Describing Anyone As “African”

I am working on stepping back – for the most part I am sitting out the current discussion on Race as I see the world a bit differently than most.

That said, I am a bit curious. For those like the guy on CBS Sunday Morning who just used the term “African American” to describe a random person with a certain skin pigmentation… do they also refer to guys like Elon Musk and Ernie Els as “African”?

Honest question, not trying to troll…just curious how those people reconcile the fact that not all people from a gigantic continent like Africa have the same skin pigmentation…in fact, all humans from all continents have differing degrees of pigmentation.

Scientifically, all humans are the same, regardless of skin pigmentation. This is partially why Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., advocated for “content of character” versus “color of skin.”

Socially, all humans can choose to identify however they want, whenever they want, which means everyone is all things all the time. Or in other words, we are all equally the same all of the time.

Bigotry and hatred are not inherent at birth. These are learned or taught – and anything learned can be unlearned. Learn not to divide. Learn not to hate. Learn to love all humans always. Life is so much easier when you rid yourself of negative emotions like hatred and bigotry. Give it a try.

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