Do Not Hit Children. Or Anyone.

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Photo by Norbert Hentges on Unsplash

As we have seen with football, physical strikes to the head or body are never a net positive.

Understanding that, we should understand that it is never OK to strike another person.

If the undying love for your child is not enough perhaps think of the things above the next time you got to spank, or even worse smack your child.

Sure, parents used to spank/hit their kids “back in my day.” Blah blah blah. In someone’s day “they” also burned people alive and smoked while pregnant.

In TODAY’s world we know better. And today we KNOW that physical blows are a net negative. Do not hit your children. Or animals.

How one could ever spank / smack a child or animal in today’s world (2021) is beyond me. You are not your parents. Smarten up. Be better.

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