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#RequiredReading: Weapons Of Mass Instruction By John Taylor Gatto

Welcome John Taylor Gatto and his masterpiece, Weapons of Mass Instruction, to my list of #RequiredReading. This book is a MUST READ for all, especially us parents, as it brilliantly condemns the way it’s been public educational system that plagues … Continue reading

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No One Has A Right To Patronize A Private Business

If you want to be a free human being, you must allow for others to be free as well, even if you do not like their choices! If not, you are no different than a slave owner. Continue reading

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Do Not Thank People For Doing Their Job

People act in their own self interest and secure the best job their skills will allow them to hold. So why do so many jump on the “thank a (insert career here)” bandwagon? Continue reading

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Why Do Small Things The Right Way?

We cannot control the actions of others. We can control our own actions. And that starts with doing things right. Continue reading

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