Protected Classes vs. Ambiguous Identification

Either everyone can identify however they want at any time, or there are protected classes. Those two things are mutually exclusive. There cannot be both.

Personally, I could not care less how another person chooses to identify. If you wish to be a white man, black woman, both, neither or a gender neutral trans gay Flying Spaghetti Monster, be my guest. I simply must note that if one is free to identify however they please, they can simply choose to identify as whatever “protected” group receives the most benefit in that exact situation.

Seems kind of silly, no?! A much better idea would be for all groups to be treated equally always. No need to prop up any one group at the expense of all others.

Just as silly as protecting groups that anyone can join at any time is the idea of modern day art somehow erasing or “culturally appropriating” the past. For example, the hysterically funny hit show “Big Mouth” recently recast a voice actor due to the fact that she was “white” and the voice she was doing was of a “mixed” girl. Let us set aside the fact that race is completely made up, especially for a fictional cartoon character and think about how hypocritical this illogical belief is when trying to reconcile it with say, Lin Manuel Miranda‘s musical masterpiece, Hamilton. In Hamilton, actors play historical (real!) people despite looking nothing like the actual human being who lived and died, and Miranda has won countless praise for his show.

So which is it? Are there protected groups or can anyone join any group at any time? Can “black” actors play “white” politicians or must a “mixed” cartoon be voiced by a “mixed” human? In #100years people will look back at this nonsense and shake their heads!

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