Federal Reserve Gaslighting

Do not let big words fool you. The Federal Reserve is NOT made up of intellectuals. In reality, the people running the Federal Reserve are all clowns, and hardly any of them have as much financial literacy as me or the readers of my essays. These people use lots of big words to avoid using the word ‘printing’ next to the word ‘money’ next to the phrase ‘thin air’.  It took me years to figure out that all of that was a smokescreen to cover up the fact that they do not understand basic economics, which is just basic math. Essentially, the Federal Reserve tries to gaslight people by using big words and acting smart. But, math does not lie and history will not be kind to people who advocate for quantitative easing, and other stupid policies like trying to control inflation & interest rates.

In reality, as we know, there is no better allocator of resources, which includes credit markets (aka interest rates) than the free market.

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