When Will Humans Return To The Moon?

When will humans return to the moon?

“Return” is a pretty loose term in my opinion as I do not believe humans have been to the moon. (That, or there are bases on Mars!)

While I certainly do not agree with everything in the above video, I do believe that Bart, as wild as he can be, makes excellent points and asks great questions that fit in with my questioning the big picture:

  • Why cannot anyone replicate, in the year 2021, technology that was supposedly developed in an 8-year period in 1961 with 1/1,000,000th (one one millionth) the computing power?
  • Why is moon landing technology literally the only technology ever to have regressed over a time period that every other technology has progressed?
  • How many years must pass since the last time NASA (or any entity) will claim they have sent a human out of low Earth orbit? (No one has claimed to do so since 1972. Let that sink in. As I write this we are just 10 weeks from the year 2022.)

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