Smart Phone? Why Not Smart Car?

Tesla stock continues to climb ($2,238.75/share at press time) to unprecedented and (arguably) unjustifiable levels. (It is good to be LONG Tesla!)

One of the main reason (definitely not the only reason) for the skyrocketing valuation of TSLA is that amongst other things, Tesla makes smart cars.

Insanely smart cars.

Cars that can almost completely drive themselves and cars that can automatically & intuitively maneuver around objects a human would have otherwise crashed into.

Live saving cars.

Very, very smart cars.

Still, there are thousands dozens of bears who are quite passionate about disparaging Tesla. Ironically, I guarantee that every Tesla Bear (#TSLAQ) owns at least one smartphone. Yet the bears drive and advocate for “dumb cars”.

Why on Earth would one choose a dumb car over a smart car? That is tantamount to giving up your iPhone 11 Pro Max in favor of a 1996 Motorola StarTAC. (Hey now, the StarTAC was dope af!)

It is insanely naive to think that any non-connected, dumb car should even be in the conversation when it comes to best options to get you from A to B. Another way to look at it is this: In 20 years, do you think most (if not all) vehicles will or will not be connected to the internet, receiving live, over-the-air (OTA) updates, driving themselves and protecting their occupants at all costs? Tesla vehicles are doing this now!

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