Everyone Is Selfish & All Politicians Are Fooling You

Despite what people tell you and regardless of what you believe, a simple truth of life is that no one is looking out for you.

Parents look out for their children. Pet lovers care for their pets. But the common, every day man or woman that walks the earth as a “free” human being? No one is looking out for that person.

In fact it’s just the opposite. The “free humans” (Frumans) that walk this earth are regularly targeted by other people who have an agenda. These selfish agenda-pushers (SAPs) will stop at nothing to achieve their goal, which ultimately helps SAPs and in many cases hurts, restricts or oppresses the Frumans.

The SAPs don’t care at all about the Frumans, they simply want to push their SAP agenda forward. Sometimes this agenda may appear to help Frumans, other times it may blatantly hurt them. What mystifies me, however, is that most of the time the Frumans have no idea exactly how bad they have it. It’s like the SAPs have some mind-control device that tricks the Frumans from complaining, questioning & critiquing to mindless & uniform AGREEMENT.

A simple way to look at life is if you and I were the only two Frumans on the planet. We would truly be free, as you’d do your thing and I’d do mine. If you invented, grew, or produced an item that I wanted and we agreed to terms, there would be no reason for outside interference. We would be free to do as we please. Even if other Frumans appeared, they’d have no right (nor reason) to interfere with our transaction.

After all, we are free humans, aren’t we?

That’s what we like to think. But if we were truly free humans (Frumans), would there be so many laws that restrict what we can do with our own time, money and property? Would there be SAPs like the Ohio Auto Dealers Association, fighting to keep Tesla (a private business made by Frumans) out of Ohio?

Would billionaire SAPs and political SAPs be fighting to restrict you and I and millions of other Frumans from playing poker or gambling from the comfort of our homes?

If we are truly free humans, questions like these would be unheard of. Nobody would interfere in private business transactions. People would be allowed to spend  (or gamble) their money however they want. Frumans are ultimately the end-users of the earth, and life (and law) should be about giving Frumans whatever they desire as often as possible (not squashing what they desire for some SAP agenda).

As I stated earlier, unfortunately no one is looking out for you. Not your democrat friends, nor your republican ones. 99.9% of politicians are the sappiest of SAPs – egregiously pushing their selfish agenda (or an agenda of whatever lobbyist is in their ear) despite the desires (and rights) of the Frumans they are supposed to represent. In other words, all politicians have an agenda. I just want left alone and to leave you alone.

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