestyle Of An Entrepreneur #RequiredReading

I cannot say much more than Chris Jourdan says in his exquisite essay on the psychological warfare of being an entrepreneur.

I’m sharing Chris’ essay in the hopes that it can help at least one person as much as it has helped me. Block off fifteen minutes and give it a read.

If Chris’ writing helps or inspires you I encourage you to pass it along to anyone in your circle who might benefit from his words.

Mental health has been the elephant in the room for far too long. Let’s change that. When we share our struggles and speak up about ways to overcome those struggles we will help others, which in turn helps ourselves.


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Celebrating Hefner Nicastro!

They say a dog is a man’s best friend.

They are wrong.

Our dog, Hefner Nicastro, was our best family.

Hefner Nicastro

December 1, 2004 – November 28, 2018

Last week on the evening of Wednesday, November 28, 2018, Hefner peacefully went to rest with the Universe, just two days shy of his 14th birthday. Hefner was lucky that nature and his body told him it was time to go, free from any of the pain that would be caused by his Addison’s Disease, Heart Disease, Transitional Cell Carcinoma and newly discovered pneumonia.

Hefner battled these ailments and others for fourteen amazing years with nothing but dignity and the unconditional love only a dog can give you. Hefner enjoyed a life full of playing, traveling, dogparks, and of course plenty of treats! When Hef could not travel with us, he loved staying at Puptown Lounge where everyone on staff treated him like family! Hefner was a regular at the Ohio State Veterinary Medical Center, visiting at least once every 5 weeks for help with Addison’s. As a result he was well-known, well-loved and super spoiled by the staff!

Hefner was surrounded with love and tears by Nick, Jamie, Aunt Gina, and his cousins, Frankie and Lola, shortly before his passing. After a hospital stay on Monday, by Wednesday we knew he didn’t have much more time with us in the physical form (he will live on forever in the digital form). We are lucky that nature was kind, sparing Hef from a slow and painful death and instead giving him the peace and comfort of choosing when he’d go.

Hefner with mom and dad on the evening of November 28, 2018, the night he chose to move on

Hefner Nicastro was born December 1, 2004, and came into our lives just a few weeks later. I have yet to receive a better Christmas gift.

Dec 2014, one month old

Dec 2014, one month old

Dec 2014, one month old

Dec 2014, one month old

For the next 14 years, Hefner would be the best dog a man could ask for. Working from home, he was by my side nearly every minute of every day. Typing this now it’s hard for me to believe he’s not here now.

For the past week I have mourned and grieved and smiled and laughed, taking my time to watch videos and look at old pictures of Hefner. These pics and videos helped ease my sadness, showing me that my dog had a long and action packed life.

However Hefner wasn’t the luckiest one in the relationship. We were. Jamie and I and everyone who loved Hef have done nothing to have earned the time we spent with such a smart, loving, creative dog, with a personality that was one of a kind. I look back at these photos and I’m truly thankful for every minute Hef was by my side.

I have had my moments in the past week and aside from the night Hef passed on, this is the toughest of them yet. I am relying on my stoic philosophy to avoid constant breakdowns, reminding myself that I never had a choice in the matter – Hefner would someday pass on – as will I and everyone who ever knew me.

My psychologist reminded me not to overdo it with the stoicism, that grieving is a natural and important process. It’s ok to be sad. It’s ok to cry. It’s ok if I don’t have a huge appetite. These are all normal things a week after the huge loss of such a loved companion. My life story is changing, not necessarily for good or bad, just different. And that’s ok too.

I never liked looking at other people’s posts when their animals have passed away. It always made me go to a sad place where I’d dwell on the inevitable fate that would someday come for us all. However a good friend reminded me through his open letter to his ailing dog that it’s not about us, it’s about them. Since Hefner passed I have realized that he deserves this post and his photo album. Sure they were hard for me to write/compile but it’s not about me, it’s what Hefner earned in his 14 years on planet Earth being man’s best family.

I am forever grateful that we got to tell you how much we love you and how much we will miss you, Hef. There has never been a dog more loving or loved. Thank you for being you.

Your humans, Nick & Jamie

December 2006

Hefner with Frankie, Lola & Spike, winter 2013

12th birthday, December 2016

With Aunt GG, November 28, 2018

Tearing up the car looking for a missing treat!

9th birthday, December 2013

Spring 2017

January 2011

10th birthday, December 2014

Fall 2017

April 2007

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Slow Down. Carefully Consider.

As Dale has taught us, most people love to talk. They usually do so too much and at the wrong time.

Most of the time we should be listening. When it is our time to speak or we have been asked a direct question the common reaction is to race through the green light as fast as possible.

Elon Musk reminds us that when it’s our time to speak, we should slow down and carefully consider what we are going to say. Elon doesn’t talk about this directly, he shows it in his actions. Check out the video – it’s not stalling – Elon really takes 10 seconds plus to start speaking after being a asked a question! My guess is that during that time he’s processing the question, analyzing the data and going over a draft of what he wants to vocalize, simultaneously.

This is inspiring behavior that we can all learn from!

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“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.”

-John F. Kennedy



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The Worst Kinds Of Jokes

Republicans are a joke. Democrats are a joke. Countries are a joke. Nationalism is a joke.

The humans of 100 years in the future are going to look back and wonder how the people of 2018 could be so dumb.

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Spotify + YouTube Playlist For ALL!

No matter who you are or where you are at in life, my WAKE UP! playlist is for you!

Spotify | YouTube

After today’s update WAKE UP! is at 65 carefully selected songs, each with a different and important meaning sure to positively impact you, sometimes when you least expect it (and perhaps need it most!)

I enjoy listening to WAKE UP! in the morning and sometimes at random times of the day, often on shuffle. Be sure to subscribe so you can easily find the playlist and pass along to your friends and family and anyone who enjoys positive vibes! Enjoy!

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The Daily Stoic

Be sure to check out and bookmark it for regular visits! From here you can follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well!

I also recommend their store at where you can find awesome coins and prints (Memento Mori, Amor Fati, The Obstacle Is The Way and more!)

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