Offering Payment For You To Visit Campo de’ Fiori In Rome Italy

The market at Campo de’ Fiori – appearing daily since 1869

While visiting Rome in 2018 I was fortunate to spend time at Campo de’ Fiori, a rectangular square near Piazza Navona, where a daily market has popped up every day since 1869. It was at this market where I discovered the spices that would forever change my homemade pasta sauce (and learn about Giordano Bruno, the “donniccolo” of the 16th century, who was burned alive by the church for daring to question their now disproved beliefs). Ironically, “Bruno” is a family name of mine, just a few generations removed! I would like to pay someone to visit this market and buy/ship spices to me in the USA!

Me posing with Giordano Bruno

Sadly I cannot remember the exact names of the spices purchased at the market, and I think it may actually be at least two kinds of spices that I mixed together…perhaps an arrabbiata and the general mix? Below is a picture of what I have left and a picture of what I purchased – the arrabbiata is on the right and the other one is on the left but turned over! 

Spices needed! Multiple bags of each on the left and right (not the X in the center)
A look at the little amount of spice I have left. Without help from a friendly in Rome my sauce will be ruined!

I am searching for a friendly in Rome who would be kind enough (of course in exchange for ETH or USD, etc.) to spend some of their time buying 5 packs of each spice (10 packs total) and shipping them to me in the USA. I will pay for the spices and shipping and for your time! Below is a map of where the market is located. It appears that UPS allows for scheduled pickups and I am happy to provide a prepaid label so the buyer helping me does not have to pay.

The statue of Giordano Bruno at Campo de Fiori, Rome, Italy

Your help is greatly appreciated! Feel free to tweet me @donniccolo if you can help or email nick[at]nicknicastro[dot]com. I am happy to prepay via Blockchain (ETH, BTC, etc.) so third parties can confirm our transaction! Your help will be remembered each time we make our homemade pasta!

Nicastro’s famous homemade linguine
Nicastro’s famous homemade pasta sauce

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