If You Are Not Short, You Are A Charlatan

As irrational as many Tesla “Bulls” can be, I am struggling to understand the argument that most Tesla “Bears” (aka #TSLAq) sink their teeth into, which is that Tesla has continuously missed their own self estimated timelines.

I do not dispute the fact that Tesla has missed many timelines. I simply must point out the laughable irony that Tesla was not ever required to give any timelines and the ones they did provide were a best guess at the time.

Were some guesses wrong? Obviously, as we can see now with hindsight.

But we should also be able to imagine a reality in which Tesla simply never mentioned a timeline, and they simply mention production & delivery numbers after the fact. Or say something like, “here is a product we are working on. We have no idea when it will be ready.” 

If that were the case, what would these Tesla Bears be saying today? Virtually all of their arguments would be worthless, because most of their arguments rely on pointing out Tesla missing their own self imposed deadlines. When spelled out like this, it should be pretty obvious that it is silly to hang your entire argument on missing arbitrary timelines.

If one wants to be a Tesla Bear, perhaps they should take a look at the financials and balance sheet and try to use their own brain to come up with an actual Bear argument. After reviewing the cash positions & future outlook of legacy automakers & comparing it with Tesla, I am not sure the reasonable Bears will stay very bearish!

Finally, many self-described “Tesla Bears” are have no actual skin in the game. They have no short position or other financial bet against the company. They simply dislike Elon Musk & Zach Kirkhorn, and insinuate Elon & Zach to be charlatans committing fraud, but when asked to go on the record with said accusations, these critics are suspiciously silent.

What does that say about one’s position when they will not officially call out Elon & Zach despite insinuating fraud every chance they get? Either put your name on it & make an official accusation, or realize that you are the charlatan.


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