Today’s Leaders Are The Future Dingdongs Of The Past

Think about the (mostly men) and women who have ruled the world in the past. Surely there were a few gems here and there but until the recent past most of them acquiesced to slavery. Hell, many of them owned slaves.

A lot of slaves.

Yet these were supposed to be the smartest, most enlightened people capable of ruling.

What a spectacular failure.

Consider every US President who presided over a slave-owning society. What is so enlightened about advancing the ownership of human beings?! This is disgraceful and indefensible.

Consider every US President who presided over a country where women were considered inherently less valuable than men. Imagine trying what would happen in 2020 if millions of women were told they had less rights?! HA!

Consider every US President who presided over a segregated society. This was not that long ago and had damaging effects that still divide the country today. How sad.

Most reasonable humans of TODAY can look back and agree that the men and women who did not stand up against these atrocities of the PAST were simply wrong. Flat out wrong. Humans were being oppressed and they did nothing to intervene. These failed leaders surely thought they were doing best, or were not smart enough to realize they were doing wrong yet from the FUTURE we can clearly unravel the poor choices they made.

Sadly, TODAY is the PAST of some distant FUTURE where this cycle is sure to be repeated. The people of the future are going to look back at the humans of 2020 and wonder how we could be so stupid on average. The further into the future we go the more those people will simply lump the morons who run the world in 2020 in with the women-hating, slave-owning morons who ran the world from the 1700s-1900s.

Do not be one of these apes. Do not blindly listen to the right or the left. Do not be a nationalist – after all you are not a killer. Think for yourself. Take care of yourself and your loved ones. Be a good human always to all.

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Questions To Ask About The Given Narrative Of NASA’s Apollo Moon Landing Missions [Video]

Full disclosure: I do not need convinced that something is off with the given narrative of the supposedly manned Apollo moon landing missions of 1969-1972. To me there is no one smoking gun detail that convinced me the narrative is false, rather the entire big picture seemed implausible with just a bit of critical thinking.

In addition, I now believe that NASA chose to dupe the world believing that no one would call their bluff but knowing they would have to eventually stop bluffing as technology caught up with them. In other words, today a kid with a toy telescope can see if a rocket is really going to the moon or not. And rich people and research institutions around the world can literally see the moon in real time (well, 1.3 seconds time). NASA had no choice but to shut it down, which they did. And in the 48 years since the last bluff no human has come close to leaving low Earth orbit – despite the considerable advances in technology.

In the video below entitled “American Moon” the filmmakers bring up this big picture, starting long before Apollo and continuing to show how the three most famous astronauts in history all shunned NASA and their “accomplishment” virtually as soon as they “returned” to Earth. Strange, but true, yet most people do not know this because most people are not familiar with the videos, interviews, newspaper clips, and more, present in films such as this.

Keep an open mind and try to answer the questions presented throughout. All while remembering what technology looked like in 1969 compared to how it is today. Remembering that rockets cannot take off today for plenty of reasons and many rockets still fail. Yet from 1969-1972 they were 6 for 6 in landing on the moon, hanging out, and returning to Earth. That was over 50 years of technology ago. Pretty. Freaking. Implausible.

So many questions. Do YOU have answers?!

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Overlord Trump’s Taxes Are Not The Problem

Many people are upset that apparently Overlord President Trump does not pay much income tax according to a recently released report by the NY Times.

Setting aside the insane breach of privacy committed by the (generally awful) Times, they and all whiners are missing the point: Trump’s taxes are not the problem. The tax system in general and the fact that all of us are subjected to oppressive tax laws is the problem.

Trump seems to be playing by the rules set forth by previous oppressors, and perhaps even stretching them out a bit, as virtually every millionaire (and politician) does.

Who cares?! Why are these vocal critics not asking the pithy question: why do any “free” human beings have to unwillingly give away so much of the fruits of their labor? What is “free” about that?


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Inhaling Any Form Of Smoke Is Always Bad

Any follower of my essays would know that I am a big proponent of personal sovereignty. Part of this personal freedom includes the understanding that free human beings, by definition, should be allowed to put whatever they want in or on their own bodies.

While human beings having control of their own bodies sounds like basic common sense, sadly it is not. We live in a madly oppressive era where we do not control our own bodies yet somehow people do not understand this is tantamount to slavery.

Part of the understanding that humans should control their own bodies includes the understanding that the so-called “war on drugs” is complete nonsense. There should be no war on drugs because no one should be able to tell you what you can put in or on your own body.

All that said, allowed to or not allowed to, it is still ridiculously stupid to think that smoking marijuana is good for you. Is it less bad for you than smoking other substances, like tobacco and nicotine? Yes. It is immeasurably better for you those things. But that still does not mean that it is a net positive for your body overall.

I believe cannabis advocates and the pro cannabis industry are doing the cannabis movement a great disservice by not recognizing the undisputed fact that smoke is bad for the human body including smoke coming from smoking cannabis. Instead of advocating that people smoke cannabis they should be advocating that people use cannabis in its other safer forms such as edibles, topicals and vaporization.

Cannabis is here to stay, there is no getting around that. It is a safer form of pain relief and relaxation aid than alcohol, opioids and virtually anything else. That said nothing justifies smoking cannabis as smoke inhalation in any form is a net negative to the human body. If one wants to utilize the magic properties of the cannabis plant, there are other far better ways to do so than burning it and inhaling the smoke. The cannabis industry needs to get it together and put forth a unified message: all smoke is bad smoke.

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Smart Phone? Why Not Smart Car?

Tesla stock continues to climb ($2,238.75/share at press time) to unprecedented and (arguably) unjustifiable levels. (It is good to be LONG Tesla!)

One of the main reason (definitely not the only reason) for the skyrocketing valuation of TSLA is that amongst other things, Tesla makes smart cars.

Insanely smart cars.

Cars that can almost completely drive themselves and cars that can automatically & intuitively maneuver around objects a human would have otherwise crashed into.

Live saving cars.

Very, very smart cars.

Still, there are thousands dozens of bears who are quite passionate about disparaging Tesla. Ironically, I guarantee that every Tesla Bear (#TSLAQ) owns at least one smartphone. Yet the bears drive and advocate for “dumb cars”.

Why on Earth would one choose a dumb car over a smart car? That is tantamount to giving up your iPhone 11 Pro Max in favor of a 1996 Motorola StarTAC. (Hey now, the StarTAC was dope af!)

It is insanely naive to think that any non-connected, dumb car should even be in the conversation when it comes to best options to get you from A to B. Another way to look at it is this: In 20 years, do you think most (if not all) vehicles will or will not be connected to the internet, receiving live, over-the-air (OTA) updates, driving themselves and protecting their occupants at all costs? Tesla vehicles are doing this now!

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Voluntary Taxes?!

Do you think the taxes we pay are justified? Yes or no, just ask yourself β€œIf all taxes were 100% voluntary, including sales tax, income tax, property tax, would you choose to pay them?”

Starts an interesting thought experiment, does it not?!

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Knowing A Person’s Family Line By Looking At Them

How do people simply look at random human being and know from where their family originated?

Let me guess…African!

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Words That (I Hope) Shape Me (Required Reading)

I try to start each day with a period of silent meditation. I do not sit in a corner with my eyes closed while I mumble about (at least not all of the time!) Rather I think and read and think some more.

One of my favorite things to read is The Daily Stoic, both in book form and email form. This lead me to find The Daily Dad, right around the time my first daughter was born, right at the perfect time. I highly recommend signing up for both of these email lists!

Through these lists two of my favorite poems found their way to me, and now both are printed out and read regularly.

A Little Fellow Follows Me

“If” by Rudyard Kipling

A third poem, “Desiderata” completes my list of regular short (yet profound) must reads.

These are easy additions to my list of #RequiredReading for all humans. Enjoy. Spread the word. Be a better human.

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Pelotonia 2020 – Covid19 Style!


It is no secret that my family owes a big debt of gratitude to the Pelotonia family. After all, my wife and I first met at a Pelotonia fundraiser in 2013 and that meeting directly contributed to the addition of one human being onto the Earth in late 2019! With our newly created human prohibiting mom from riding in 2019, uncle Chris Jourdan stepped up for the cause and joined for his first fundraising ride! (see photos below!)

Now, in the year 2020, the world seems to be spinning backwards. A pandemic/recession/racist oppression is sweeping the globe, sending all of us into a sort of never ending tailspin.

For Pelotonia, this means no live bike riding event in 2020 – but it does NOT mean no more fighting for the cause: ending cancer as we know it! In fact, because the live event has been cancelled for the year, we must work that much harder to fight our common enemy, cancer, which affects every single human being on the planet. Make no mistake about it, cancer has a negative impact on all of our lives, either directly or indirectly, and oftentimes that impact is not immediately seen, which makes this a dangerous enemy that must be defeated!

That is where YOU come in! We need your help! Please consider donating any amount you can afford to spare to help fight for the cause! Every dollar donated goes directly toward life saving research, and every dollar counts! If you have anything left in your giving budget, please consider donating to our cause, and sharing with your circle. We can win this battle and YOU can be a part of the winning team!

Click here to donate to my 2020 Pelotonia campaign.

Please be sure to forward/share this post with your friends/family/coworkers – every share, every donation, every time the word spreads, cancer gets that much weaker.


Pelotonia 2019 with @ChrisJourdan stepping in for a pregnant @JamieNicastro
First Pelotonia pic of our family of “3” with Leah in mom’s belly!

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Describing Anyone As “African”

I am working on stepping back – for the most part I am sitting out the current discussion on Race as I see the world a bit differently than most.

That said, I am a bit curious. For those like the guy on CBS Sunday Morning who just used the term “African American” to describe a random person with a certain skin pigmentation… do they also refer to guys like Elon Musk and Ernie Els as “African”?

Honest question, not trying to troll…just curious how those people reconcile the fact that not all people from a gigantic continent like Africa have the same skin pigmentation…in fact, all humans from all continents have differing degrees of pigmentation.

Scientifically, all humans are the same, regardless of skin pigmentation. This is partially why Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., advocated for “content of character” versus “color of skin.”

Socially, all humans can choose to identify however they want, whenever they want, which means everyone is all things all the time. Or in other words, we are all equally the same all of the time.

Bigotry and hatred are not inherent at birth. These are learned or taught – and anything learned can be unlearned. Learn not to divide. Learn not to hate. Learn to love all humans always. Life is so much easier when you rid yourself of negative emotions like hatred and bigotry. Give it a try.

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