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Doug Polk Is Not A Gambler

Professional gambler? Isn’t that an oxymoron? Continue reading

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Playing LAG To Quickly Build An Image & Then Putting It To Use

Sometimes it may only take a few hands to build an image that you can capitalize on Continue reading

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Confidently Betting Despite Being Out Of Position (OOP)

If we know our opponent well enough we can form a plan to out play him despite being out of position. Continue reading

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Hollywood Columbus Can Host Profitable Poker Tournaments

Here is a link to a simple spreadsheet that breaks down the money in the recently completed (and hugely successful) Queen City Classic at the Horseshoe Casino Cincinnati. As previously stated, I believe that Hollywood Columbus can host a series … Continue reading

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Open Letter To The Ohio Casino Control Commission

Ohio casinos are unable to offer large poker tournaments due to the current camera coverage laws that govern their ballrooms & meeting rooms. Continue reading

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Checking From Way Ahead Despite Backfire Potential

If we feel we are smashing our opponent’s range, checking the flop can be the best play to maximize value despite allowing the occasional suck out. Continue reading

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World Series of Poker Circuit: Cincinnati

At Noon on Thursday, September 19, 2013, the World Series of Poker will officially welcome itself to Ohio. “Shuffle up & deal” will proudly be announced, and cards will be in the air in the first ever World Series of Poker Circuit Event in the 7th largest state in the union. Continue reading

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Always Ask For A Seat Change Button

Everyone knows that table selection is very important. Most people also know that seat selection is just as important. But surprisingly not many players actively move seats to gain a better position at the table. Continue reading

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Strategically Using Certain Chips In Certain Spots

Bart Hanson once wrote about why he likes to use big chips in certain situations. Your opponent has bet $100 into you on the flop, and you know that you’re going to call. Bart’s take is that you should pay attention to how you pay the call. Continue reading

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Full Ring No Limit Cash Games

Thoughts on playing full ring no-limit texas hold ’em. #poker Continue reading

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