#RequiredReading: Weapons Of Mass Instruction By John Taylor Gatto

Welcome John Taylor Gatto and his masterpiece, Weapons of Mass Instruction, to my list of #RequiredReading.

This book is a MUST READ for all, especially us parents, as it brilliantly condemns the way it’s been public educational system that plagues the United States. Gatto pleads with parents to take responsibility for our children’s education versus blindly following the state-sponsored schooling system.

Educators at every level should read this book and inspire their colleagues to read it too. Do not take my word, take the author’s! After all, he was only a widely acclaimed & respected educator for ~30 years!

You do not have to have a career in education to benefit from Gatto’s work. Anyone with a desire to become a wiser human being should add Weapons of Mass Instruction to their permanent collection and revisit its thesis often.

Below are a few of my favorite bits of wisdom from Gatto, but these quotes are just scratching the surface! In his books, including Weapons of Mass Instruction, Gatto easily explains how the educational system in the United States is broken, and implores that we take matters into our own hands to fix it.

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No One Has A Right To Patronize A Private Business

Karens are the worst. Unfortunately, beliefs like the ones shown by the insane lady in the video are a common mistake. People believing they have constitutional rights in other people’s private businesses is simply false. Freedom works both ways…after all, is not the business owner also entitled to the same freedom as the whiny Karen? If both humans are entitled to be free then the owner of the business would trump any customer…it is his business after all! If customers get to dictate how a free human must run their business, that is not freedom at all. It is closer to slavery….one person exerting their unilateral control over another. There is nothing free about that.

The government created this common illogical belief by allowing for “protected classes” when in reality freedom actually means that private businesses should have the right to discriminate however they see fit, just like private consumers do all day every day when they pick and choose how and where to spend their money. We vote with our wallet every day when we choose where to shop. If we do not like the look of a store, or its owner or employees, we are quite free to refrain from willingly handing them our money. Why should it be any different for a store owner to have the freedom of choice when it comes to handing over her goods and services?

A common retort to this is that certain classes need protected. For example, an opponent of freedom might say that if a shop owner hates bald men (yours truly) and discriminates against bald men, the result would be that bald men would not be able to patronize their store.


No soup for you!

If a business owner was stupid enough to broadcast their prejudices, it would likely be awful for their business. Not only would I not want to patronize their store as a hated bald man, but many others would likely follow suit, not wanting to shop where someone is vocal about their hatred of some arbitrary group. This may lead to such a decline in business that the shop owner could no longer afford to discriminate, forcing him to change his policy, in spite of his personal beliefs. However if he could keep the lights on and run his business while being a vocal bigot, more power to him. That is his right, and other bigots could happily shop in his store, while me and other lovers of liberty would happily give our money to a different store. If the bigot had the market cornered on whatever he is selling an opportunity would present itself and the free market would solve for that opportunity, with new non-bald-men-hating stores surely to start to pop up. That is how free markets work…they are always the best allocator of resources and the most efficient way to solve for demand.

While I would not choose to discriminate as a store owner, and you may not either, it is our right. It has to be for freedom and liberty to truly work! People must be free to hate, free to discriminate and free to run their business however they want. Of course, no one is free to physically act out on their hatred, and one person’s freedom to swing their arms in the air ends at another person’s face. This is basic morality and should be common sense to virtually everyone considering it is the year 2020. Unfortunately, even in 2020, common sense can be quite rare, especially for the Karens of the world.

Be better than that. Do not be a Karen.

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Do Not Thank People For Doing Their Job

It has become quite popular to thank people to do the job they chose. Why is this? Bravery & courage are not things that describe us doing our job. Bravery & courage are gained by doing uncomfortable things we did not chose to do.

People act in their own self interest and secure the best job their skills will allow them to hold. So why do so many jump on the “thank a (insert career here)” bandwagon?

I think those who offer the thanks are ignorant to the fact that most people do not want thanked for doing their job. It’s their job. It’s what they are supposed to do.

I cannot recall the comic (Chris Rock perhaps?) who had a great bit about a guy who said things like (paraphrasing) “I ain’t never been to jail” and the comic would retort “you aren’t supposed to go to jail!” or “I take care of my kids” which would be rebutted with “you’re supposed to take care of your kids!”

Thanking us for doing what we are supposed to do as basic human decency seems silly. Perhaps a better way to show gratitude would be to simply offer a smile and words like “I appreciate you”.

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Why Do Small Things The Right Way?

It is obvious (or at least it should be) for humans to do the major things the right way. Treat others how you want to be treated, and take care of yourself.

But what about the small things that no one else will ever notice? Why take our time to do those properly? After all it is much simpler to just take the easy route and go on with your day.

The reason we should aim to do everything the right way is obvious when we ask ourselves one simple question: “What happens when this action is scaled to all of society throughout all of time?”

In other words, while it may seem like “no big deal” to simply toss that tiny piece of trash on the ground (think: cigarette butt, bottle cap, etc.) these are not so small when you consider scaling up to all humans ever. If every human took the attitude that “this is just one small lie” or “one tiny piece of trash” the world would quickly become overrun with lies & litter!

We must consider all humans everywhere, and our Mother Earth, when we make decisions. Regardless if anyone will ever see what we are doing, we must understand that by doing things the right way, we are helping to scale virtue in the world, instead of helping scale in a negative way.

While we cannot (and should not desire to) control the actions of others, we can (and should) control our own actions. And that starts with doing things right. Always.

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If We Ruled The World: My Way Compared To Your Way

If I were king….I would want you to make your own decisions and control your own life. (aka, freedom)

If you were king…You would want to make decisions for me and you believe you know what is best for me, therefore you would control some (or all) aspects of my life. (aka, slavery)

Now, who is the crazy one here? Who is the oppressor? Who is the slave owner?

It sure as hell is not me!


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Thoughts On Government Intervention

A huge problem in society today is that people are educated by the government and taught that they should rely on the government, which is fundamentally untrue and quite harmful to the individual (no one will ever care more about you than you!)

Then in cases like COVID-19 when the government actually gives good advice (stay home), many choose not to listen. Go figure.

In #100years humans will look back and wonder how the humans of today could be so ignorant and naive, for this and many, many other reasons.

Do not be one of the ignorant humans. Think for yourself. Take in as much information as possible from multiple sources and come to your own conclusions. Be better.

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Music For Quarantine

COVID-19 is a coronavirus that is changing the world. There is not much we can do about it, quarantined or not, aside from focusing on what we can control.

One thing we can control is the music we listen to and the mood it puts us in. Enter my WAKE UP! playlist – music that is guaranteed to help you feel GREAT!

Subscribe on Spotify or YouTube, turn your speakers up and let the music take you away. Be sure to share with your friends and family and anyone in need of a mood booster. I prefer to listen to the playlist on shuffle as the perfect song for me often pops up at just the right time. Give it a try!

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How Do You Want To Be Remembered After COVID-19?

COVID-19 is a coronavirus that is a pandemic sweeping the globe. This is the time our families need us to be clear headed leaders.

These are unprecedented times. How do you want to remember yourself handling them?

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I have a suspicion that I will be writing about this in the future in more depth but for now I must ask a simple question:

If we possess the ability to create healthy foods, that look, feel and taste the same as traditional animal foods, while providing the same or greater nutrition, with the same or lesser risks, without slaughtering animals, why do we choose slaughter?

To clarify, I am NOT talking about plant based “meat”. While that can be an option for many who do not want to consume animal products, I am talking about creating actual meat, in a laboratory, that is indistinguishable from the meat taken from the dead body of a once living thing, a being.

Surely there was a time that mankind had no option but to slaughter animals for food, however that time has passed. We now possess the ability to create these foods without harvesting and slaughtering animals. It seems criminally insane (way it’s been) to continue slaughter when slaughter is clearly not necessary.

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Universal Basic Income (UBI) For All? Why Not Universal Basic Education For All?!

I find it sadly funny that there is a healthy debate on universal basic income with some people saying that everyone should get free money and other people arguing against it.

I do not hear ANY people on the side of universal basic education. This is crazy considering education is the most powerful thing one can acquire. After all, money does not solve problems. Just giving a poor person money may help them in the short term but it also might simply enable them to continue their poor spending and (lack of) savings habits. For the record I do not advocate for the government to provide this education. I believe the free market will do what free markets do: fulfill needs.

If we give people education, by definition, we literally teach them to be better and not to have poor savings and poor spending habits. Jesus Christ supposedly said: Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime!

Universal basic income will only feed a person for a day. Free money or no free money, they will still lack the basic skills to run a household above the poverty line. To feed them for a lifetime, they need educated on how to acquire skills.


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