This Too Shall Pass

As you may know, I’m a fan of Prince Ea. He seems to view the world very closely to how I view it, and he’s 1000x more articulate when it comes to expressing these thoughts.

Here, Prince Ea gives a simple and beautiful parable that we can apply to every aspect of our lives: “It will pass.” While this isn’t original, ground-breaking stuff, it is profound and easily overlooked. I enjoy reminders like this because my mind can often run away and spiral out of control if left unchecked.

No matter what is happening, good or bad, it will eventually pass us by. Things are never as bad as they seem. Things are never as good as they seem. The universe is simply unfolding as it should.

Listen to this message and let it inspire you to remember where you came from, appreciate where you are, focus on where you’re going.

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Tuesday, November 8, 2016: A Day To Be Discussed For Time Eternal


Today is Tuesday, November 8, 2016. Today is election day. Today is a day that will be talked about for hundreds of years, perhaps more. In approximately 12 hours, the United States of America will crown Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump as its next President Elect. No matter who wins the universe will never be the same. #butfreedom

I will not be voting for either of these oppressors. If you do not agree with their oppressive, illegal and inhumane way of life, it’s ok for you to refrain from casting a ballot. People will try to guilt you into voting and you may have to use some Dale to deal with them, but that’s ok. We call that an opportunity to practice. This will help you to be better.

There is a good chance that the people pressuring you to vote are nothing more than sheep…commoners…97%ers who blindly accept whatever the State teaches them. The State once taught them that Democracy is the only way and at this point they are indoctrinated far beyond being able to use reason and logic. There’s no point in arguing or trying to change their mind. Simply let it go and move on.

The laws are broken. The politicians are brokenThe system is broken.

Today the USA will elect a new head of a broken system who does not realize that they system is broken, and even worse, takes actions to further break the system. This is not a solution. At best it’s a temporary band-aid and at worst it could limit our freedom further than we can imagine.

By casting my ballot for one of these oppressors I would feel like I am casting a ballot to support the idea of a democratic two-party system, just because that’s the way it’s been. I do not support this and if you think critically, you probably won’t either.

Click here for more!

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Why I’m Not Voting

vote-circle-slashI will not be voting in the 2016 Presidential Election. Spare me the rhetoric about losing my “right to complain” as a result of refraining to cast a vote. Not only is that laughably ironic and naive (free speech!) but it’s bullshit because my complaints are about oppression in this “free” country.

By casting a vote for what most people are considering the lesser of two evils, I’m still voting for evil. I’m still voting for oppression. Fuck. That. I refuse to actively participate in a system that blends my private desires with those of the masses. Why should any of us have decisions made for us if we are capable of making those decisions for ourselves? Just because that’s the way it’s been? Yeah, slavery was once the way it was, too. That didn’t make it right. Because I’m an American? Who cares! The only reason I’m not a rattlesnake is because my parents were not rattlesnakes. I take no pride in where I was born.

Democracy does not work. 10 minutes talking with your average voter should convince you of that. Voting is invasive, divisive and oppressive. This system is broken. We need to minimize taking decisions away from the people. These people are supposed to be free to do as they please so long as they do not negatively affect another. Why should we acquiesce when it’s not your place or mine to “vote” for pretty much everything that is put up for a vote. If you really want to make a difference, vote with your wallet. Don’t vote to attack the wallets of others.

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Dan Atherton Sends It Down the Hardline MTB Track | Red Bull Hardline: GoPro View [video]

I’ve previously linked to some rad shit, but this may take the cake. My heart was RACING the entire video. And the views…fahgetaboutit!

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Don’t Just Take My Word For It: Counter-Economics

I enjoy when like-minded humans echo my principles. I enjoy it even more when their writing is much better than mine, which is the case with this fantastic essay on counter-economics by Bryan Hyde (@youcancallmebry).

Take :05 and read Bryan’s thoughts. They are 100% on point and they briefly yet efficiently get a major point across: we don’t need government interference in every aspect of life. In fact, there are very few areas where the government should truly have a say, yet as Bryan states most people are caught “in the thralls of Stockholm Syndrome toward our government” so most people blindly accept government interference because that’s the way’s it’s been.

If you agree with government interference, take a step back for a moment.

Allow yourself to have an open mind. Try to truly understand how free market counter-economics benefits all groups, making the world better for all.

Consider Bryan’s points on the simplest level: Do you really need a third-party (government) involved when you grow some corn and another “free” human wants to purchase or trade for it?

Of course not.

Yet it’s as simple as that. The government has inserted themselves in so many “corns” in our lives that we fail to stop and say, “Enough is enough. This is ridiculous.” At worst, people blindly accept and even argue for the government while at best they acquiesce in the face of immoral and unfair taxes & regulations.

This is not how truly free people should be treated! No one but you should have a say in any matter of yours that does not negatively affect another! #butfreedom

Thanks to Bryan for his important and helpful writing that also taught me two new words…true story. I had to look up subversive and Agorism. It’s hard to believe I hadn’t heard of Agorism until now. I certainly won’t forget it.

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amazon logo“ To Purchase the United States Post Office” is near the top of the list of my dream headlines.

How the USPS is still a thing is mind-boggling. They historically lose money, they are not efficient or competitive in the free market and they are not run like a free market for-profit business. And, it recently took them 10 days to deliver numerous pieces of mail for me < 10 miles. is a forward-thinking genius of a company. They are the best in logistics that I’ve ever seen and many experts agree. It seems like a match made in heaven for free market behemoth Amazon to acquire the USPS and turn it into the well oiled machine it could be. This would also make the government smaller, leaner and more efficient. This is a good thing. We do not need government sponsored delivery in 2016 just because that’s the way it’s been. The free market can and will easily adapt to provide humans the delivery service they crave.

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Coach Meyer & I Speak Out On Mental Health

If you have not yet read the exquisite piece by Brandon Sneed in Bleacher Report, take some time to enjoy it now. I have previously written about the importance of mental health, but Brandon and Coach Urban Meyer really highlight the issue and how help is available. Mental health is arguably more important than physical health and no one should be shy about speaking up or reaching out.

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Schumacher Place Civic Assocation

schumacher-placeAfter attending tonight’s Schumacher Place Civic Association meeting I am not hopeful for humanity. There was so much selfish, divisive, borderline hateful behavior by people who feel they are entitled to everything from personal parking spaces on the street to having a say in how other people’s land is developed. These same people use words like “law” and “freedom” but then have the audacity to force their will on to someone else’s property.

Shame on you. Whether you realize it or not, you are being very hateful and hurtful. Your attitude is the equivalent of building a wall to keep “outsiders” away. Many people had their own arbitrary opinion on how many units was too many, not realizing that by being arbitrary they are defeating their own argument.

Many others simply fear change and truly (and incorrectly) believe that development is bad for any number of reasons (too many people, too little parking, too much trash, too much commotion, historic changes, etc). This is naive. These people do not realize that they are changing the world…for the worse. Their divisive thoughts spiral out of control and spread to others who don’t take the time to think for themselves. People simply jump on the “development is bad” bandwagon and next thing you know, development is crushed and the lots remain dilapidated and perfect for the drug deals and prostitutes that frequent them. Great job. #butfreedom?

Even worse, no one seems to realize that real people are behind these developments. Real men and real women. Real moms and dads, taking risks, trying to improve the world. Will they make a profit in doing so? Maybe. Hell, hopefully. Profits are what has driven humanity to where it is today. Like it or not, if man wasn’t striving to build a better mouse trap we’d all be lucky to be riding around on horseback.

I urge everyone to take a step back and ask yourself the following questions. Really think about your answers.

Am I being rational or emotional? Am I being selfish? Should I even have a say in this? Would I want someone else telling me what I can and can not do with my land?


Honesty is something Dale Carnegie teaches us you won’t do. He also teaches that right now, you’re probably not opening up to the thought of being in the wrong. Instead you’re getting fired up, ready to defend your points & to justify and rationalize your beliefs. Sound familiar? I urge you to  take the gloves off, calm down, and stop taking it personally.

Then, read up.

“How To Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie is amongst the best books ever written. Read or listen to it ASAP. If you truly want to be a better human being you should be perking up right about now.

More info on Dale here.

More on the Schumacher Place Civic Association here.

Please understand, it’s ok to not a like a project. You can not like it while still not trying to derail it. Derailing the project = divisive and hateful. If it’s not your land, your home, your body, you should have no say in the outcome. I don’t want to have a say in you or your family or your home. Why should you want a say in mine?

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If You Still Believe In Race…FYI, You’re Wrong

Race does not exist. Despite what you think you know, it doesn’t. It’s fake. Made up by man for this reason or that. I’ve talked about this sad and divisive truth before and now I am excited to have found someone who says the same thing, only in a much better way.

Take :04 to watch and listen to the video above. Prince EA is a smart man, way ahead of his time. His take on life can and will have a profound impact on you if you are willing to accept his help.

Here is a link to more of his videos. You don’t have to listen to all of them right now. Rather just pick one and soak it in. Bookmark the link or subscribe to his channel so you are never too far from an inspiring mental pick me up. Don’t hold on to your stale (and incorrect) take on life just because that’s the way it’s been. It’s NEVER to late to make a change!

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Prince Ea: Row YOUR Boat

Take :03 to watch and listen to the video above. Prince EA is a smart man, way ahead of his time. His take on life can and will have a profound impact on you if you are willing to accept his help.

Here is a link to more of his videos. You don’t have to listen to all of them right now. Rather just pick one and soak it in. Bookmark the link or subscribe to his channel so you are never too far from an inspiring mental pick me up.

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