Today’s Leaders Are The Future Dingdongs Of The Past

Think about the (mostly men) and women who have ruled the world in the past. Surely there were a few gems here and there but until the recent past most of them acquiesced to slavery. Hell, many of them owned slaves.

A lot of slaves.

Yet these were supposed to be the smartest, most enlightened people capable of ruling.

What a spectacular failure.

Consider every US President who presided over a slave-owning society. What is so enlightened about advancing the ownership of human beings?! This is disgraceful and indefensible.

Consider every US President who presided over a country where women were considered inherently less valuable than men. Imagine trying what would happen in 2020 if millions of women were told they had less rights?! HA!

Consider every US President who presided over a segregated society. This was not that long ago and had damaging effects that still divide the country today. How sad.

Most reasonable humans of TODAY can look back and agree that the men and women who did not stand up against these atrocities of the PAST were simply wrong. Flat out wrong. Humans were being oppressed and they did nothing to intervene. These failed leaders surely thought they were doing best, or were not smart enough to realize they were doing wrong yet from the FUTURE we can clearly unravel the poor choices they made.

Sadly, TODAY is the PAST of some distant FUTURE where this cycle is sure to be repeated. The people of the future are going to look back at the humans of 2020 and wonder how we could be so stupid on average. The further into the future we go the more those people will simply lump the morons who run the world in 2020 in with the women-hating, slave-owning morons who ran the world from the 1700s-1900s.

Do not be one of these apes. Do not blindly listen to the right or the left. Do not be a nationalist – after all you are not a killer. Think for yourself. Take care of yourself and your loved ones. Be a good human always to all.

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