Thoughts On Personal Health, Immunity, Sanitization

Consider this: it is a lot easier to get your own immune system in order versus trying to sanitize the entire world around you. Shooting from the hip, here are a few thoughts on how to do that.

Eat reasonable foods. This is half of a two part equation.

Eliminate or drastically reduce the worst items in your diet – sugar, alcohol, processed foods. Speaking of diet – a “diet” is not meant to be a two week panacea or get slim fast scheme. When we talk about diet, we are referring to every single thing we intentionally put in our body from now until our final day. Creating a healthy body/lifestyle takes time. There is no overnight workaround. We do not have to eat perfectly every minute of every day. Just most of the minutes. When we do eat a sugary treat or drink a glass of fine wine, we should enjoy and appreciate. We just cannot make it the norm. A little hedonism from time to time helps keep us in a good frame of mind – we simply cannot rely on it.

Drink more water. However much water you currently drink – drink more. I am never without my 750ml water bottle. I fill it many, many times each day. The first thing you drink each morning should be a lot of water. Especially before coffee! The last thing you drink each night…you guessed it…water! If you are not measuring your water intake in the “hundreds of ounces” you are doing it wrong. If you are eating well and moving (see below) the urge to drink delicious, plain water comes often and keeps us feeling full!

MOVE! Movement is the other half of the equation. Eating moderately well most of the time is not enough. We must combine our balanced diet with daily movement. Any movement will do – nothing is worse than sitting around and taking 2,000 steps per day for weeks on end. Get your butt off the seat and take steps. Lots of steps. 10,000 steps per day at a minimum! How? Walk. Run. Jog. Lift weights. Play a sport. Take a hike. Play with a child. Intentionally take 3 laps around your favorite mall or outdoor shopping area. Listen to an audiobook or podcast or inspirational playlist at your favorite park…just do so while walking around it! There are countless ways to lose yourself in movement for :15-:30 at a time. And that is all you need! Get in the habit of a few blocks of intentional movement each day, along with the “park a little further away” mindset where you prioritize walking in every day, mundane situations, and you will drastically change your health for the better.

Rest. Listen to your body and follow your natural circadian rhythm. Nap if you need to. A short nap during the day can increase productivity and help you shut off and “reset” an anxious/busy brain. Yours truly is a big fan of naps! I also used to shun sleep and take a “sleep when I’m dead mentality”. This was naive and dangerous. Our bodies need rest to grow and heal and especially as we age, proper rest is of paramount importance. Find your ideal wake/sleep cycle and do your best to follow it each day. Sticking close to a routine can help you get into a healthy pattern and on to living your best life!

While my thoughts should not be your bible, they should get you on a course where you can figure out the exact balance that works for you. Be sure to consult your own doctor/trusted professionals with any questions. And never hesitate to contact me with questions or to share best practices in living a healthy, fulfilling life!


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