You Cannot Change The People Around You

“You cannot change the people around you.
But you can change the people around you.”

Not my original saying, but then again, what is original these days?!

As we age we will change and our friends and family will change with us. Some for better, some not. Take an open, honest appraisal of who is in your life and what influence they have. Then work on surrounding yourself with humans that share your values. If you want to be a good, moral person, surround yourself with good, moral people. If people around you are immoral (or worse), limit or eliminate your time with them. While not difficult in theory, so many of us hang on to toxic relationships when we know they are not good for us. On the flip side, often times we know people who “have it together” yet we are afraid to get closer to them. These are both mistakes!

If you see someone who ostensibly has their isht together, ask if you can buy them a coffee and pick their brain. Who knows, they might just be willing to share some best practices with you. People who are seeing the ball clearly often like to help.

Along those same lines, if we are the average of the people in our circle, do not be afraid to talk to someone who might be bringing down your average. The person may have fallen into a rut without even knowing it. In any case, as a true friend it is your job to ask and help any way you can. If your help is not wanted, it may be time to remove that person from the circle, at least temporarily.

Life is too short to spend it with low quality people. Strive to be better.

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