The Definition Of ‘Wealth’ Might Not Be What You Think

Forget everything you think you know about wealth. You may think being wealthy means living in a mansion with millions of dollars, flying private, owning yachts, etc. This is nonsense. While many wealthy humans have mansions with millions of dollars and lots of toys, what good are those toys if the owner has no time to use them at will? What good is a mansion if one is never home or always working?

Along those lines, how valuable are those millions of dollars if they come with strings attached, such as things you cannot say and/or things you must say, regardless of your true personal beliefs?! Virtually every CEO on Earth, (save one), has to toe the line or risk losing their career. Sure, they are paid handsomely but with that compensation comes a muzzle of sorts. They have to constantly censor their opinions, words, tweets, etc. This can be straight up soul crushing over time!

After understanding that money, toys, & assets that come with conditions is not an optimal situation we can start to see what true wealth is: Wealth is the ability to control your time & opinions.

That’s it. Read it again. Memorize it. Copy and paste it. Print it out. Do whatever you need to do to avoid falling back into the Instagram influencer fake Patek Philippe nonsense trap. Material items, money, fast cars, diamond rings, gold chains and champagne will not create happiness. Finding peace and understanding what true wealth is will.

It is simple yet profound that billions of people have been duped into thinking that wealth has to do with things as common as money & status symbols like houses, cars, & toys. I know plenty of people with bank accounts flush with cash & houses filled with toys. Many of them also happen to be obligated to trade their time for money 60+ hours per week. They look forward to the potential respite offered by the weekend and one or two “vacations” during the year. And if they tweet something remotely controversial? Forget about it – they could lose it all.

What good is a bank account (numbers on a screen) when one’s time & opinions are being controlled? The thought that when one retires they will have sufficient funds? Is that trade off truly worth it – to finally be able to speak one’s mind & control one’s time once they are > 70 years old? To make it worse, many of them maintain mountains of debt. A double whammy – frivolous spending on things one does not need with money they cannot afford to spend.

Life becomes a lot simpler once you understand what true wealth actually is. Desire is suffering and if we desire less, we suffer less. When we give control of our happiness to outside forces like material items & what others think of us, we will never be wealthy or happy, no matter what our balance sheet looks like.

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