One Of The Best Pieces Of Advice I Have Ever Received: Learn To Cook

Thanks, Pop!

Do yourself a favor and learn to cook. Now. Intimidated? Do not be. Start with one delivery of a meal ingredient & instruction delivery service. We have used Blue Apron, Sunbasket and Green Chef though there are many others! Pick one that fits your lifestyle and preferred diet (keto, for example) and start with one week (there is no minimum or obligation – a common misconception.) Email me for free meals from Blue Apron (see photo below) as I typically have free boxes to give away. No catch, just delicious free food!

These ingredient delivery services are a GREAT way to get comfortable in the kitchen. You will learn the basics right off the bat and if you keep with it you will soon learn what “goes” with what (hint: salt goes with everything.) You can even start to experiment and soon enough you will develop your own unique style!

Speaking of unique style, I enjoy sending pics and ridiculous narratives to my circle from time to time. Here is one I recently sent: “So last night for dinner I was thinking steak. But a little bored with my typical preparation and sides so I decided to forgo the asparagus and instead whip up a little couscous. To add some flavor I chopped a few walnuts and coated them in a Shawarma spice blend and some honey. Then I diced up some peppers and corn, scallions garlic and red pepper flakes to make a little base. For the steaks I coated them with a little za’atar, because you know everyone uses za’atar nowadays, and grilled them to medium rare. Then I combined my vegetable medley with the couscous adding some capers and cheese and a drizzle of olive oil. I topped the steaks with a little tzatziki and garnished the couscous with the candied walnuts and some mint leaves chopped parsley and green scallions. I must say it was pretty delicious!”

Here are some of the meals I have made over the years with no formal training. If I can do it, so can you. Buon appetito!

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