Words That (I Hope) Shape Me (Required Reading)

I try to start each day with a period of silent meditation. I do not sit in a corner with my eyes closed while I mumble about (at least not all of the time!) Rather I think and read and think some more.

One of my favorite things to read is The Daily Stoic, both in book form and email form. This lead me to find The Daily Dad, right around the time my first daughter was born, right at the perfect time. I highly recommend signing up for both of these email lists!

Through these lists two of my favorite poems found their way to me, and now both are printed out and read regularly.

A Little Fellow Follows Me

“If” by Rudyard Kipling

A third poem, “Desiderata” completes my list of regular short (yet profound) must reads.

These are easy additions to my list of #RequiredReading for all humans. Enjoy. Spread the word. Be a better human.

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