If Poverty Did Not Exist, Would People Still Decry The Ultra Wealthy?

There is virtually no debate that all humans of today enjoy a better life, on average, than all humans of 10,000 years ago. And 5,000 years ago. And 1,000 years ago. And #100years ago.

If we assume this trend is to continue, and it better or we are all in big, big trouble, than it is fair to assume that at some future point there will be no poverty. At least not poverty like we know it today where people die of starvation, homeless in the street.

This thought experiment led me to question, when society inevitably reaches the point of no poverty, will snowflakes ignorant uneducated well meaning but incorrect people still complain about the ultra wealthy having “too much money”? Sadly I imagine they will but I hope I am wrong.

Disgusting men! They should have listened to their critics and not revolutionized rail, steel, oil, & banking. They should not have accelerated the growth of the nation by an immeasurable factor! -The “Musk & Bezos have too much money in 2021 crowd”

Now I think about the same well meaning humans of the past, who thought the super wealthy of their day had too much wealth. It is highly unlikely that those humans could have ever dreamed of today’s society, where we are on an exponential path toward enlightenment. And with the benefit of hindsight, we can see that they were clearly wrong to decry such visionary risk takers as Cornelius Vanderbilt, JD Rockefeller, and Andrew Carnegie. We can literally see that those men changed the world for the better, in spite of what the critics of their day were spouting and in spite of any of their faults (they were human, after all.) Yes, they amassed vast fortunes in exchange for changing the world on such a large scale. And yes, today’s visionaries are also amassing unconscionable amounts of wealth. But that does not make it wrong. The fortunes they built are in direct proportion to the amount of collective good they have brought to others who have willingly done business with them.

Today many people complain that men like Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk have “too much wealth,” which, as seen above, is not a thing. These people clearly do not understand basic economics, but more importantly they do not realize the true paradox of their complaint: everyone is Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk to someone else. Your wealth, or lack of, is completely relative. And once you realize where you are on the global scale, you might want to think twice about complaining that others have too much. Instead perhaps ask how can you help make the world a better place?

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