Do Not Listen To Me

Do not listen to me. In the spirit of the great Dan Carlin not being a historian, rather “just a fan of history” I am no expert – just a fan of experts.

For example, when I point out that classifying humans into Race is an archaic thought that intellectuals do not dispute, do not take my word for it. Perhaps take the word of an expert named Prince Ea. If I tell you that black and white are arbitrary and divisive you may think down on me, even perhaps label me a “racist”. (Oh the irony of those people!)

But if someone who looks like Prince Ea (or Martin Luther King, Jr. for god’s sake!) tells you not to label him anything, let alone, “Black”, perhaps you will listen to what they have to say.

Maybe you are still not ready to listen to me. After all, what do I know? Let us see if Jane Elliott can find a way to get through to you. Jane is an expert educator who has been teaching since 1953 and her message is as clear as can be:

“We hate because we’re taught to hate. We hate because we’re ignorant. We are the product of ignorant people who have been taught an ignorant thing which is that there are 4 or 5 different races. There are not 4 or 5 different races there’s only 1 race on the face of the Earth and we’re all members of that race, the Human Race. But we have separated people into races so that some of us can see ourselves as superior to the others. We thought it would work, I guess, it hasn’t worked it has been bad for everyone. It’s time to get over this business. There is no gene for racism. There’s no gene for bigotry. You’re not born a bigot, you have to learn to be a bigot. Anything you learn you can unlearn. It’s time to unlearn our bigotry. It’s time to get over this thing and we best get over it pretty soon. I’m an educator and it’s my business as an educator to lead people out of ignorance. The ignorance of thinking that you’re better or worse than someone else because of the amount of pigment in your skin. Pigmentation in your skin has nothing to do with intelligence or with your worth as a human being. It’s time to get over that.” Jane Elliott on Race & Education

Imagine we live in a world where a woman looking like Jane and a man looking like Prince Ea can have the same message of love, tolerance and unity, yet millions of people still choose not to hear their message?! Millions of people bathe in their own ignorant tribalistic beliefs meant to prop up their group at the expense of all other groups. And when it is explained to them that they are perpetuating divisiveness, not love, they choose to dig in and fight back.

Do not be that person. Do not dig in. Stop. Think. Be honest with yourself. What about Jane & Prince’s message is wrong? You know the answer. Now live it.

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