Crimes Against The Self

Can a human being commit a crime against their self? We know that one can hurt their self, purposely or on accident. I’m not talking about physical pain, I’m talking about punishable crime where only one human being is involved. Let’s take a look.

By definition, a crime is an action or omission that constitutes an offense of law that may be prosecuted by the state and is punishable by law.

So what is law?

By definition, law is a system of rules that a particular country or community recognizes as regulating the actions of its members and may enforce by the imposition of penalties.

So crime = breaking the law. Duh. Most people learn this at a young age. Some still don’t understand it. However, very few question ‘Why am I not the sole maker of laws that govern my body, my land and my belongings?’ The unfortunate and simple answer is usually that the masses of a “particular country or community” get to decide what the law is (they make the rules.) In the USA, it’s these 545 people.

Since others make the rules that govern crimes against the self, by definition the self cannot also make his own personal rules. Therefore the idea that the self has the freedom to do as he pleases on his land with his property is fictional. We know this because we’ve already established that others make the law and the self can be found in violation of the law, even on his own property causing no harm to anyone or any thing.

But, freedom?


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Live A Meaningful Life

A few years ago a brilliant man suggested I look into ‘The Minimalists.’ The simple suggestion changed my life as I found, read, and now live by one of their books, “Minimalism: Live a Meaningful Life“.

In a simple and inspiring way, the authors of this book opened my eyes to a way for me to break life down to just a few areas of focus. The result of this awakening has led to numerous positive changes in my life! One of the most important: The teachings of The Minimalists have inspired me to drastically change what I put into my body and to focus on my health like never before.

Not ready to dive-in to a new book just yet? Consider this: The authors break down ways we can maximize our short time on this planet into five categories. This makes it simple and easy to focus and understand. They consider five dimensions of living a meaningful life to be:

  1. Health
  2. Relationships
  3. Passions
  4. Growth
  5. Contributions

I could not come close to expanding on these dimensions as well as the authors do, which I why I continually listen to their writings and highly recommend anyone seeking an improvement in their own mental and physical health to do the same. If you have a negative outlook on minimalism, toss it out the window and allow yourself to have an open mind. Don’t allow yourself to be a cliché by literally judging a book by its cover!

Click here to buy the paperback. Minimalism: Live a Meaningful Life is also available for the Kindle Reader. I highly recommend adding the Audible companion to the Kindle version so you can listen to the book as well!

It is impossible to overstate the importance of mental health. Therapy can be a huge help in as little as one session. Before therapy, however, check out this book. For < $10 your life will be drastically improved.

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You Can Make History. Don’t Almost Give.


Pelotonia holds a special place in my heart because I met my future wife at 2013’s ‘Pelotonia on the Patio’, a fundraising event at a local watering hole. While all of my rides and fundraising efforts have been special, that 2013 event is hard to top 🙂

If you aren’t familiar with Pelotonia, check out the links herein for more information and never hesitate to contact me directly to get involved with the cause. There are many ways you can help including volunteering, donating, sponsorships and more! Until you are a part of it there are really no words to describe how special a feeling you get when you realize you’re a part of something that is changing the world for the better.

2016 was yet another successful campaign as we added $1,700 to the > $24m raised for one goal: ending cancer as we know it! Since 2009, Pelotonia has now raised over $125,000,000 and every penny has gone directly toward life-saving research!

In 2016 we set out to raise $1,500 and thanks to your generosity we crushed our goal by raising $1,700 – a record total for us after 5 rides! This year we aim to beat our record and have set a goal of $1,750. I know with your support we will achieve this milestone. Click here to donate directly to my campaign. Thank you!screen-shot-2017-02-21-at-09-11-12


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Tiger Woods Is Back! Let’s Not Forget What He’s Done For The Game Of Golf.

Tiger Woods is officially back on the PGA tour after an ~18 month hiatus! Please god let him stay healthy.

After missing virtually his entire 30’s (yes, a whole decade) due to, well, stuff, Tiger now has a chance to write the final chapters of his story. I believe these final chapters can contain wins and even Major Championship Victories. Tiger just needs to stay healthy and maybe catch a break or two.

As we watch Tiger’s final years unfold, let’s not forget what Tiger did for the game of golf when it forever changed after his 1997 Master’s triumph. In this piece, originally written for a sports website that no longer exists, I quantify exactly how ridiculous the prize pools became in the Tiger Woods era. Imagine just a year before Tiger’s win at Augusta the golfer in 10th place on the money list earned under $1m for the year. That same golfer earns more than 400% more nowadays and nearly every tournament on the schedule pays over $1m to first place!

Tiger has shown us time and time again that he can do what many consider to be impossible. Will he win 4 more Major Championships and tie Jack Nicklaus? Maybe…maybe not. Who cares?! Tiger Woods is one of the greatest athletes to ever live and we are getting a chance to see him live in unchartered territory. I’m going to sit back and enjoy the ride, even if it leads to 76!


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I Feel It Coming


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A Collection Of Essays & Observations On Society

Previously I’ve listed various essays that can help improve our lives through how we think about the world.

Below find some of my favorite essays that point out how the world around us is being manipulated. We are often oppressed in a cruel and unfair way by the very government most take a naive pride in without thinking twice.

-Living our own lives

-Developers should develop

-A race you can’t win


-Nationalism only exists in sociopaths

-Guns for hire

-Prisons still exist?!

-Essays on essays

-Hypocrisy in law

-A fair way to vote

-Politicians for freedom?

-Quiz on nationalism

-Get what you pay for

-Earth was here first

-Seriously, jail still exists?!

-Bureaucrats are the worst

-Pay tax or be slaughtered

-Oh to be free!

-Controlling the marketplace

-Most laws are fucked

-The overlords!

-How to avoid paying taxes


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Stoicism Q&A

screen-shot-2016-12-15-at-15-28-43Q: Is the world is less stoical today than in 1900?

A: Unlikely.

Q: Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

A: It depends on who’s complaining and about what.

Q: Did I have to recently look up the meaning of the words, ‘stoicism’ & ‘stoical’ ?

A: Yes.

Q: Do I love this new addition to my vocabulary?

A: Yes.

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This Too Shall Pass

As you may know, I’m a fan of Prince Ea. He seems to view the world very closely to how I view it, and he’s 1000x more articulate when it comes to expressing these thoughts.

Here, Prince Ea gives a simple and beautiful parable that we can apply to every aspect of our lives: “It will pass.” While this isn’t original, ground-breaking stuff, it is profound and easily overlooked. I enjoy reminders like this because my mind can often run away and spiral out of control if left unchecked.

No matter what is happening, good or bad, it will eventually pass us by. Things are never as bad as they seem. Things are never as good as they seem. The universe is simply unfolding as it should.

Listen to this message and let it inspire you to remember where you came from, appreciate where you are, focus on where you’re going.

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Tuesday, November 8, 2016: A Day To Be Discussed For Time Eternal


Today is Tuesday, November 8, 2016. Today is election day. Today is a day that will be talked about for hundreds of years, perhaps more. In approximately 12 hours, the United States of America will crown Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump as its next President Elect. No matter who wins the universe will never be the same. #butfreedom

I will not be voting for either of these oppressors. If you do not agree with their oppressive, illegal and inhumane way of life, it’s ok for you to refrain from casting a ballot. People will try to guilt you into voting and you may have to use some Dale to deal with them, but that’s ok. We call that an opportunity to practice. This will help you to be better.

There is a good chance that the people pressuring you to vote are nothing more than sheep…commoners…97%ers who blindly accept whatever the State teaches them. The State once taught them that Democracy is the only way and at this point they are indoctrinated far beyond being able to use reason and logic. There’s no point in arguing or trying to change their mind. Simply let it go and move on.

The laws are broken. The politicians are brokenThe system is broken.

Today the USA will elect a new head of a broken system who does not realize that they system is broken, and even worse, takes actions to further break the system. This is not a solution. At best it’s a temporary band-aid and at worst it could limit our freedom further than we can imagine.

By casting my ballot for one of these oppressors I would feel like I am casting a ballot to support the idea of a democratic two-party system, just because that’s the way it’s been. I do not support this and if you think critically, you probably won’t either.

Click here for more!

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Why I’m Not Voting

vote-circle-slashI will not be voting in the 2016 Presidential Election. Spare me the rhetoric about losing my “right to complain” as a result of refraining to cast a vote. Not only is that laughably ironic and naive (free speech!) but it’s bullshit because my complaints are about oppression in this “free” country.

By casting a vote for what most people are considering the lesser of two evils, I’m still voting for evil. I’m still voting for oppression. Fuck. That. I refuse to actively participate in a system that blends my private desires with those of the masses. Why should any of us have decisions made for us if we are capable of making those decisions for ourselves? Just because that’s the way it’s been? Yeah, slavery was once the way it was, too. That didn’t make it right. Because I’m an American? Who cares! The only reason I’m not a rattlesnake is because my parents were not rattlesnakes. I take no pride in where I was born.

Democracy does not work. 10 minutes talking with your average voter should convince you of that. Voting is invasive, divisive and oppressive. This system is broken. We need to minimize taking decisions away from the people. These people are supposed to be free to do as they please so long as they do not negatively affect another. Why should we acquiesce when it’s not your place or mine to “vote” for pretty much everything that is put up for a vote. If you really want to make a difference, vote with your wallet. Don’t vote to attack the wallets of others.

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