PGA Tour Maxis Are Hypocrites

With no horse in the race other than wanting to see good golf, I must point out from the 10,000 foot view the hypocrisy of people criticizing the new LIV Golf Tour on the basis that its founders/backers/financial supporters/sponsors have committed egregious humanitarian violations. Have they committed these violations? Maybe. Perhaps even certainly. But with any look at the balance sheet there is a question where we must look at both sides. In this case the PGA Tour must be examined to the same scrutiny applied to the LIV Golf Tour. 

Are the critics of the LIV Golf Tour of the belief that the PGA Tour and its founders/backers/financial supporters/sponsors are completely immune from any type of corruption or unethical business? Are they of the belief that the PGA Tour is “clean”? Do they know that the PGA Tour operates willingly in China?  Have they looked into the business practices & locations of each & every PGA Tour sponsor?

Taking a look at one PGA Tour sponsor, say… Rolex…  it is easy to see how quickly we fall down a slippery slope. A Rolex is a beautiful handmade item with many constituent parts. One of those constituent parts is often a diamond. Are the proponents of the PGA Tour ready to go down the rabbit hole of where diamonds come from? Do you see how quickly this becomes a dangerous exercise? This is just one item from one sponsor! Clearly the PGA Tour is not innocent in the same way the LIV Tour is not innocent. But that is the world we live in. Certainly I would prefer a world without humans negatively affecting other humans. But until humanity reaches the point where natural death is the only kind, we have a long way to go, so we might as well have good golf to watch.

The truth of it is that the new LIV Golf Tour and the boatloads of money being poured into golf are good for the casual golf fan. The LIV Golf Tour is certainly good for the players who are willingly choosing to play & the sponsors who are willingly choosing to turn over their sponsorship dollars. No one else’s opinion really matters.

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