An Easy Way To Understand Taxes Are Nonsense: Voluntary Taxation

I never understand how people can advocate for increasing the taxes that other people pay.  You want to pay more of your money? Fine, go for it! (I bet you will not!) To me, directing how someone else spends their time or money is tantamount to being a slave owner – directing the actions of an otherwise sovereign human being? GTFO.

One easy way to understand how much nonsense virtually all forms of taxation are is to ask yourself this question: would you pay 100% of each tax levied against you if it were completely voluntary? 

This includes your income tax (likely 10%-50% of your earnings), sales taxes (~7.5% of all purchases), real estate tax (if you own property you know how high can be), social security taxes, estate taxes, and more.

Now ask yourself, would the vast majority of people pay the insanely unjust taxes levied against them if payment were completely voluntary?

If you believe the answer is ‘yes’ then there is no need to force all humans to pay taxes at gunpoint (read: they will put you in a steel cage if you do not pay taxes!)

If you believe the answer is ‘no’ you are starting to understand how unjust and oppressive todays taxes are.

To add salt to the wound, as if taxation was acceptable, countless tax dollars get literally set on fire being sent to outer space and to other countries in the form of “foreign aid”. Imagine that, there are people dying on the streets, starving and homeless, yet stolen tax dollars are being sent to space and to other countries.

How in the world is that fair, unoppressive and humane?!

#butfreedom #100years

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