#RequiredReading: Weapons Of Mass Instruction By John Taylor Gatto

Welcome John Taylor Gatto and his masterpiece, Weapons of Mass Instruction, to my list of #RequiredReading.

This book is a MUST READ for all, especially us parents, as it brilliantly condemns the way it’s been public educational system that plagues the United States. Gatto pleads with parents to take responsibility for our children’s education versus blindly following the state-sponsored schooling system.

Educators at every level should read this book and inspire their colleagues to read it too. Do not take my word, take the author’s! After all, he was only a widely acclaimed & respected educator for ~30 years!

You do not have to have a career in education to benefit from Gatto’s work. Anyone with a desire to become a wiser human being should add Weapons of Mass Instruction to their permanent collection and revisit its thesis often.

Below are a few of my favorite bits of wisdom from Gatto, but these quotes are just scratching the surface! In his books, including Weapons of Mass Instruction, Gatto easily explains how the educational system in the United States is broken, and implores that we take matters into our own hands to fix it.

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