What Reminders Move Me?

I do not have the greatest of memories. This is a blessing as much as it is a curse. I am easily able to forget about things that I have perceived as negative, but on the flip side I need constant reminders of my ethos to keep me on track.

Below are the printouts I keep on my wall with my pithy thoughts in parenthesis. These are #requiredreading for me. I hope each one moves & inspires you as much as they did me.

When you arise in the morning (helps you to remember, appreciate, focus)

6 time management techniques from Seneca (remember, you will die, work backwards from there)

A little fellow follows you (your kids!)

Habits to avoid (these are not easy but very valuable for our mental health)

Desiderata (favorite poem, changed my life)

You have one job today (think about your family when you read this)

Every single day (back to our mortality, really brings me back to Earth if I feel myself wanting to get angry)

How long are you going to wait? (well, how long? You are the leader of your family and people depend on you. Let’s get moving.)

Many people are not shy about how politics and world affairs yet these things bring anger and anxiety to their life. If this is you, take a step back and ask yourself, why are you choosing to put these triggers into your life? You would not choose to let a bee sting you, would you? So why choose to let current events affect your emotions? There is no such thing as a person or event that causes you anger or offense. You can only take offense, no one can give it to you. You and you alone control your emotions and reactions. If someone or something else controlled your emotions you would be a slave to them. Are you a slave? Or are you a human being who can take control of their life? Stop feeling annoyed. There is no such thing as an annoying person – there is only your decision to feel annoyed. Stop taking offense – it means nothing anyway – and start taking control.

You have a duty to your family and there is no time for negativity and hostility. The solution is to remove those triggers from your daily routine. Stay off the Internet if needed. Stay away from news, Twitter, whatever it is that puts those subjects that bother you front and center in your life. Get away from them. The further you get the easier it becomes. But you and only you can make this choice.

We will get you back on track and it will take some time – it takes us time to fall into a rut and naturally takes time to work out of it. The key is getting started. The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The next best time is today.

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