Tesla + Sheetz = Perfection!

Watching Tesla grow their charging infrastructure has been a clinic on building out a vision over time. Presently in 2022 there are over 35,000 Global Superchargers, up from 0 just over a decade ago! The Supercharger team is clearly second to none!

Tesla’s US Supercharger Network in July 2022

As the Tesla Supercharging Network continues to grow I cannot help but think that there should be a Supercharger at every Sheetz location. Tesla and Sheetz should become as common as peanut butter & jelly! I first thought about this match when Sheetz announced they would be expanding into Central Ohio.

Why? Because Sheetz is the perfect Supercharging destination! They have GREAT food, a plethora of snacks, warm & cold drinks, milkshakes, slushies, candy and more! Not to mention super clean restrooms and plenty of room to change a baby! One would be hard pressed to find a better destination charger for a quick :05 – :30 stop!

All of a sudden, a recent trip led me to a Supercharger stop outside of Cambridge, OH and I could not have been more pleasantly surprised…The Supercharger was near a Sheetz! Thank you, Sheetz Family & Tesla! I highly recommend you explore building out this relationship to include Tesla Superchargers at all > 700 Sheetz locations!

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