Walking Back My Initial Thoughts On Cryptocurrency

Previously I have written about how Bitcoin Bulls are blinded (still true) and how wild it is to put all of one’s eggs in the basket of an anonymous founder (also still true).

However, I have since realized there is one HUGE aspect of cryptocurrency that I may not have understood or at the least failed to give enough thought to: freedom!

After exploring Etherium, Solana and yes, even Bitcoin (amongst many others), I have realized the huge redeeming quality of these “assets”: freedom for one to facilitate the transfer of goods & services without governmental restriction (although ironically, I must mention that Bitcoin is not often used for cryptocurrency in the NFT / web3 world. Go figure.)

Once I realized that more crypto = more freedom, well, you could say I was happy to note my “discovery” and correct (some of) my initial thoughts.

Am I embarrassed or hesitant to admit a change in my thinking? Absolutely not! Having the ability to learn, evolve and understand things better is a key requirement of anyone who seeks to be the best version of their self possible! Much like admitting my love for psychotherapy while others find that kind of talk to be taboo, I am proud to admit when I have learned and changed my mind. You should be, too!

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