If We Could Act Based On How We Vote

Americans are presently stuck in this crazy system where basically 51% of people exercise their will over 49% of people. No matter who one citizen voted for, they must obey the laws, rules and regulations set forth by the winning candidate. In #100years humans will look back in awe at how stupid those people were who thought 51 vs 49 to be a good system.

But what if choosing one person to rule over all was not the point of voting? What if voting simply set one’s preference for the laws, rules and regulations they must follow for themselves? For example, if the Democrat candidate advocates for 50% taxes and the Republican candidate advocates for 25% taxes and the Libertarian candidate advocates for 5% taxes, we pay the % corresponding to how we voted.

Do you think anyone would vote for the candidates pushing for higher taxation?! Me either. Instead of choosing an Overlord to rule over us all, why not consider a system where we vote with our wallets instead of pushing forward an agenda that oppresses millions?!

In 2020 people are quite polarized with Donald Trump & Joe Biden but all of those passionate souls are failing to ask the right questions about the system in general. People get so caught up in proving that “their way” is best they fail to think critically about why they are even arguing in the first place. As a result of each side digging in to prove their point society ends up perpetually plagued by the same cycles of ignorance where one of two political parties exerts their will over the unhappy masses.

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