Universal Basic Income (UBI) For All? Why Not Universal Basic Education For All?!

I find it sadly funny that there is a healthy debate on universal basic income with some people saying that everyone should get free money and other people arguing against it.

I do not hear ANY people on the side of universal basic education. This is crazy considering education is the most powerful thing one can acquire. After all, money does not solve problems. Just giving a poor person money may help them in the short term but it also might simply enable them to continue their poor spending and (lack of) savings habits. For the record I do not advocate for the government to provide this education. I believe the free market will do what free markets do: fulfill needs.

If we give people education, by definition, we literally teach them to be better and not to have poor savings and poor spending habits. Jesus Christ supposedly said: Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime!

Universal basic income will only feed a person for a day. Free money or no free money, they will still lack the basic skills to run a household above the poverty line. To feed them for a lifetime, they need educated on how to acquire skills.


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