Pelotonia 2020 – Covid19 Style!


It is no secret that my family owes a big debt of gratitude to the Pelotonia family. After all, my wife and I first met at a Pelotonia fundraiser in 2013 and that meeting directly contributed to the addition of one human being onto the Earth in late 2019! With our newly created human prohibiting mom from riding in 2019, uncle Chris Jourdan stepped up for the cause and joined for his first fundraising ride! (see photos below!)

Now, in the year 2020, the world seems to be spinning backwards. A pandemic/recession/racist oppression is sweeping the globe, sending all of us into a sort of never ending tailspin.

For Pelotonia, this means no live bike riding event in 2020 – but it does NOT mean no more fighting for the cause: ending cancer as we know it! In fact, because the live event has been cancelled for the year, we must work that much harder to fight our common enemy, cancer, which affects every single human being on the planet. Make no mistake about it, cancer has a negative impact on all of our lives, either directly or indirectly, and oftentimes that impact is not immediately seen, which makes this a dangerous enemy that must be defeated!

That is where YOU come in! We need your help! Please consider donating any amount you can afford to spare to help fight for the cause! Every dollar donated goes directly toward life saving research, and every dollar counts! If you have anything left in your giving budget, please consider donating to our cause, and sharing with your circle. We can win this battle and YOU can be a part of the winning team!

Click here to donate to my 2020 Pelotonia campaign.

Please be sure to forward/share this post with your friends/family/coworkers – every share, every donation, every time the word spreads, cancer gets that much weaker.


Pelotonia 2019 with @ChrisJourdan stepping in for a pregnant @JamieNicastro
First Pelotonia pic of our family of “3” with Leah in mom’s belly!

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