Why Do Small Things The Right Way?

It is obvious (or at least it should be) for humans to do the major things the right way. Treat others how you want to be treated, and take care of yourself.

But what about the small things that no one else will ever notice? Why take our time to do those properly? After all it is much simpler to just take the easy route and go on with your day.

The reason we should aim to do everything the right way is obvious when we ask ourselves one simple question: “What happens when this action is scaled to all of society throughout all of time?”

In other words, while it may seem like “no big deal” to simply toss that tiny piece of trash on the ground (think: cigarette butt, bottle cap, etc.) these are not so small when you consider scaling up to all humans ever. If every human took the attitude that “this is just one small lie” or “one tiny piece of trash” the world would quickly become overrun with lies & litter!

We must consider all humans everywhere, and our Mother Earth, when we make decisions. Regardless if anyone will ever see what we are doing, we must understand that by doing things the right way, we are helping to scale virtue in the world, instead of helping scale in a negative way.

While we cannot (and should not desire to) control the actions of others, we can (and should) control our own actions. And that starts with doing things right. Always.

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If We Ruled The World: My Way Compared To Your Way

If I were king….I would want you to make your own decisions and control your own life. (aka, freedom)

If you were king…You would want to make decisions for me and you believe you know what is best for me, therefore you would control some (or all) aspects of my life. (aka, slavery)

Now, who is the crazy one here? Who is the oppressor? Who is the slave owner?

It sure as hell is not me!


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Thoughts On Government Intervention

A huge problem in society today is that people are educated by the government and taught that they should rely on the government, which is fundamentally untrue and quite harmful to the individual (no one will ever care more about you than you!)

Then in cases like COVID-19 when the government actually gives good advice (stay home), many choose not to listen. Go figure.

In #100years humans will look back and wonder how the humans of today could be so ignorant and naive, for this and many, many other reasons.

Do not be one of the ignorant humans. Think for yourself. Take in as much information as possible from multiple sources and come to your own conclusions. Be better.

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Music For Quarantine

COVID-19 is a coronavirus that is changing the world. There is not much we can do about it, quarantined or not, aside from focusing on what we can control.

One thing we can control is the music we listen to and the mood it puts us in. Enter my WAKE UP! playlist – music that is guaranteed to help you feel GREAT!

Subscribe on Spotify or YouTube, turn your speakers up and let the music take you away. Be sure to share with your friends and family and anyone in need of a mood booster. I prefer to listen to the playlist on shuffle as the perfect song for me often pops up at just the right time. Give it a try!

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How Do You Want To Be Remembered After COVID-19?

COVID-19 is a coronavirus that is a pandemic sweeping the globe. This is the time our families need us to be clear headed leaders.

These are unprecedented times. How do you want to remember yourself handling them?



I have a suspicion that I will be writing about this in the future in more depth but for now I must ask a simple question:

If we possess the ability to create healthy foods, that look, feel and taste the same as traditional animal foods, while providing the same or greater nutrition, with the same or lesser risks, without slaughtering animals, why do we choose slaughter?

To clarify, I am NOT talking about plant based “meat”. While that can be an option for many who do not want to consume animal products, I am talking about creating actual meat, in a laboratory, that is indistinguishable from the meat taken from the dead body of a once living thing, a being.

Surely there was a time that mankind had no option but to slaughter animals for food, however that time has passed. We now possess the ability to create these foods without harvesting and slaughtering animals. It seems criminally insane (way it’s been) to continue slaughter when slaughter is clearly not necessary.

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Universal Basic Income (UBI) For All? Why Not Universal Basic Education For All?!

I find it sadly funny that there is a healthy debate on universal basic income with some people saying that everyone should get free money and other people arguing against it.

I do not hear ANY people on the side of universal basic education. This is crazy considering education is the most powerful thing one can acquire. After all, money does not solve problems. Just giving a poor person money may help them in the short term but it also might simply enable them to continue their poor spending and (lack of) savings habits. For the record I do not advocate for the government to provide this education. I believe the free market will do what free markets do: fulfill needs.

If we give people education, by definition, we literally teach them to be better and not to have poor savings and poor spending habits. Jesus Christ supposedly said: Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime!

Universal basic income will only feed a person for a day. Free money or no free money, they will still lack the basic skills to run a household above the poverty line. To feed them for a lifetime, they need educated on how to acquire skills.


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The Future Of Alcohol Is Cannabis Based Beverages

I have been talking about this for a bit and it’s time I got it out there for history to see. I believe that human alcohol consumption has reached a peak. Eventually I believe the small decreases we are seeing in drinking numbers today will maintain and even continue to decrease.

As stupid uneducated as many humans are many are learning that alcohol is poison and there is no way around it. Because alcohol is poison they seek other ways to relax or self medicate, particularly ways that cannot kill them in any given sitting. Cannabis comes to mind, for example, since it is not toxic and literally cannot kill a human being. As a result, I believe that cannabis based beverages are going to skyrocket to the detriment of alcoholic beverages.

We know that wine and other alcohol based spirits are on the decline, with newer “hard seltzer” type beverages gaining popularity. Tastes certainly do change with the times and I believe the times are soon going to shift to a taste for cannabis, specifically THC beverages – all the relaxation/medication that alcohol provides with none of the “kill you if you drink too much” downside. Not to mention no hangovers and no attacking your brain and liver.

Mocktails are also gaining in popularity as humans (slowly) educate themselves on the dangers of the poison that is alcohol. Sober drinking is a thing!

The humans #100years from now will likely look back at the humans of today and wonder why we continue to poison ourselves with alcohol. Just because alcohol is the way it’s been does not mean we need to continue down such a dangerous (and stupid) path!

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Alcohol Is Poison

Alcohol is poison. 

This is not some deep metaphor – no, rather it is quite literal. Alcohol is a synonym for poison. Alcohol can kill any human instantly, given enough in a short enough period of time. Prolonged use of alcohol over time attacks and destroys the human body, mainly the liver. And a little thing we call the brain. In other words, no amount of alcohol is good for your overall health.

Thankfully some human beings are starting to take a break from alcohol. Not all of them, but at least some of them are finally becoming enlightened enough to realize that alcohol is literally synonymous with poison. Try this: Anytime you hear the word alcohol replace it in your mind with the word poison and try to think about the fact that it could literally kill any living being in any one sitting with any one taste. That is what poison does. It gets into our bodies and either in the short term or long term kills us. But make no but doubt about it, alcohol is a form of poison that will kill you, 100% of the time, if a few minimal conditions are met such as amount imbibed and how short a time a specific volume of alcohol goes into your body.

These are facts that are not disputable or debatable.

There is no such thing as a human being that would not die given a certain amount of alcohol. And that amount is not nearly as much as you think. Consider this, any one given bottle of whiskey or vodka or some similar spirit could kill me, you or anyone we know or have ever known or will ever know. Any one single bottle

Try it, sit down and drink the entire bottle. (Do not do that you idiot you will kill yourself!)

My point is that it is 2020 and people seem to be just now realizing that alcohol is poison. We are seeing a small trend of people deciding to go sober for a month but are we really talking about the truth that alcohol should be working its way out of the lives of intellectuals?! As humans get smarter should we not be poisoning ourselves less? Especially when there are other immeasurably safer ways to adjust the state of our minds and ease our pains without risking death in doing so.

Every time someone drinks alcohol they are literally risking death. Seem overdramatic? It is not. However cannabis on the other hand is non-toxic and no amount under any circumstances could ever kill a human being. Again these are facts that are not up for debate or dispute but rather cold hard science.

Yet here we are watching movies and TV shows listening to songs and ballads all glamorizing a poisonous substance that can and has continued to kill millions of humans. It struck me in a recent TV show where two brothers in their mid-30s reconnect and at one point make up over a beer. No one bats an eye at the fact that this beer could kill them but what peaked my curiosity as these gentlemen are about my age, is that I would be much more likely to get together with a friend or brother and vaporize cannabis versus drinking a beer. Yet there are virtually zero television shows or mainstream movies that show things like this to the national audiences. That further adds to the ridiculous taboo that somehow you are a loser drug addict if you use cannabis but it is cool as fork to drink alcohol. In my opinion these two brothers would have been much more likely to get high together than to get drunk!

Music is just as bad as countless songs glamorize alcohol but I cannot think of one mainstream song that talks about cannabis. If an artist came out with a song about cannabis they would be looked at as some sort of weirdo outlier when in reality the weirdos are the ones who constantly put poison in their bodies.

Sporting events, concerts, festivals…they all end alcohol sales early. Why do you think that is? It is an admission of the dangers of the substance!

The men and women of the future (#100years) are going to look back at the men and women living today and scratch their heads. Why would those people willingly put poison into their bodies and why would they do it so often when there are literally non-toxic alternatives?

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Columbus Private Music Lessons By Belcanto Voice And Music Studio

Hello Columbus area music lovers! Have you ever considered any type of voice or music lessons but for whatever reason simply never pulled the trigger? Or perhaps you have just never found the right opportunity? Maybe you have never even considered a music lesson until just now. No matter what your motivation, Miljan Krunic at Belcanto Voice and Music Studio is the perfect instructor for you!

Belcanto Voice and Music Studio is the right place for your private music lessons! Want to learn to sing? Miljan is your man! Considering learning to play the piano or cello? Go see Miljan!

Most people (incorrectly) believe that learning a new skill such as singing or playing an instrument is impossible past a certain age. Or they are too intimidated to get started. Regardless, cast your preconceived notions aside and step out of your comfort zone if you must. Life is short and you only get one life to live – why not live it to the fullest by treating yourself before it is too late?

See the flyer and links below for more on Belcanto and have a GREAT time learning whatever type of music interests you!

Belcanto Voice and Music Studio: Private music lessons for adults and children

Belcanto Voice and Music Studio on Facebook

Belcanto Voice and Music Studio on Twitter

Belcanto Voice and Music Studio on Instagram


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