Questions To Ask About The Given Narrative Of NASA’s Apollo Moon Landing Missions [Video]

Full disclosure: I do not need convinced that something is off with the given narrative of the supposedly manned Apollo moon landing missions of 1969-1972. To me there is no one smoking gun detail that convinced me the narrative is false, rather the entire big picture seemed implausible with just a bit of critical thinking.

In addition, I now believe that NASA chose to dupe the world believing that no one would call their bluff but knowing they would have to eventually stop bluffing as technology caught up with them. In other words, today a kid with a toy telescope can see if a rocket is really going to the moon or not. And rich people and research institutions around the world can literally see the moon in real time (well, 1.3 seconds time). NASA had no choice but to shut it down, which they did. And in the 48 years since the last bluff no human has come close to leaving low Earth orbit – despite the considerable advances in technology.

In the video below entitled “American Moon” the filmmakers bring up this big picture, starting long before Apollo and continuing to show how the three most famous astronauts in history all shunned NASA and their “accomplishment” virtually as soon as they “returned” to Earth. Strange, but true, yet most people do not know this because most people are not familiar with the videos, interviews, newspaper clips, and more, present in films such as this.

Keep an open mind and try to answer the questions presented throughout. All while remembering what technology looked like in 1969 compared to how it is today. Remembering that rockets cannot take off today for plenty of reasons and many rockets still fail. Yet from 1969-1972 they were 6 for 6 in landing on the moon, hanging out, and returning to Earth. That was over 50 years of technology ago. Pretty. Freaking. Implausible.

So many questions. Do YOU have answers?!

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