Why Do Small Things The Right Way?

It is obvious (or at least it should be) for humans to do the major things the right way. Treat others how you want to be treated, and take care of yourself.

But what about the small things that no one else will ever notice? Why take our time to do those properly? After all it is much simpler to just take the easy route and go on with your day.

The reason we should aim to do everything the right way is obvious when we ask ourselves one simple question: “What happens when this action is scaled to all of society throughout all of time?”

In other words, while it may seem like “no big deal” to simply toss that tiny piece of trash on the ground (think: cigarette butt, bottle cap, etc.) these are not so small when you consider scaling up to all humans ever. If every human took the attitude that “this is just one small lie” or “one tiny piece of trash” the world would quickly become overrun with lies & litter!

We must consider all humans everywhere, and our Mother Earth, when we make decisions. Regardless if anyone will ever see what we are doing, we must understand that by doing things the right way, we are helping to scale virtue in the world, instead of helping scale in a negative way.

While we cannot (and should not desire to) control the actions of others, we can (and should) control our own actions. And that starts with doing things right. Always.

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