This Time Tomorrow

At this time tomorrow, thousands of bicyclists & volunteers will be in the heat of @Pelotonia 2013 - raising money for #OneGoal - to #EndCancer. I will be riding crushing the 50 mile route. Thank you for your support and your generous donations. I am proud to be part of a group that has given … Continue reading This Time Tomorrow


An Open Letter To Sir Nick Faldo

Can you imagine having a lifetime exemption to the Masters and forgoing your opportunity to play at least 2 rounds per year at Augusta?! Sir Nick Faldo, one of golfs greatest players, has stopped playing competitive golf. I hope he'll read my letter and consider getting back out onto the course.

LSU and Alabama are Overrated. A Super Conference is Needed to Prove Me Wrong

LSU and Alabama are very good, and they are most likely the best 2 teams in the NCAA. However at no fault of their own they don't get the chance to prove their dominance. How could we change this? A Super Conference is once place to start! While this author has Florida in over LSU, you get the point.