How Tesla Artificial Intelligence Day Adds Value To “FSD” Beta (AI Day 2 Is Here!)

After watching Dave Lee on Investing discuss his predictions for Tesla AI Day 2 I am even more bullish on Tesla’s “Full Self Driving” than I was when I purchased it just a few weeks ago!

You are missing out if you are not subscribed to Dave Lee on Investing!

Dave’s video is great and I encourage you to give it a watch as he speculates on a few key areas we might get some insights into tonight. One that really caught my eye was Hardware Four (HW4). A big reason I justified the $12,000 purchase of the FSD Beta software was to lock in the ability to use one of the most advanced chips and computing systems ever created. Now, thanks to Dave, I have realized that my purchase might also entitle me to free or heavily discounted future hardware upgrades as Tesla is sure to eventually move to HW4 and beyond. This is another huge ancillary benefit of the initial purchase.

I truly believe the value of the FSD Beta will never be anywhere near as low as $12,000 ever again. As the cost to purchase it increases ($15k now, likely ~$20k next with $5k jumps possible after that) I believe that the value of my vehicle will also increase (though not as much as originally theorized – used markets have shown that FSD on a used Tesla is not a 100% equity transfer.) In any case, the utility I get from it ( is pretty incredible!) along with future improvements and potential hardware upgrades make Tesla FSD well worth it to me.

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