[Poll] Would You Allow Your Child To Play Tackle Football?

Clearly I would not encourage nor allow my child to play tackle football. Neither would Mark Cuban or Malcolm Gladwell, or zillions of other enlightened adults.

Our decisions are the result of acquiring the knowledge that blows to the human head and blows to the human body are very bad for us, and get worse over time and with repetition. 

Click here for more information and for my thoughts on the future of the National Football League (NFL), then return here to vote on the poll below.

Think about your child, the knowledge you have (hopefully) acquired about his or her body, and cast your vote.


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Tiger Woods, Sports Records & Basic Human Evolution

Since the beginning of time, humans have grown bigger, stronger and faster than the humans that came before them. Aside from space travel, virtually every aspect of human civilization becomes more economical and efficient with the passing of time.

Think about it. Test it out. Think about progression versus regression. Look at pictures from past times. Read about how the past. Learn your history.

Speaking of history, Tiger Woods just won his 82nd PGA Tour event, tying Sam Snead for the most wins of all-time. However,  anyone who looks at the numbers objectively can see that Tiger Woods is actually well past Sam Snead and every other human being who has ever teed it up on the PGA Tour. 

I bring this up to point out how silly it is to argue against Tiger Woods being the greatest golfer of all time. Simply put, no human being has ever dominated the game of golf, struck a golf ball, or putted a golf ball as well as Eldrick Tiger Woods. Arbitrary categories of “wins” or “majors won” or other statistics do not tell the tale. Your eyes do. To deny Tiger Woods is the greatest ever strike a golf ball is to deny basic human evolution.

Nobody ever said the number of majors won was the end all be all determining factor for greatest of all time. After all this is a subjective category and there is not really a right or wrong answer, rather opinions that must be backed up with facts.

In this case, if you look at every human being on earth who has ever hit a golf ball have you ever seen anyone hit the ball or putt the ball or consistently dominate the game better than Tiger Woods?

The answer, objectively, it is NO! Tiger is bigger stronger and faster than all who have come before him just like 50 or 100 years from now we will be saying the same thing about the next great golfer being better than Tiger. That is undeniable too….at some future time, there will be a human being who strikes, putts and dominates the golf ball better than Tiger Woods!

Since the beginning of time humans have evolved to be bigger stronger and faster and tournament numbers simply do not tell the entire story. Use your eyes and look at the human being hitting the golf ball. The story becomes much more clear when you take statistics out of it and simply use your eyes and brain!


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#RequiredReading: Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters by Meg Meeker, M.D.

For new parents and parents-to-be, there are a plethora of helpful aids online including YouTube and Amazon. And the entire sum of knowledge of all mankind since the beginning of time….aka the “Internet.”

The Internet is a pretty big place, and it can be overwhelming from time to time. Hence why I share my #RequiredReading – writings that I consider essential for all to include in their regular reading. And teaching.

One day shy of my daughter’s due date I feel compelled to share one of the best parenting books I have read: Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters, by Doctor Meg Meeker. As a soon to be father of a precious little girl, I am extremely grateful that people like Doctor Meeker have taken their time to pass along their wisdom.

As a first time parent and fan of soaking up advice whenever I can, I can highly recommend Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters, even before my first child has arrived! Whether you are a first time parent like me or perhaps you are already a father of 3 girls, this book will help you be a better human being and a better parent.

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Free College, Cancel Debt, Bernie Sanders, Nonsense

Hollywood could not write a story better than the student loan forgiveness nonsense we are witnessing in real life history.

Bernie Sanders and many (most? all?) wanna be Presidential Candidates from the Democratic Party (read: libcucks/cuckesses) keep trying to one up each other with how much “free stuff” they can promise voters.

“Free” is in quotations because basic economics teaches us that nothing from the Government is ever free – it must first be taken from someone. Of if Uncle Sam prints money to pay for their “free” stuff, we all lose – more money in circulation (inflation) means all of our existing money is now worth less. Again, basic economics…the more there is of something, the less valuable it becomes.

Here is an example of a very, very dangerous way of thinking:

People who advocate for college loan forgiveness often also advocate for a blanket wealth tax. These are insanely oppressive and will do nothing other than destroy wealth. This is mathematically undeniable.

In this case, pool old Bernie notes that college was a lot more affordable 30 years ago and that prices for college have “skyrocketed” since.

The amazing unscriptable irony is that the entire student loan debt issue was created by the United States government when they started guaranteeing loans to teenagers who are not creditworthy. Prior to that no free market bank with a head on his shoulders would have ever loaned money to a student! Uncle Sam started cosigning the debts and it allowed colleges to charge whatever they want because people would borrow whatever they want. A win for colleges, a “win” for the students who took on the debt, and a huge loss to all taxpayers who now must subsidize any bad loans.

If the government, yes the same government who literally created the problem, forgives ONE TRILLION DOLLARS worth of student loans, it will be you and I, the taxpayers, who foot that bill. Does that seem right to you?! #butfreedom #1ooyears


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MedMen “The New Normal – A Short Film by Spike Jonze”

I cannot add much to this masterpiece. Turn up your volume and enjoy. Sharing things like can only help release the thousands upon thousands of people presently confined to a cage due to the all natural, non toxic cannabis pant, while potentially preventing countless would be opioid addictions and deaths.

Love the video as much as me?! There is more! This behind the scenes look at how The New Normal was made is a fantastic look at filmmaking, while getting into the minds of the geniuses behind the project.

Click here for more of my thoughts on cannabis.

Click here for my thoughts on prisons.


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$100/HR Minimum Wage

$100/HR Minimum Wage

Make it a reality! $15/hr!? Who can live on that? It would be impossible to raise 3 or 4 kids, 2 dogs and a cat, pay for gas for 2 vehicles and 1 boat (with jet ski of course), take 2 vacations/yr and pay to have someone clean our 6500 sq foot home twice a month on just $15/hr!

The minimum wage should be at least $100/hr. Perhaps $200/hr. 

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A Note To Tesla Bears: Drive A Tesla!

Tesla seems to be as polarizing company as any in recent memory. On one side you have the bulls like myself and Elon Musk, people who understand the facts of renewable energy versus nonrenewable energy. On the other side you have people who have not driven a Tesla.

As Elon so simply and eloquently stated, “It’s necessarily true that we will live on renewables. It’s just a question of when. In fact it’s in the definition that if it’s not renewable that means it’s going to run out at some point.”

That is gasoline. That is fossil fuels.

Anyone who believes that a fossil fuel based economy will exist in 50 or 100 or 200 years is kidding themselves and basic reality.

Understanding that leads us to the inevitable: virtually everything that presently runs on gasoline will eventually become obsolete or be powered by a renewable source in the future. These are the only two options.

That includes cars, which brings us back to Tesla, a company that many bears believe is actually going to cease to exist sometime in the near future. This is an insanely ignorant belief and one that is easily disproved.

Could some wild “Enron-like” event take Tesla down? Sure, I guess. (even in that case I believe it would be purchased, for many of the reasons laid out below.) But what are the chances that the most watched company on Earth is cooking the books while being publicly traded and audited? Again, it could happen, but it is highly unlikely and one of (if not the only) way to speculate about the company ceasing to exist.

As for the rest of the negative speculation I simply ask the bears: have you driven a Tesla?

I find it very hard for someone to complain about any aspect of the vehicle, save the lack of noise pollution, if they have actually driven one. The Tesla is unambiguously the safest, fastest and most technologically advanced vehicle ever produced. This is impossible to deny if you have driven one (and if you put stock in unbiased experts, like Jay Leno!)

Imagine, people are actually complaining that Tesla vehicles are not loud! Can you think of any other area of life, save live rock concerts, where the lack of noise is a bad thing?!

Aside from the fact that Tesla Produces the world’s safest and most technologically advanced vehicles there are many other reasons why Tesla is not going anywhere. Tesla is a world leader in battery technology. A quick look at Tesla’s balance sheet (quarter ending 6/30/19) shows over $4b of cash on hand and over $19 billion dollars worth of property plant and equipment that is amongst some of the most advanced technology on Earth. These assets have a definable value that is undeniable. To think that Tesla could shrivel up and go away is to think that assets like their factories and their battery producing technology and their intellectual property could simply go away.

It is not possible.

These assets would be purchased long before the company would become dust. More likely, a strategic partner would invest, perhaps a company like Volkswagen, giving even more assurance to the predictions that:

1) Tesla is here to stay and

2) renewable energy must replace fossil fuels, therefore electric powered vehicles are most likely to overtake other vehicles in the next 0-20 years.

Still are not sold on Tesla? DRIVE ONE! In the meantime check out this excellent short video by Twitter user @flcnhvy for more on Tesla. Thank you for making such a great video!

Click here for more of my thoughts on Tesla.

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Eminem feat. Elton John ‘Stan’

I fear an entire generation has never known this 2001 live performance of ‘Stan’ by Eminem with Elton John on the keys. And many of us who lived through it have forgotten about it since it came out ~18 years ago.

What a shame.

This performance is one of a kind, with nothing before or since coming close to transcending prejudices with such a BOOM moment. (If you have not already, turn your speakers up to 11 and enjoy!)

On stage for the world to see are two of the greatest artists to ever walk planet Earth getting together to perform a poetic masterpiece that many would call divisive. Yet instead of divide this epic performance brings people together, with Em delivering an inspiring pro mental health message in the one of a kind way that only he can do, while Elton adds the lyrics to the spooky chorus (thanks, Dido!) but his singing is overshadowed by how he just jams tf out in the background, making the keys sing like only Elton can do.

And then the hug heard ’round the world. If that does not move you, see your doctor immediately because you have no heart!


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Getting Back On Track

Something in your life is not right

Are you stuck in a rut, depressed, anxious or sad? Or maybe you are not feeling quite like yourself but cannot quite put your finger on the problem? Perhaps you know exactly what the problem is but lack the motivation to do anything about it. Or maybe you feel great most of the time but simply cannot get through the day without encountering a few demons.

Do not worry – you are no different than every other human being who has ever walked the face of the Earth. We all have demons. We all get into a rut.

However not everyone recognizes their rut and of those who do many do not take steps to claw their way out.

Still reading? GREAT! You are on the path back out of the rut and into normal, happy, stoic everyday life.

How to get back on track


Bookmark this page so you can enjoy the links below. Then start clicking and reading.

Here is a playlist. Put it on random and let it take you away. It’s eclectic and all over the place – that’s kind of the point – for the listener to find inspiration in the music at the most random of times!

Here is a poem. Read it slowly. Then read it again, stopping at the end of each stanza, reflecting on what you just read and how it applies to you.

Here are a few books to read (or listen to.) No excuses, you have the time. These are the words of men and women who have tried and failed and tried again – and they are passing along what they have learned directly to us. As Emerson says, every book is a quotation—of other books, of experience, of the humans and civilizations that came before it. How could you not expose yourself to this?

Here is an essay about addiction, depression and the trials of the everyday life of an entrepreneur, written by a normal person just like you and me. He is conquering his demons. We can conquer ours too.

Here are thoughts on the importance of mental health – something everyone needs to consider!

Here is a collection of essays to help you improve yourself. Here too is another collection.

Here is a quick and easy “cheat” to feel good in any situation!

When to get help

There is never a wrong time to decide to get help. It is never too late to learn. If you are struggling please ask someone for help. Take a look at people in your life and ask yourself who seems to be rocking life all day every day?! Then ask that person if you can pick their brain, perhaps over a cup of coffee (not alcohol!)

I will let you in on a little secret before you even meet: no one rocks life all day every day. We all struggle in some way, shape or form. The people who seem to have it all figured out simply start over each day and they find that it is their duty in life to stay focused on their mission of being the best person they can be each day.

It is not easy. Nothing worthwhile is.

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People Are Buying More Cannabis Than Wine And Chicken!

People are buying more cannabis than wine & chicken! Don’t just take my word for it! Take a listen to Jessica Billingsley, CEO of a company called Akerna.

Jessica estimates that Americans will spend ~$450MM on cannabis this July 4th versus just $371 million on chicken.

More importantly, the movement away from alcohol is in full swing, with Jessica also estimating that American cannabis purchasing will outgrow wine purchasing next year (2020!)

This is great news!

As we know, cannabis is a non toxic substance that cannot kill a human being. Alcohol, on the other hand, is very toxic and kills thousands of humans every day across the globe. Do the math. According to the CDC, “alcohol is estimated to be responsible for about 88,000 deaths per year – more than overdoses from all other drugs combined.”

Let that sink in.

“More than overdoses from all other drugs…combined!”

Yet anyone over the age of 21 can purchase and consume alcohol like its water. No big deal – here is a bottle of poison. But for cannabis, a non toxic plant, you have to jump through hoops to get a license to purchase and then wait on line in the sun, rain or snow just to purchase overpriced products created by the government’s intervention into nature.

Does this seem right?! #butfreedom! #100years

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