Inhaling Any Form Of Smoke Is Always Bad

Any follower of my essays would know that I am a big proponent of personal sovereignty. Part of this personal freedom includes the understanding that free human beings, by definition, should be allowed to put whatever they want in or on their own bodies.

While human beings having control of their own bodies sounds like basic common sense, sadly it is not. We live in a madly oppressive era where we do not control our own bodies yet somehow people do not understand this is tantamount to slavery.

Part of the understanding that humans should control their own bodies includes the understanding that the so-called “war on drugs” is complete nonsense. There should be no war on drugs because no one should be able to tell you what you can put in or on your own body.

All that said, allowed to or not allowed to, it is still ridiculously stupid to think that smoking marijuana is good for you. Is it less bad for you than smoking other substances, like tobacco and nicotine? Yes. It is immeasurably better for you those things. But that still does not mean that it is a net positive for your body overall.

I believe cannabis advocates and the pro cannabis industry are doing the cannabis movement a great disservice by not recognizing the undisputed fact that smoke is bad for the human body including smoke coming from smoking cannabis. Instead of advocating that people smoke cannabis they should be advocating that people use cannabis in its other safer forms such as edibles, topicals and vaporization.

Cannabis is here to stay, there is no getting around that. It is a safer form of pain relief and relaxation aid than alcohol, opioids and virtually anything else. That said nothing justifies smoking cannabis as smoke inhalation in any form is a net negative to the human body. If one wants to utilize the magic properties of the cannabis plant, there are other far better ways to do so than burning it and inhaling the smoke. The cannabis industry needs to get it together and put forth a unified message: all smoke is bad smoke.

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