Government Schools Are Good?

Why are we forced to give tax dollars to support schools without choice of school? Why can we not just vote with our wallet and choose to direct our funds as we see fit as sovereign humans?

Since the government forces us to pay taxes and forces us into school districts, they are limiting our freedom to choose – and when choices are limited, people are naturally going to speak up (on all sides of all issues.)

Think of it like this: if you have the freedom to choose what school your kids go to, you are a lot less likely to voice complaints since you chose the school. After all, you could just vote with your wallet and choose to leave. This also gives schools a large incentive to be GREAT – they have to be in order to keep your business. With no threat of competition, businesses (in this case, schools) have little to no incentive to be GREAT.

Since we do not have that freedom of choice of school, people likely feel like their backs are against the wall – they are forced to send their kids to a school where they may not agree with some of the curriculum. It is not obvious to me that this is the best way to handle education.

John Taylor Gatto had a great book that can further enlighten – I highly recommend to anyone who is interested in the subject. In any case I like to remind everyone that educating your children falls on you. In its current form, the government provides schooling, not education. These are two entirely different things.

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