Open Letter To Ohio’s Leaders: Bring Us A Tesla Gigafactory & Take All Of The Credit For Yourself!

A Tesla Gigafactory in Ohio would be a dream come true for all!

Open Letter To the Government of the State of Ohio:

With Intel committing over $20B (TWENTY BILLION DOLLARS!) to the State of Ohio in what is surely the single largest economic impact in the history of our State, I call on you to court Tesla to do the same! Ohio has the land and could easily create a business friendly structure to incentivize Tesla to build a one of a kind, first in class Gigafactory here in central Ohio!

As Elon Musk recently pointed out, Tesla will need 10 to 12 factories to achieve their ultimate production goals by the end of the decade. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for Ohio to secure one of those factories which would bring tens of thousands of jobs and billions in revenue into Ohio. 

As the leaders of the State of Ohio, you know that Intel’s investment could top $100B if the stars align. Tesla could easily match or surpass that given its lofty goals of producing 20M units/year by the end of this decade. I call on you as leaders in the State of Ohio to ruthlessly pursue Tesla at all costs. It should be quite easy to incentivize the manufacturer considering Intel has already done the due diligence that proves that our area is perfect for building modern day manufacturing plants at a massive scale!

As Tesla will see when they start to seriously investigate Ohio, Central Ohio is a dream from a logistical standpoint in terms of easily receiving raw materials and easily shipping a finished product. From Central Ohio, Tesla will reach hundreds of millions of North Americans within a 1-2 day drive. Do not just take my word for it! Obviously use the due diligence provided by Intel (is that some sort of pun?!) and other companies such as California-based Pharmavite, LLC, which makes Nature Made & MegaFood brand products. Or, check with ABC6 as they track the flow of companies who are realizing what I am screaming from the mountaintop: Ohio is a great option for manufacturing!

I am happy to volunteer my time & efforts to help make an Ohio Gigafactory a reality but I alone cannot lead the charge. The State of Ohio must pursue this opportunity immediately! Time is of the essence Tesla plans to announce at least one new factory location by the end of this year. Missing out on this opportunity would not only be a step back to Ohioans but it will certainly advance whatever neighboring state does end up recruiting the world’s most innovative company. And there is a State “up North” that is also kind of perfect for Tesla…

In closing I remind the leaders from Ohio and from Tesla to feel free to contact me any time to help make a Tesla Gigafactory Ohio a reality!

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