Mara Gordon On Pain Relief That Cannot Kill A Human

I have already told you not to listen to me when it comes to such polarizing topics as race & education. You may have prejudged me as your enemy because you think I am part of the “oppressive patriarchal hierarchy.” (note: such a thing does not exist.) But I doubt you will be so quick to judge Christina Hoff Sommers when she politely educates you!

Mara Gordon is as sharp as Christina. As a cannabis advocate she clearly and succinctly explains how cannabis is essentially a magical plant with many healing properties. She questions why modern medicine never mentioned this to her when she was struggling with chronic pain. Now she educates and informs as many people as she can so they can help themselves, get away from opioids, and resume a pain free life!

Mara is no different than you or me or any of the millions of people who rely on cannabis for a safe, non toxic way to alleviate their pain. Just one visit to a dispensary will show you who frequents the clinic: it is NOT pothead hippie stoner losers. Instead you will find the mom who has chronic back pain; the grandma with glaucoma; the war veteran with PTSD; the teacher with anxiety; and sadly, the child with cancer, amongst countless other productive members of society who simply want to live with less pain and not rely on a toxic substance to do so. People who use cannabis are regular people and they are all around us. But do not take it from me. Take it from Mara.

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