1 Share Of TSLA = 1 Share Of TSLA

Respectfully, Tesla and Elon Musk / Twitter critics are coming off as disingenuous immature crybabies. They are judging Twitter and even Tesla on such a short timeline and failing to zoom out and look at the big picture. For the people flipping out about Twitter, it has been less than three months since the purchase. Three months. NFL head coaches are given a longer leash. For critics of Tesla stock price dropping, where were you when the vehicle prices & Tesla’s stock price skyrocketed over the past few years? You are not taking into account the fact that the vehicles were never supposed to be priced this high. So price cuts are simply the market regressing back to the equilibrium. But some act like vehicle price cuts are the end of the world and that is completely disingenuous because they are not telling the side of the story where prices have been continually increasing for two years.

The idea that people are losing money as the Tesla stock price moves is false. Numbers on a screen are changing and traders might be getting their teeth kicked in, but those are things that happen with every equity, every day that markets are open, since the beginning of time. Just like any other non-cash asset, especially one that does not produce cash, we are not using shares of #TSLA to pay our gas bills, so why do we care how the market values it on any one given random day? All these people making noise about the stock price, for lack of better words, are very disingenuous or perhaps, just plain ignorant.

For the average person, at least it is not their fault as they have no idea about how little financial knowledge they actually possess, but in every other case, the loudest critics of the Tesla stock price drop are most likely self-serving traders, who are not good at trading, or just simply got burned on an investment where they are a fiduciary who has to answer to other people and now cannot do not want to explain the paper losses to their clients. Anyone who is investing in the long-term should realize that this is the buying opportunity of a lifetime. We can literally see that the Tesla company valuation is being hammered based on outside factors that have absolutely nothing to do with the production or intellectual property of Tesla itself. Tesla has been losing value every day, but nothing about their fundamental business has changed. My personal time horizon in my Tesla investment is a minimum of 18 years as I have a six month old son and do not plan to sell any shares prior to him leaving home. I am a long investor, not a trader.

Understanding that time horizon, hopefully it makes sense as to why I barely ever look at current day stock price other than times like these when I can add to my position. So to those of you yelling loudly, acting like the current stock price means something I respectfully say it sounds like you are not in a position with your personal wealth to be investing in Tesla. Perhaps you should focus on actual wealth building, pay off any debts, load up Roth versions of the IRA and 401(k), obviously fill an emergency fund, perhaps some real estate, and then maybe get back to buying a single risky equity for the long term. I was stupid and bought other equities during Covid thinking I knew what I was doing but in reality I was just chasing. Chasing is not good. So now I am selling those positions and putting all of it into Tesla by buying blocks of 25-100 shares as the price moves. However to paint a bigger picture please realize this one equity/investment is a very, very small portion of our overall household wealth.


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