Tesla Model Y Accessory Recommendation List (Bonus: Tesla Delivery Checklist)

It is no secret that I am a Tesla shareholder (since 2013!) and a proud Tesla Model Y owner since 2021. The $TSLA community is full of wonderful people (some a bit too ambitious) but nearly all are willing to help future & current Tesla owners. Without their help I would have had a hard time narrowing down what accessories to buy and how to go about installing them. I am truly grateful!

I hope to repay the selflessness of the @Tesla community by sharing my list of recommended must have Tesla Model Y accessories. This list is free for all to access, question and comment on. I have also included a Tesla Delivery Checklist and a Tesla Accessory Install guide, both made as I took delivery and began to upgrade my already awesome Model Y! Finally, there is a tab with pics and a tab questioning Tesla’s production goals (where are all of these vehicles going to come from?!)

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