Do Not Thank People For Doing Their Job

It has become quite popular to thank people to do the job they chose. Why is this? Bravery & courage are not things that describe us doing our job. Bravery & courage are gained by doing uncomfortable things we did not chose to do.

People act in their own self interest and secure the best job their skills will allow them to hold. So why do so many jump on the “thank a (insert career here)” bandwagon?

I think those who offer the thanks are ignorant to the fact that most people do not want thanked for doing their job. It’s their job. It’s what they are supposed to do.

I cannot recall the comic (Chris Rock perhaps?) who had a great bit about a guy who said things like (paraphrasing) “I ain’t never been to jail” and the comic would retort “you aren’t supposed to go to jail!” or “I take care of my kids” which would be rebutted with “you’re supposed to take care of your kids!”

Thanking us for doing what we are supposed to do as basic human decency seems silly. Perhaps a better way to show gratitude would be to simply offer a smile and words like “I appreciate you”.

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