One Simple Piece Of Advice From One Of Today’s Wisest Humans

Jim Keller should need no introduction but many of you probably have no idea who he is. Ironically, it is almost a certainty that you are using many products that contain tech engineered by Jim & his teams. You might even be reading this on a device that is powered by one of Jim’s chips!

In the video above, Jim is talking with Lex Fridman, who asks what advice Jim would give to young people.

“Get good at some stuff.” -Jim Keller

Be sure to listen to the link above for Jim’s entire short but profound piece of advice for young people (and those of us who are still young at heart!)

If you are an open minded person hoping to be a little better today than you were yesterday, I highly highly advise that you listen to all of Lex’s entire conversations with Jim and subscribe to both men on social media.

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