Racism Is Bad But Nationalism Is Not?!

#ShowerThought: Racism is bad but Nationalism is not?!

We live in a world where virtually anyone with a brain agrees that racism (think, segregation, slaves) is 100% unacceptable based on the sound logic that all humans are equal in the eyes of “race” and none should be persecuted based on such insane divisiveness. (not to mention that race does not really exist)

Yet somehow many humans (nearly all Americans I observe) do not see the correlation between Nationalism and Racism – they all think there is nothing wrong with segregating any non-Americans from Americans. They do not agree that all humans are equal in the eyes of “nationality” and they do persecute based on their own divisiveness.

This. Is. Insane.

For a quick reminder, take our one question quiz, Are You A Nationalist? I bet you are not.

100 years from now the enlightened humans of 2119 will be looking back wondering how so many people could be so blind and ultimately, hateful?! After all, every single decision we have can be put into one of just two categories: is it all encompassing love or is it not? Nationalism, on any level, is certainly not all encompassing love.

#100years #butfreedom

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2 Responses to Racism Is Bad But Nationalism Is Not?!

  1. Exactly. Any group thinking comes with the same problems. Thanks for sharing

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  2. Nationalism is just one side of a coin (dice). Shortening the comment here, based on the group thinking, there are 5 other counterparts, as I listed out in the post ‘Where is the border lined ?’


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