No One Has A Right To Patronize A Private Business

Karens are the worst. Unfortunately, beliefs like the ones shown by the insane lady in the video are a common mistake. People believing they have constitutional rights in other people’s private businesses is simply false. Freedom works both ways…after all, is not the business owner also entitled to the same freedom as the whiny Karen? If both humans are entitled to be free then the owner of the business would trump any customer…it is his business after all! If customers get to dictate how a free human must run their business, that is not freedom at all. It is closer to slavery….one person exerting their unilateral control over another. There is nothing free about that.

The government created this common illogical belief by allowing for “protected classes” when in reality freedom actually means that private businesses should have the right to discriminate however they see fit, just like private consumers do all day every day when they pick and choose how and where to spend their money. We vote with our wallet every day when we choose where to shop. If we do not like the look of a store, or its owner or employees, we are quite free to refrain from willingly handing them our money. Why should it be any different for a store owner to have the freedom of choice when it comes to handing over her goods and services?

A common retort to this is that certain classes need protected. For example, an opponent of freedom might say that if a shop owner hates bald men (yours truly) and discriminates against bald men, the result would be that bald men would not be able to patronize their store.


No soup for you!

If a business owner was stupid enough to broadcast their prejudices, it would likely be awful for their business. Not only would I not want to patronize their store as a hated bald man, but many others would likely follow suit, not wanting to shop where someone is vocal about their hatred of some arbitrary group. This may lead to such a decline in business that the shop owner could no longer afford to discriminate, forcing him to change his policy, in spite of his personal beliefs. However if he could keep the lights on and run his business while being a vocal bigot, more power to him. That is his right, and other bigots could happily shop in his store, while me and other lovers of liberty would happily give our money to a different store. If the bigot had the market cornered on whatever he is selling an opportunity would present itself and the free market would solve for that opportunity, with new non-bald-men-hating stores surely to start to pop up. That is how free markets work…they are always the best allocator of resources and the most efficient way to solve for demand.

While I would not choose to discriminate as a store owner, and you may not either, it is our right. It has to be for freedom and liberty to truly work! People must be free to hate, free to discriminate and free to run their business however they want. Of course, no one is free to physically act out on their hatred, and one person’s freedom to swing their arms in the air ends at another person’s face. This is basic morality and should be common sense to virtually everyone considering it is the year 2020. Unfortunately, even in 2020, common sense can be quite rare, especially for the Karens of the world.

Be better than that. Do not be a Karen.

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