Let Others Go Ahead Of You

When somebody is in front of you, let them go first! This is so simple and synonymous with many other things such as “treat others how you want to be treated” yet not many people seem to adhere to it.

We all know when someone reaches the door before us. Or a narrow road for a merge on the highway or an intersection or drive-through. Yet sometimes we just have the urge to be first and get by them. Why?!

I am working on training myself to admit if it is clear the other person got there first to let them go. And even if it is a close call who arrived first I am defaulting toward giving the other party the go ahead by politely moving myself and letting them pass by.

To me this willingness to move aside is a sign of an alpha, the ability to let go of my own ego and simply do what is right. It is within my power to allow you to pass, I allow it.

About donniccolo

Logic. Common Sense. Open Minds. www.nicknicastro.com
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